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    Hello S4League Team,

    I think P-Clans are annoying to have as clanlogo. It would be a positive change, if you can customize clanlogos again like it used to be in the past.
    Everyone is wanting them back since ages. It's something I think, the S4 League Community want back, and they don't want to wait any longer.
    It would be also a pro because people would stop buying clans, so they can have a customized clanlogo instead of a P-Clan to own.
    You should add it as soon as possible with the old selection of logos and shapes. Why can't it be added again? It should be possible or not?

    King regards, Tessuru. :saint:

    Okay, I think I have to mention I was talking about Only Sword Mode, I don't know about Gun/Unlimited Mode.
    Because I'm Only Sword Player. So, what are you saying here don't apply to me.

    VC means votekick.

    Why VC stands for votekick? Shouldn't it be VK?

    Yes this game is about competition. But why don't we go the step further to help the newcomers and bad players out so at some point they can compete, instead of willingly throwing them out of our games or prohibit their presence beforehand.

    I think it's their own responsibility if they want improve. Only that way they can learn. If they need others to teach them how to play they will never learn.
    And if they are really serious about playing S4, below Level 40 (Semi-Pro) is not enough to be serious about the game.
    As soon someone reaches Level 40 (Semi-Pro), you know this person will be a loyal player to the game, and will try to become Level 60 (Pro) or something.
    If they are still Level 20-39, you could think: Why even bother teaching someone who will not even stick to S4 League? Isn't it a waste of my time?
    But like I said for me teaching someone how to play is not mine. I think it's their own responsibility. Only themselves can help them to learn and grow.
    It's better to say: Even when I did something wrong, I did this. I didn't need the help of someone else.
    They need to be their own teacher and trust their inner guidance instead of listening to someone else and be dependant of lessons of someone else.

    Making them unable to join rooms is almost the same. At some point (and imo they shouldn't wait till whatever rank) they need their crucible, they need to get better, and what better way is there than playing with and against experienced players. There are some friendly Pros and S4 ranks out there willing to help rookies be it even by only giving little hints.

    It's better to play Amateur vs Amateur. Then to play Amateur vs Pros or S4 ranks. Isn't it?
    For the Amateur it's still too big of a challenge and the Amateur should first learn vs other Amateurs,
    so the newcomer can gain his or her first own experiences and lessons.
    Only after playing S4 League for a serious amount of time, this kind of players should be allowed to play vs higher levels.
    If you hit Level 40 (Semi-Pro) you are in a better position then when you are still Amateur and know nothing about S4 League.
    It would be still too unfair for an Amateur to play vs Pros or S4 ranks.
    A new player need time to discover S4, and only if this person stick to S4 League he or she will spend money in S4 League and will level up his or her account.
    There need a decision to be made for the new player: Do I quit S4 League and deinstall it? Or do I stay, spend money and level up my account?

    I think it's sad... How can new players even enjoy playing and respectively be able to play if they aren't even welcomed? It's not really the best way to make a game attractive.

    On the other hand, Pro or S4's don't want to see them in their rooms, they instantly kick them because they are
    A) Not Full AP or B) still too inexperienced and see them as disadvantage and prevent them from having a chance of winning.
    When you are having a clanwar and your clanmate disconnected. The first thing that will happen is 20 Amateurs joining your rooms and all will be vote-kicked.
    With a level restriction the problem would be no longer there.
    You don't want this because you want them to be welcomed in all rooms? If all Amateurs get kicked they are not welcomed in the first place anyways.

    This would just shift the problem, not resolve it. If you make this (imo) you keep most of the VC problems because you kinda use the VC beforehand here.

    Sadly I don't have an alternative soluion right now.

    Can you explain me why you think the problem will be shift and not resolved? I don't understand what VC problems stands for. What means VC?
    I can give you an answer when I understand what you are trying to say here.
    But I want to say, I'm open to other solutions too. If there are any.

    note that you've poked an inactive user account instead of the whole team (there are no group tags).

    In my opinion, if this suggestion had come 1-2 years ago I would have said that it would still make more sense but then I also agree that there would be no one else to play with, if we split it up further. I mean, I like playing DM rooms mainly and if it's being split up even more, I might never get the chance to play DM anymore.

    I would rather tend to go more to Hella's suggestion to remove the vote kick, alter it or maybe replace it with an ingame report button.

    Okay, I accept this answer. The current situation don't allow it because S4 League don't have enough players.
    Still I've this other suggestion, where there is a level restriction in the room settings. Like you can only enter this room if you reached Level 40 (Semi-Pro)
    And you can enable or disable it, as you wish. This is a compromise from me.

    And about removing the vote kick, I think there should be a poll about it. And if the Community agrees, it should be fine.
    And about this inactive user, sorry for the inconvenience.

    Because if u asked him nicely to leave he would leave

    No, I said 'when my teammate is not willing to leave the room'. There would be no other option other than kick this teammate.

    ppl like u abusing the kick function for the needs which actually bad and made the community way more toxic

    I don't think this makes me toxic in any way. I disagree with your logic.

    Another option for me is to create a Level restriction in the room settings.
    If my suggestion is not possible to implement.
    Like it's only possible to enter the room if you hit Level 40 (Semi-Pro)

    I have a better idea. How about just get rid of the vote kick so no one gets kicked?

    If there would be no vote kick, you couldn't kick hackers out of your room.
    And what if my clanmate wants to join, and my teammate is not willing to leave the room?
    For example, when my clanmate had a dc and wants to re-enter the room.

    Lets use exp hack to hit lvl20 so he can play with the other plays if not he would quit the game lol

    They would quit anyways, because they get kicked out of the rooms all the time from Pro and S4's.
    When all Amateurs have their own channel, they have actually time to learn the game and don't have to play vs Pro or S4's.
    And the problem with kicking wouldn't exist, so there would less players quitting the game because of getting kicked all the time.
    And when they hit Level 40, they can think, if they're serious about playing S4 League and
    they can decide if they want to invest money in the game.

    No rooms, no players in the channel.

    And who say's that there would be no players in the 'Amateur' Channel, I was suggesting?

    You say it's a bad suggestion, but I disagree.

    Hello S4League Team,

    I think there should be some changes made with the channels. Let me explain what I mean with this.

    Create a new channel called 'Amateur' with the Level restriction: Level 20-39.
    And as soon you hit Level 40 (Semi-Pro) you are allowed to enter Netsphere 1-3.
    Change the level restriction of Netsphere 1-3 to Level restriction: Level 40-80.

    I recommend this because many players just kick everyone who is an Amateur out of their room.
    When you play vs Pro and S4's you don't need an Amateur as handicap in your team.
    It's just a disadvantage for players who are higher levels.
    That's why I think the solution is to create an own channel only for Amateurs (Level 20-39).
    That way people will kick less players out of their room because they're at least Semi-Pro Level 40.

    King regards, Tessuru. :saint:

    Still note that the main priority are currently the security fixes and only then content will follow.

    2Chainz I think Heiliger, pretty much answered your question. They have other priorities which are more imporant right now.

    AeriaGames has never listened to what the community wants for once via the forums if they did gimme a example cause im still waiting for a rework on this trash coupon shop

    I was never active in the forums, so I can't answer you that question / give you an example.
    I think Aeria Games will try to listen to their community and what they want once their main priority is solved.
    Or what do you think? You disagree? Feel free to speak your truth.

    Let's move on to a different topic.
    I think they shouldn't make another Unique Dual Mastery Event.
    First of all, people will just farm the event. And second when the event is over, new players won't get the chance to get it permanently.
    Maybe it would be a better solution to make it somehow available forever.

    My suggestion:

    -In the Shop: Web-Shop or In-Game Shop.
    -Achievement mission
    -Card Collection
    -With Coupon, like it was with Crow or Taser Sword in the past.
    -As Daily Mission Reward, you get a Capsule, if you are lucky it will be permanent. If not permanent 1-7 or 30Days.

    It's just my suggestion if you disagree with it, feel free to. That's fine with me.

    That is what the mind shock weapon does.

    That wouldn't be a problem. You could disable the effect on mind shock, so you wouldn't get any use if you use
    mind shock and Unique HP Mastery in combo.

    Also better not mess up with heal regen for a skill that doesn't even have that as intended feature.

    Well, what other possibilities would exist other than that for an Unique HP Mastery or Unique SP Mastery?
    I think to put HP and SP on it, would just make it another form of Dual Mastery.
    I'm referring to about what Avenger suggestion was for both Unique HP Mastery and Unique SP Mastery.

    There is metallic skill for that purpose

    I don't know, if there would be a Unique HP Mastery, it wouldn't work the same way as metallic skill.
    For example, if you do damage to other players you regain your HP back and steal their HP.
    When with metallic skill, you can't move and need to be hit to regain your HP back.
    Maybe it's the same effect to regain HP back, but in the end both skills would just differ from each other.
    You could still move with Unique HP Mastery, when with metallic skill not. Which would make Unique HP Mastery the better skill of them both.
    Plus, you have 30HP+ more with Unique HP Mastery.

    Another option woudl be to have Unique HP mastery and Unique SP mastery

    If there would be an Unique HP Mastery and an Unique SP Mastery.

    Then you should add a Buff to both Unique Skills.

    Like, Unique HP Mastery, with a HP Regeneration.

    And Unique SP Mastery, with a faster SP Regeneration.

    This way both skills have something 'Unique' about them, which the Unique Dual Mastery don't have.

    I don't know if you guys agree with this suggestion.

    And I don't know if it's even a good idea to add Unique HP Mastery and Unique SP Mastery to the Game.

    I think, you should leave it with only Unique Dual Mastery.

    I think it is unnecessary, to add them to the Game.

    Why would anyone use any of the other skills if they can just use 1 skill that is better than the rest.

    I don't think this is true. People would still use HP Skill because

    you'll have 5HP more than with Unique Dual Mastery.

    And ignore the fact that you would have with Unique Dual Mastery more SP.

    In my opinion, HP Skill would still be used by other players.
    Same with SP Skill, they will ignore the fact, that you don't have HP but would still use it because it has 15SP more than Unique Dual Mastery.

    Permanent - yes.

    That particular skill - no. The game is already broken as it is. Or at least nerf it to 22/22 before adding it.

    This will make the Skill Garbage, I disagree to nerf it down to 22/22. I think, it should stay 25/25, as it is.
    Why is it a problem?


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