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    Let me guess , Will EAC be able to detect Macro ? Whether It's AHK or compiled it to an EXE ?
    Cus I really wish Macros would be precluded for good. :|

    ammmm no, that is impossible, for a macro to be detectable for the anti-cheat its necessary that the macro-files do something with the game files (and that usually doesnt happened because the macros are more like a thing with the hardware), otherwise its impossible, even games like dota with the valve anti-cheat allow macros if the game its not a profesional match because the imposibilite to do something with that.


    is dying since when aeria games took the renderings of this game and it's been over 2 months that still does not open the ip ban this company believes that all of Europe plays this game.

    #s4 league unique game in the world with ip ban -ezClap

    cof cof cof combat arms cof cof cof.

    Well, i dont want the old rail gun because for me is really boring, but anyway

    Railgun - [Balance]

    More damage but only when is fully charged, like 200 hp.

    remove toss

    remove reduce movement speed.

    Increase the charge time

    Yes, it's a one shot weapon.

    If your developing is going to be as good as the GUI design which was made by your amazing "graphics designers" using Paint, then I give up on this thing right now.

    The gui was the same in the Korean version, so dont blame Kara, but anyway you are right, CHANGE THE ORANGE.

    Pretty sure that with all the PEN you spend on trying to level up a few chips it should be enough to get some items for a load of days and then dismantling them

    The difference here is that you know what you are getting

    I know like 6 ppl that got shiny chip on 200k pen or less,(me included), with that amount of pen you can get like 6 lvl 3 pieces (with 30 weapon capsules) and that its pretty shitt* for the standards of making a mk2, and the problem isnt getting pieces with days items, is getting pieces from permanent items

    well, people already sayed most or less everything,

    Is still a thing, the bonus for the first buying of ap?

    if it is, i recommend you to do that, you can buy the minimun value of ap that is like 1 dollar (i dont recall correctly) and you can get a lot of things from that(plasma sword fp, pet fp, capsules) and with the ap you can buy a lot of things like pen caps on the "first started shop" on the webpage.

    It is not like its going to bring back the community it once had, staff is too busy banning people who abuse the bugs even tho banning wont stop anyone from doing so, instead of actually FIXING issues in game, logic

    Even at this point they are scared of those people that get free stuff cause they are trying to milk this till the end, laughable


    I dont see a point why would you play on a private server if there is still official game running.

    And no, I would not play on these servers even if s4 died Foxtailgirl

    That is exactly my opinion, until official game stop private servers are nothing more than a waste of time, but is interesting see how many games are still a thing because his community, like halo 1, halo 2, quaket 3, (obviously this games have a lot more community) etc.

    this is probably not the best topic you chose on this forum :d

    No more places to post questions for the community (well maybe discord but who cares) and if i remember correctly a recent survey make questions related to this so... Alice8.

    But anyway if the admins of the forum see this topic is not necessary they can delete it, no problem from me.


    I dont know if i can post this, but i am going to do anyway.

    i thing most of private servers are condemmed to death until all the official serves die, but recently i find this "private" server (I will not say the name because it would cause problems) and there are three or four maps fanmade, and i think they are amazing, i am surprise of how the fanbase manage to make maps, and more that we dont have new maps from long time ago and this community is basicaly death, but anyway only 5 or 10 persons play on this server.


    ¿what is your opinion about private/pirate servers of s4league?

    ¿do you think is a good idea implement a map creator for the community on the official server like a map creator for halo games?(i know is impossible because the game have a lot of problems, but who cares, this question works with imagination)

    ¿when the official game die, what are you going to do, play on a pirate server or say farewell to s4?

    The american server isn't even located in america since the p7s1 days so other than the title it won't make difference whatsoever.

    The ppl will always join the most populated server and due to the time zones, EU will be able to keep good population during all hours.

    At leats there will be ppl to play with at the morning.

    I suggest that because most of EU players dont want to play with latin players (LAGGGGG, and maybe racism, who knows :Fumbi1:),if Aeria make america server, most of latin players will play with latin players (what a redundancy) and maybe the remains of NA players. but i like your idea of EU with a lot of players all hours.

    Thing is we don't have as many Koreans as we would with South Americans, and with the ping state of the server i can tell you that letting them in right now would just cause havoc, people are already kicking out of rooms for 170ms, i don't wanna know if they get a whole team up to 230ms so at this point is not about licensing but rather keeping a correct balance on the server, and even if you give them their own server channel they'll just come to the EU1 as everyone else does (I'm pretty sure theres enough NA people to fill their server to some point)

    Yes, it does take time to fix things but not as they did. Thing is, Aeria did push for some fixes, the anti-hack we have is thanks to them mostly as KR didn't even had one, there were some AP stuff that they wanted to introduce but Aeria put them a stop there as far as i know.

    I understand your frustration as another player myself, but things are starting to move a little bit, slowly but better than before at least.

    Well not enterely true, yes they are a lot of people but had a complete client for some reason, you cant fit that lot of people on english 1.

    Back in the day spanish/portuguese was full of South American players, when the ip ban comes Aeria shutdown spanish/portuguese because the lack of players, and that is really funny, the game have like 8 serves and all of they suffer of lack of players.

    Aeria should close all that servers and let only two servers (like i already read before in this forum): America, and Europe, remove the ipban and for sure all of that people will go to america server because the lenguaje (most of they dont know english).

    But anyway, I agree that the ping problem must first be solved.