Patch Notes 15.08.2019


Hello Leaguers,

Once more, after blood, sweat and tears, we can proudly introduce you the game updates about the changes we've carried out on the Netsphere for you. This time we've applied more bug fixes, little by little, we are getting rid of these loyal but unpleasant companion.

Now it is time to get more specific for those that like to know more in depth, check this out!!:


  • Net Harvester
    • Net Harvester Face
    • Net Harvester Work Shirt
    • Net Harvester Short Jeans
    • Net Harvester Work Gloves
    • Net Harvester Chucks
    • Net Harvester Bandana


We have followed players feedback and have worked on recoloring some of the community's favorites. Some will be available starting today In the HOT section of the in-game shop. Others will be added at a later time, either in-game or in the webmall.

Item name Recolors
Longtail Hair (Female) 8
Motor Rider Set (Female)
Backstreet Boy Set (Male) 1
Backstreet Girl Set (Female) 1
Taser Sword 1
Rescue Gun 1
Crow Counter Sword 1
Demon's Fist 1
Gate Breaker 1


  • Renaming and Adjusting Netsphere Channels
  • Enchant Delete option clarification - text changes



  • X-mas Ophelia Gloves - wrong texture - fixed


  • User not found when tries to whisper - fixed
  • Typing “§” in the chat had unexpected results - fixed
  • Disconnecting when leaving and creating a room too fast - fixed

Known Issues


  • Authentication timeout error when leaving the server
  • Typing "§" and "{" in chat may results in chat errors



    Comments 38

    • So.. when are we getting a new patch. One that fixes the room joining issues. Other in game bugs and an event that actually draws people in?
    • Yall still gon make me a black guy parts right?! Amazon skin tone is fine! XD
    • It is not sad, but more good costumes we not see ?
    • Someone can tell me why support never replay at tickets?
      • Please send us a private message here on forum or discord and we will check what happened to your ticket.
    • 8 longtail recolors 0-0. Where can I see a preview?
      • Longtail will be available in our webmall soon :)
    • Good job
    • "Hey check out my new skins" literally hue edits and inverted colors smh
    • Sadly, other alternatives have 100+ more recolours than official + less Server Crashes.
      It's great tho, that you guys added the community set, looks cool.

      It's weird that you guys had to delay the patch for another 2-3 months for just.. that.
      • I hoped to see some game improvments. Like fixing all the crashs, bugs etc... Making the game playable again. But I guess the cashflow is more important.. lul.
    • Explain to me why that face looks like something straight out of Florensia Online? That .... is straight creepy and haunting altogether. <_<
    • It took me a grand total of 15 minutes to remake all of the recolours and my versions are far better quality. Good job.
    • *Recolors* aDdS gRadIeNT
    • Did not expect this ;o; The set looks cute, can't wait for my ,,Midnight Bee". Halloween, maybe? (づ。◕‿‿◕。)づ Sweet Bear recolor would be nice as well (ALL PASTEL COLORS PLS skldklskdlskld)
    • Demonic I boots when, we need more boots skin especially one to go with the fists
    • Im not crying its just dust
    • Thank you for creating my set q_q, today I'm a birthday and what better gift to wake up and see this!!!!!
      • Felicidades (づ。◕‿‿◕。)づ
      • Gracias molang!
    • Wow I didn't see this one coming. The new set looks nice. I am very curious about the costume recolors. Sweet Bear recolor when?
    • Nice to see that there is now an unlimited channel.
    • Im impressed :P maybe now S4 will gain the traction it lost starting with this ^^
      • hahahaha , I think the same my old friend :D
    • LUL, they actually managed to include a community set, nice.
      • yeah. call the guy while he is still around.
    • Surprising, cool