Welcome to our new forum!

Dear S4 Leaguers,

Welcome in our brand new forum!

All you need to do to start participating in the forum (create threads, reply, vote…) is to register a forum account.

Please know that an email verification will be in place for the creation of the forum account so please ensure that you are using the correct address.

Your Aeria Games account will now only be used to access our games. You are therefore free to create a new forum identity.

The new forum is multi-language.

You will be able to choose, in your account settings, if you wish to see threads in English, German, Turkish, Russia and/or French.

As the shoutbox will not be used anymore, we would like to encourage you all to join our >>> Discord Channels <<<. So come and join us!

We are looking forward to having great discussions with you all!

Your Community Management team



Q: Can I use my Aeria Games account to login on the new boards?

A: No. The forum account will now be separate from your game account. You will need to register to start participating. A valid email address will be required. Your Aeria Games account name and forum name can be different if you wish.

Q: Will other games also have a new forum?

A: Yes. In time, most of our games will also be moving to a new forum.

Q: Can I use the same account on other games’ boards?

A: No. Each forum will work independently. If you wish to participate in another game’s forums, you will need a new account for each forum.

Q: Will there be a shoutbox on the new forum?

A: No. Discord will now replace the shoutbox system.

Q: What will happen to our titles and badges?

A: These will not be transferred but remain visible on your Aeria Games account page. It might be possible for new badges and titles to be added in the future.

Q: How can I find a team member (Community Manager / Game Master)?

A: The new forum includes a “Team member” section. Community Managers will also be tagged as such on the forum.

Do you still have questions? Do not hesitate to comment this article!


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    • The spam under this post LMAO
    • Hi, I have a problem with the S4 download can you help me please?
    • Yo I registered but can't post, only reply to this forum
    • hi
    • When will the game be playable again? So many Disconnects,servers are laggy...
    • Hola existe la posibilidad de mejorar el juego S4 y convertir un Battle royale estilo PUBG?
    • nok download game s4 league macam mane ahh
    • ghdxct
    • I can't play tho.. too bad.
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    • does anyone knows why i can t play it gives me an error the server idk what has been terminated (B-02) PLEASE HELP
    • Hi, I would like to know how to create a post or comment on a post. Do I need some sort of approval in order to interact?
    • quoto Destiny
    • How come I cannot post any messages, despite having registered to the forum?
    • Well the where is old account? All received badges in the contest are missing and topics as well as achievements? Good job when creating a new shape with the removal of all and everywhere !
    • We should make extreme one, we have to planned about game security and everything. Don't waste your time to do some update but there no solution, make some like promote at youtube or something
    • why i cant play this game im from the philipines
    • Can we just go back to using Xenforo? You guys legit paid more for forum software that sucks. And hurry up and provide the link for the archive, what's the point of mentioning in the News post that the forums have been archived and not giving us the option to view it.
    • Not happy about the change.
    • Game online?
    • Hopefully this forum doesn't die like the last one c:
      • I hope so
    • Welcome!
    • Nice information ^^ I like this new forum system, thank you for take care of it.