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  • Little one, I hope you're doing fine
    Sending lots of hugs and happiness for you Aylif!
  • Oh my I can't believe you're finally back. . . ㅠ
    Welcome back my dearest Aylif ! !
    I hope you're not feeling sick anymore, please keep taking care of yourself

    You really made my day with that message, I'm so happy right now, aww

    Let me kiss your cheeks and hug you forever cutie ♡
    Missed u a lot too ; ;
    • I missed you so much too, honestly! ♡ ♡ ♡ Thank you so much for those kind words. ♡
  • Missed you, welcome back ♥
    • thanks a lot hehe =)
  • i hope u didnt forget me, huh?
  • I miss you and your editing skills, your art and everything Aylif ;;
    I hope you're alright, take care of yourself and be happy!
    • Aww you are the cutest, thank you☺️ currently I have some health problems but I hope I will be back soon😊 lots of love to u💛
    • AYYYYYYYYY ;/; Please take care of yourself, that's the only thing that matters now then
      I hope you get better soon ;v; Xoxo ♡
  • OH MY why are you so cute?! ♡
    Your avatar is amazing as well Aylif, and I need to say that you really seem to be a beautiful person ><
    AND I really admire your work, so keep doing whatever you like!!
    Thank you so much
    • Omggg..what lovely words♥ You made me blush so much >/////////< lots of love to you!~
    • If you blush I'll take a picture so you can see how cute you look
      Lots of hugs to you!
  • - NO U -
  • Hallo
  • I'm officially proud to be the first comment on your wall,
    I'll give you a gift for this amazing achievement.
    *Lets out a longer fart*