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  • Hi
    • You already know
      I'm in the fast lane
      From L.A. to Tokyo
      I'm so fancy ~
  • This man (or woman (or whatever you prefer (not to offend anyone :D) ) ) is seriously amazing at doing art stuff :o
    • Thank you very much! I definitely need to improve. Yes I am male xd
  • I love Vampire Diaries and Damon was my favorite °,-° he is hot..
    • Totally agree sjeiairieharlflsnd
  • You just need to upload .gif to the avatar and that's it! but you gotta respect the dimensions and size of the gif. I was lucky i found this one with the perfect size xD
    • dssjhfnkdio It doesn't work ;(
  • Hey Molang kannst du mir vielleicht bei einem Problem weiter Helfen?
    • Hatte dir mal geschrieben, etwas spät xd aber hat es geklappt?