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  • I miss you and your editing skills, your art and everything Aylif ;;
    I hope you're alright, take care of yourself and be happy!
    • Aww you are the cutest, thank you☺️ currently I have some health problems but I hope I will be back soon😊 lots of love to u💛
    • AYYYYYYYYY ;/; Please take care of yourself, that's the only thing that matters now then
      I hope you get better soon ;v; Xoxo ♡
  • OH MY why are you so cute?! ♡
    Your avatar is amazing as well Aylif, and I need to say that you really seem to be a beautiful person ><
    AND I really admire your work, so keep doing whatever you like!!
    Thank you so much
    • Omggg..what lovely words♥ You made me blush so much >/////////< lots of love to you!~
    • If you blush I'll take a picture so you can see how cute you look
      Lots of hugs to you!
  • - NO U -
  • Hallo
  • I'm officially proud to be the first comment on your wall,
    I'll give you a gift for this amazing achievement.
    *Lets out a longer fart*