Challenge of the Week - Next Stop: Final Test


Hello Leaguers!

Welcome to the new challenge!

To create exciting, high-level play experiences the S4 League team hosts a variety of regularly scheduled Challenge Events!

Take part in the event where you challenge yourself to get even better and win great prizes!


This week’s challenge is: Next Stop: Final Test

Mode: Touch DownTDstation2.png

Map: Station-2

Amount of players: 8 or more

No friendly mode (FM) allowed.

Regular tier: Have a win rate of 33%.

Leaguer tier: Have a win rate of 50%.

eSper tier: Have a win rate of 66%.

Additional conditions:

  • Play at least 10 matches.
  • Collect the Fumbi at least 1 time per match.
  • Each match has to last more than 3 Minutes.

The event runs automatically. Prove of participation is not needed.


This week's challenge will go from 23th September 12:00 until 29th September 23:59 CEST.


You will get the reward for highest completed tier:

icon_g_mallow_w.pngicon_g_marsh_m.png icon_pen_ergebnis.png

Regular tier: 1x Mallow Capsule (F) + 1x Marsh Capsule (M) + 5.000 PEN

Leaguer tier: 2x Mallow Capsule (F) + 2x Marsh Capsule (M) + 10.000 PEN

eSper tier: 3x Mallow Capsule (F) + 3x Marsh Capsule (M) + 15.000 PEN

Top 5 of most played matches within these conditions get one of the new event name tags.
[SIN], [NET], [MEH], [NOOB], [FAIL], [$$$], [SGT], [CPT], [CAT], [PUG], [BIRB], [WHAT]


- Weekly Challenges is the event where you complete a task by yourself or with your teammates.

- Friendly mode (FM) does not qualify you for this event.

- If there are room requirements you have to follow them.

- Rewards will be send after the event is finished.

- No cheating or hacking allowed.

- No farming allowed.

- We reserve the right to disqualify any participant who may breach the rules of the contest or our ToS!

- No exceptions for participation outside of the set time frame will be given. Sorry!

Your S4 League Team


    Comments 10

    • The rewards have been sent to all legit participants.
    • "Please play our game, even tho it's the worst version of s4! PLEASEEE"
      Btw. You can't really play much if you crash every 10 minutes.
    • Collect fumbi means pick up right?
    • If we crash, does it count as a match and a loss?