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    First off, game's acting weirdly lately when playing with the options set on high, also it crashes on certain resolutions.

    So, start by setting the game graphics to medium or low, exit the client to make sure it saves like that. Afterwards when you wanna play first join a server that isn't the one you were going for and create a practice room in that server, then go to the one you wanted to play in

    It's crashing "randomly" in different ways for everyone so you'll have to try out different resolutions, window modes and fullscreen

    It crashes for me in certain resolutions when i didn't set it to fullscreen, usually 1440x900 works like a charm in window mode, i tried higher resolutions in that mode but i always end up crashing, changing your aspect ratio could do something too

    So, you're done trying to argue, eh. Now you're just restating your initial position and that's it. But like I said I'm fine with just having the option of enabling free instant respawns, if people don't like it, they don't enable it. And if your intuition is correct that everybody would prefer not to play with instant respawn, no harm done they can just choose to not enable it.

    Silence is argument carried out by other means

    Let's not forget that those PEN Buffs give more advantage to users that paid or have been around for a really long time saving pen hence creating another split

    Nonetheless, instant respawning shouldn't be a thing in S4 unless you create a mode around it, other wise it has no place right now. This ain't a common shooter with normal movement, it's a fast paced game where 8 seconds to respawn are necessary to maintain balance in the game's tempo. I'm gonna side with Hella on this one, as you are just being biased cause to be honest all i can see is that you just want to instant respawn and that's it. S4 isn't just about DM 1v1s and "Only plasma" rooms, it has a load more of modes, weapons and gameplay types than just that so yes, 8 seconds to respawn is more than fair.

    I want you to think about the most common match, ST-2 Melee CPDB. Let's say you get stunlocked from 0 distance which is already a lot of time added to the stun but your partner manages to kill the stunlocker, sadly he instant respawned and you just gained a couple of steps forward before he came right out of the respawn.

    And that's just a 2v2, imagine a 5v5 or 6v6 where everyone can instant respawn, the match would go nowhere unless one team has obviously way more people than the other that can't instant respawn due to PEN issues.

    Instant respawn damaged every single mode that has it enabled really bad, if you wanna see it or not because you like instant respawning is another topic. You can't just toss in a instant respawn button in a game that has naturally waiting time to spawn

    Because they started doing this with the newer weapons. I personally find it very clunky having sp consumed for attacks.

    However, in the case of a PS stun lock it may actually be a good idea to have just a cooldown like the fist on the jump attack.

    If not SP consumption, Cooldown it is. Some weapons really need it

    I'm rather concerned at why some "special" attacks of various weapons consume SP when using but they never thought of adding sp consumption to the jump attack of the PS

    CS uppercut should consume SP, Dag's right click too, and so on with other older weapons

    Spy Dagger, the fact that it doesn't have any type of cooldown on the right click hence you are able to spam it by just getting a cancel, and let's not talk about the mach3 purple version which has a faster "fire rate" for no reason

    And for guns i'm gonna go with what Hella said, Lightning Bomb really does need some balance

    And what i don't usually enjoy using is Vital Shock, it can be funny to use when playing with and agaisnt friends, but using it in real matches becomes an annoyance with the low dmg output it has and how it leaves you defenceless, its use changes a lot depending on the mode you use it

    In guns, i hate using sharp shooter for one simple reason, the mouse sens doesn't get slower when zooming in (I know it happens to other snipers) but the difference here is that the other snipers don't make you utterly blind when zooming in

    We all know that fixing glitches, bugs and exploits was the first thing but, what comes next? Are the devs ready, or planning to have new actual playable content within the game? Are all of the upcoming recolors blocked behind a huge pay wall? And also, are all recolors just under 2 minutes retextures?

    Will we ever get ingame events that use ingame mechanics that aren't related to be forced to take screenshots and send them through a form or forum post?

    Also changes on the Random Shop?face2

    It is a f2p game. You don't have to buy anything anyway.

    Sadly not having to but needing to in order to not die from a single blow are usually holding hands

    Good thing they gave out sets for free at least i guess, that if you have a bit of luck on your side you'll get stuff soon enough

    Close other applications you have running aside S4 until you load into the server correctly

    Also, the 2nd and 3rd time you launch the game it will load faster

    Yes, we got a new set that is blocked behind a pay wall. I don't really care about if we get new sets or skins, i'm more concerned about the overall state of the game, i think i already bought enough set capsules, i think we all bought enough stuff for this game just for them to put more stuff behind an ap wall without taking in consideration the state of the game.

    I didn't buy stuff so they could develop more stuff that you need to buy in order to get it, i bought stuff cause i wanted to support the game so they have reasons to develop the game beyond what it is nowdays. Obviously leaving aside that i wanted those items, i wouldn't had charged AP if i knew how the game would end up

    Leaving the AP topic behind, are they really giving anyone reasons to charge ap to buy that new set or any of the recolored skins? That's why i've said i see pointless to make skins if you are gonna crash often while using them anyways

    Unless something else is going on in the background we got proven multiple times that the fixing of this game takes way longer, apparently a load of knowledge and skill than rebuilding it in a new engine.

    At this point i'm not even bothered by it anymore, the reverted colors from the Rescue Gun should show every single person around that the devs aren't really trying that hard as we get told

    My personal opinion and tip for the current team is that, taking in consideration they wanted to deliver quality just, don't do this. if we are gonna get simple recolors that take 2 clicks but at the same time takes 2 months to be implemented then just don't. Spend that small portion of time on fixing the code rather than giving us reverse colors that we can't even get to use cause obviously they will be AP only as if those skins were product of "hard" work. As a F2P game you need to deserve the money, not ask for it as if this were some lowkey patreon

    As far as i know gamigo devs are working on other games aside S4, top it with S4 not even being one of the most important titles for them. So yes, it ain't about them being the main devs but rather the priority they gave to the games, and S4 isn't at the top of those right now, or so i got told by someone in the staff. Even tho i could say it actually needs a LOT and a LOAD of attention. Thing that it won't get as long as people keep falling for those dum deals they are making lately on a desperate way since they know the game is walking on a really thin yarn.

    It ain't normal for a game to, release a patch once in a decade and second, cancel such patch cause of unforeseen issues that should had been tested years ago and then making the community wait another decade to get such patch, IF we even get it.

    So yes, no matter how it "fixeable" S4 might be, moving to another engine while making use of already existing stuff it still a better option than wasting resources on this broken code, that has just gotten worse over the years. I don't get how someone can think that fixing a code that has got worse and worse over the years, without even having the original source to work on and no CLEAR instructions about how X and Y works is a better option than just as i've said, porting the game to another engine, Unity and Unreal are the best options right now as to some extent, if you studied game development, are easier to work on.

    The only thing that saved the game from shutting down alongside the other S4s it's because it generates money. And sadly they didn't use that money (which i believe isn't just some pennies) for good ideas that could lead the game into success

    Last thing i'm gonna say, cause i believe we are going offtopic is the fact that they are playing with the nostalgia of people and how easy some of us are to maintain the game alive, with a minimum of maintenance. If they wanted to revive the game that would had been done long ago, they can hire a more focused dev team for S4 whenever they feel like, otherwise they have lied about how big aeria was supposed to be. No matter what they say now or had said in the past, they showed multiple times they can't be trust worthy.

    As sad it could be, the game shouldn't be up and running. Wish there were more laws to prevent companies from abusing their users.

    And i'm not blaming the CMs or GMs on this one, and probably not even the PMs as a lot of stuff is out of their reach.

    I wouldn't mind losing everything on the account if that's the cost of having a reboot for S4, if we take in consideration they would develop a less p2w system (old players don't really have problems anymore with it, but newer ones do still struggle with it)

    Reworking the models should be something on their list

    S4 League can't keep on and continue in the state that it is and will be in a long time if the server still up by then, it needs a total rework. That's why i see easier to just relaunch it, all cleaned up.