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  • Hey Heiliger, I didn't received my T5 reward from s4league.aeriagames.com/forum/…h-anniversary-play-event/
  • Es kriegen manche Spieler eine nachricht vom "-S4League.Event" was hat das genau aufsich? ist das von euch? oder fake?
    Bitte melden, habn Screenshot.
    • du solltest eine antwort von mir bekommen haben
  • Bonjour...Je sais pas si ses un bug du jeu mais quand je le lance puis me connecte sa me dis "Les serveurs du jeu on ete fermer"
    Vous pouvez m'aidé svp
  • Hello .. Good night! I was playing the S4 league a few years ago and there was already an account that was already at the Semiprofessional level, but I stopped playing and didn't give me another password or what was the email. How can i recovery?
    • Do you remember who the publisher was back then? Was it already aeriagames? If it was another name back then, you'll have to create a new account because it doesn't exist anymore
  • can u help me pls, i cant play s4 becasue it gives me "failed to connect to authentication server" when i login, how can i fix it?
    • Is it a timeout message on start? How long does it take to start the game?
    • 5 min or more
    • any chance to make it start faster? because this is the main problem that when it takes too long to start, it will kick you out
    • how can i do then?
    • Check if you have any processes that you can terminate and then start s4 only. Else you'll have to wait a while longer until the game has been better optimized to start faster
  • you dont help me ?
  • GM Heiliger i have proplem
    Guys when i opened the game from patcher_s4 the list of patch did not appear !! Although my internet very strong and the last time i played it was yesterday
    i remove the game and dawnload it again but no thing
  • Hey, i have a problem with the log in in s4 league page to download the game, I tryed my username and says that it doesn't exist, i know my player name and the password but I dunno, how to access, can you help me to recover my username (i don't have te email anymore and forget to change it) :(?
    • Hi eikeyei,
      sadly we are not able to provide you your username and email because those are personal data that no one is allowed to share. Just like GM Nekkles wrote you on your thread, please submit a ticket to our support here support.gamigo.com
  • good, I would like to know why again I have the same problem I had before about about that message that comes to me when I enter the game "banned-eac-3", I previously had this problem without any reason and again it came back to me , the only thing I did was change the computer, install the game and when I enter that message came out, please give me a solution to that problem that I want to continue entering the game, I will be aware of your answer.
  • hi i have problem with S4 ingame i comblete my missions but when I press "Receive Reward" it shows me this error "DB Error"
    • Hi D2lv, this is a known error since the last patch and will be solved during the maintenance of thursday
    • ok thanks for your help
  • I have a problem, S4league used to work perfectly, BUT now i open the launcher and press start, after logging in, Nothing happens, literally nothing, the game doesnt start, no errors nothing at all, it's like i didnt even launch it, i tried doing many things but idk what else to do, can you help? please?
    • Hi, try to rename S4Client_EAC into S4Client_BE and the current BE into something else
    • Okay thanks YAY it worked
  • Hey,
    whenever i try to play i have different type of errors and it disconnects me from the game. All the errors about disconnection so. Could you help me abt that.
    • this error is sadly coming from the game and we don't have a definitive fix for that yet. We hope that the next patch will solve it definitely
  • I have a problem with S4 League i can't Login can you help me please ?
    • Hi, sry for my late reply. Can you please explain what's wrong?
  • hello heiliger I hope you are well, friend as I told you earlier that it was Latin America (Colombia) and we are already removed ip bam, I enter everything normal but it comes out every moment "the connection with relay server has been terminated " can you help me please, thanks
    • The developers are still working further on this hoping to improve the situation. We will let you know as soon as possible
  • Hello, I'm new to the European S4, since I'm from Latin America, (Colombia) is to know if they already removed the ip bam that I had Latin America, thanks
  • Hello, I'm an old player, I didn't play s4 league for a while and yesterday I decided to play but when I tried to login with my account the launcher says "Your accound have been suspended" What can I do?
  • Hello! I'm trying to install the game after download it, but it doesn't work at all. The following message always appears: "the source file is corrupted".
    I've already tried to solve it through the Topic: [Guide] "General Technical Issues", but nothing in there works, i need some help xD
    • Hi, I'll send you a private message
  • The servers doesn't work
    • we know. The developers are currently working on the situation
  • hy guy`s i didn`t recive the verification email for my new accont for 28 days , im still waiting , all the detalis was good added , all valid .. i resended for many times resend activation link .... but nothing .... please tell me what can i do or idk
    • If you're not able to receive the email, try to contact our customer support directly and they will send it to you here support.gamigo.com
  • but why connection :D
    • The internet says so and hence has to be so o-o
  • hey, bei mir tritt das Problem mit der pending gekommen und als hinweiß steht da "clear out your bank" aber ich habe keine Ahnung was das bedeuten soll. Kannst du mir vlt erklären was das bedeutet
    • Kannst du mir bitte mehr informationen dazu geben? Ich weiß gerade nicht was du machen willst
    • If your purchase says "Pending" be sure to go in game and clear out your bank!
    • diese habe ich bekommen nachdem ich einen code eingegeben habe und jetzt wollte ich nach der Bedeutung fragen.
    • Ahhh das. Sry das ist für 3 stunden off gegangen bin. Diese nachricht bezieht sich eher auf mmo spiele die einen limitierten inventar system beaitzen. Für den fall von s4, schreibe bitte einen ticket beim support es wird dann nachgeschickt support.gamigo.com
  • that been 27 i m trying to launch my game and always connection server is failed i try to reinstall my game but that was the same sorry for my English i m french^^
    • can you please show me a screenshot of the error message? It will help

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  • Heiliger
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  • Sehr hilfsbereiter Mensch, tut alles was er kann. Bester (GM) !!!
  • i have problem with s4 league update pls help me
    • what's wrong?
    • it does not loading until the end
    • you mean it doesn't patch entirely? Go into your s4league folder and delete the content of the backup folder and then start it again. During the process, please disable your firewall and antivirus temporarely
  • Heyo Heili, I sent you a message, I need your help
  • Hi, when i try to redeem ''S4League-10th-Anniversary'' code it says Invalid key
    This what happens>> 1-ibb.co/cmqHUU
    could u help me please?
    • You chose the wrong event on that page. Select anniversary event first and then type in the key
    • Thank you ^^
  • Hi Heiliger server is down? I can't connect to relay server. I reinstalled game and nothing change.
    • You should be able to enter now
  • hey heiliger ist s4 wieder down? es steht relay server tunnel beitritt fehlgeschlagen