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  • Hello. I saw your profile picture today and I instantly clicked on it, 'cause I'm actually a big fan of the Zero Escape series, too. Danganronpa as well. : )

    It's nice to meet you guys. : D
    • Glad to meet you too ^^. We'll see around on the forums, and ingame as well.

      What's your ingame name, the same on the forums?
    • I'm not very active on the forums, to be honest. But yeah, maybe we'll see around. It would be a pleasure for me. : )

      My ingame name is Mochi.*
  • I need to watch the sequel I loved the original 999 and danganronpa
    • You like Zero Escape? xDD, that's pretty cool. Yeah you need to play the sequel Virtue's last reward and their last game Zero Time Dilemma.

      Glad to meet someone that likes this saga :D
  • 999?