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Dear leaguers,

We want to thank our community for their continuous support in the Netsphere, especially over the past few months. 

As a token of our appreciation, the S4 League team has decided to give out to all players the newly added Techno Shinobi and Techno Kunoichi sets in FP stats and Permanent duration!

In order to redeem your sets, make sure you are logged in on our website with the correct Aeria Games account and simply enter the code "Endurance" in the redemption key field here, then click "Redeem" to receive the sets on that same account (you might need to relog to see them in your inventory).
Please note that you can only redeem these two sets ONCE per Aeria Games account.

We'd like to reiterate our thanks to all of you and we hope you will look forward to the bright future of S4 League we have in store for you!


The S4 league Team

  • Techno Shinobi Set (FP) (Perm)

  • Techno Kunoichi Set (FP) (Perm)