Advent Calendar Issues

Dear Leaguers,

Thank you for participating in our Advent Calendar so far! We've seen some great submissions and an awesome contest in general. But unfortunately there has been some technical issues on our side. Apparently, our good old buddy Fumbi has taken the list of winners into his custody and won't agree to give it back.

But do not fret. As an apology for what happened, and as a way to thank you for sticking with us for one more year, we've decided to simply just... give you the rewards. Yeah, you can click the link right below for the rewards of Days 1-11. You can get the rest of the rewards by checking back with each day of our advent calendar and get your prize for the day.

We're sorry that we have to cut the competition like this and we thank you for your everlasting support.

Merry Christmas
Your S4 League Team



    Comments 7

    • So we won't get the tiered rewards at all?
    • I miss the Advent calendar first and now I lose the rewards just because this forum cra*p (sorry for the expression) is not able to send me notifications when I expressly put it on my profile to send me all notifications.
    • So it seems task 13 was included in the task 1-11 gift which is the cotton cat boy caps. Still no answer for the tier 1 reward.
    • 1 job. one singel job. lmao why i m not suprise about this
    • I checked discord and ppl are saying task 13 is the free gift for task 1-11. Is that true cause there is no link for task 3?

      Just noticed, since we get rewards 1-11, do we get the santa hat for completing tier 1 or do the tier rewards come after event?
    • And my pink longtail? :(
      • Still need to complete 5 more task for it I think.