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  • just here cause ur pic is dope
    • Thank you, isn't that Erika from Umineko? Are you here to kill me? :0
    • I'll only come for you if you try to hide your crimes >: P. ALSO AAAAAAA ANOTHER UMINEKO FAN.... the cat box was finally opened a few years after the novel was opened, have you reached the golden land Gael?
    • Sorry to dissapoint :'C I haven't really played the visual novel, I don't really know much of the saga in generaI just casually knew about Erika and Umineko because I have a friend who is obsessed and has been pushing me to play the visual novel or at least watch the animation for years now, should I play it?

      I've been told to not like or dislike any character since they can become from the most innocent to the cruelest in matter of two episodes xD
    • Yeah we umineko fans are very few so we are always trying to push other people to watch it hahaha. pls play the visual novel the anime does not do it justice. Yes things change rapidly in the world of umineko
  • Hello, i really like your profile pic and your signature. i always wonder, Did you create those by yourself?
    • Hi <3, I didn't draw them, I wish I had but I don't posses such talent, I just did some editing.
  • yesterday i was playing normally and today When i try to login the login page don't appear to me just appear eror Navigation to The Webpage Was Canceled But The internet and everything is ok can u help me to fix it ?
    • Hello, sorry but I have never experienced such error so I can’t help you, try contacting the staff in the forum such as Heiliger or Evandora.
      They probably know what to do.

      Best of luck!
  • piep °^°