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  • Hello, I am having trouble with the forums. I recently made this account so I could submit my contribution to the current character/costume contest but for some reason I cannot post anything on any forum pages. I can post on walls as you can see here but not on the forum or make new forums itself. Have I done something wrong?
  • Hello Sir ^^ I install S4League in my computer But it's not working ? And Say its '' You are not allowed to sign in from this IP or Country ?? Why ??can you help me to play this game please I'm Playing s4league Last year pls help me to play it again ...^_^ ....
  • hi PM please
  • Asotac was here.
  • hola Extrabios una consulta, el evento de Death Match es de lvl 20 para arriba o puede ser de menos lvl?
  • 혹시....한국운영자 레이...!? Korean operator Ray?!
  • See you later good person
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  • Hi Extrabios let's be frends
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  • Hello Extrabios! :3