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  • just here cause ur pic is dope
    • Thank you, isn't that Erika from Umineko? Are you here to kill me? :0
    • I'll only come for you if you try to hide your crimes >: P. ALSO AAAAAAA ANOTHER UMINEKO FAN.... the cat box was finally opened a few years after the novel was opened, have you reached the golden land Gael?
  • Hello, i really like your profile pic and your signature. i always wonder, Did you create those by yourself?
    • Hi <3, I didn't draw them, I wish I had but I don't posses such talent, I just did some editing.
  • yesterday i was playing normally and today When i try to login the login page don't appear to me just appear eror Navigation to The Webpage Was Canceled But The internet and everything is ok can u help me to fix it ?
    • Hello, sorry but I have never experienced such error so I can’t help you, try contacting the staff in the forum such as Heiliger or Evandora.
      They probably know what to do.

      Best of luck!
  • piep °^°