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    I don't wanna sound rude but there are some games that are developed by 1 person that get more patches and updates

    I know that all of this is a long-term thingy, but as i've stated on discord i really feel like you guys are agaisnt the clock. Not saying you aren't working on it but people won't wait another 10 years for the game to be playable once again. I personally took a break from the game and i'm waiting for things to settle down but i found out that, such break is taking already a few months excluiding some 2 or 3 matches i tried to play with a friend that wanted me to join him, which ended with a crashing.

    Not only the game needs optimization but it also needs content rework and NEW content which i don't know if the current devs are up to the "challenge"- I know they are actually fixing some stuff so for me at least they do deserve some token of trust. Tho that token will get rusty over time if nothing gets really done

    I don't really have any feedback to give aside some dark themes and the season-based "skins" to be honest, Some background contests would be fun i suppose

    The ball issue it's because the real room master doesn't get updated, so if he/she leaves there will be no ball unless he/she joins back. A friend had the real master when he was in the lobby and the ball didn't appear, which is an old bug, but on top of that when he left the room the real room master didn't get passed and the ball didn't appear until he joined back.

    It was a big surprise when the old devs gave us more maps for BR, they were mostly from DM but there are a few more i feel that could be added in. Mostly the Chaser ones for DM and BR.

    There are a few others i'd add for BR like Construction, Spade A, Bladecity, Neden-1/J and so on.

    You can already buy FP weapons and sets with pen. You can enchant them also with pen. You can also buy enchant chips and upgrade them also with pen.

    What more do you want? Everything to be bought with pen? You want to cut off the whole financial AP support from the game?

    Pretty sure the web ap shop can sustain the game for good.

    Makes me wonder why Prem clothes don't give 5% of PEN and EXP all together and just EXP

    Either way, i hope to see the basic set added to the AP Shop in all of it's colors

    I am hoping we can see something happening soon.

    What Shanic means that the korean version got the stat of the pen shop items increased. The pen weapons stats got changed from +1 to +4 and the pen costumes from +5 to + 8 or something.

    However I find the pen shop pretty pointless for costumes on the first place when you can get better costume stat from the random shop (the weapons are too overpriced there though)

    I'd rather go back to pay 30k for a top that is permanent and it's something i like instead of spending 200k to get the ugliest thing i've seen for a while. Nowdays 30k PEN is really almost nothing with the shiny set i guess, that is if you have enough pen to get it

    So you can't change the PEN shop just like the AP shop? I would had thought they have a similar system but i guess i can be wrong

    I do understand that if something's in process, you don't want to show it up to people cause by the end of the day could be remade, wiped out and some other stuff, but i personally enjoy when a company shows raw material, concepts and other things that are pretty much unfinished or close to be finished.

    I also understand that if the PM is busy, is obvious that work comes first but it feels like he either has way more work than our previous PM or simply doesn't feel the same way than the other one, i can't really complain about that and i'm sure no one can as it is his free time after all

    And about the stats just to be clear, i didn't mean the amount of damage that a weapon can achieve, speed or functionality. I meant the +5 or +12 base damage additions that you get from either AP, PEN or Random Shop. FP stats already give a bunch of good stats so i thought that maybe the PEN Shop having a minimum stat of +12 wouldn't harm anybody x). I feel like that "simple" change would instantly balance some gaps between hardcore enchant players and free players, and i'm saying that out of having already good equipment since a long time now but of course, i can't at the moment see the full background change that a balance like that would cause regarding other topics.

    So, it's good to know that something was being developed, that there were things getting done in the background. But in the end what are the users getting? The same end results that the previous devs left us at, a few events and just some AP Shop changes. We aren't even getting PM letters anymore not to mention that the actual new PM doesn't even bother on chatting with the community just to give some headsup or you know, spend time with it.

    Of course i still have fun, that is as long as friends are playing because there isn't anything left to do in the game due to lack of content CHANGE in the free side of the game, something that could had been done by now but as it looks, changing the AP shop has a way higher priority (I don't find it bad to be a high priority, the game still needs some support) but that doesn't mean that we should forget about the rest of the game. I personally don't understand the way this is getting worked out, wouldn't it be better to be updating things little by little making people know that PROGRESS is being made to keep the game up.. Change the minimum stats available in the PEN Shop, let people buy permanent stuff with their PEN (that is already hard enough to get unless you have the Shiny set.. at LVL 5 which is another whole topic) Balances (not weaponry wise) that really, doesn't need additions to the game.

    Again, thanks for the events and the efforts that some certain GMs are making, but the game isn't advancing at all.. it's just frozen in a state of perpetual loss of players, loss of giving reasons to keep playing or simply saving some PEN or leveling up. We are back to square 0 with lack of communication, with lack of transparency between the staff and the users. In my opinion, if there was really a glance of will towards the community we would already had seen some more changes and not just an AP Shop rotation.. as if Mistery Boxes werent enough.

    I'm not complaining about NEW content but rather things that could be made without working on new stuff.

    The passive EXP/PEN buff of Shiny only applies once, which gets "activated" at the result screen. If you change from shiny to a non one in 2nd half you wont get the pen bonus at the result screen. (The PEN you get by killing with its 5 lvl passive skill does get added to your wallet right away)

    In any case, the max you'll get by killing is 3k PEN, no matter if you change, it still the same match that caped you

    Pretty sure i'm not the only one around that making it have unreal engine graphics would force me to stop playing due to an outdated computer. But remaking S4 sounds like a great idea, as long as the original movement and "exploits" are there (RC, SC, WallBoost and whatsoever) i'm all for it, mostly if it fixes all of the crash issues and memory ones.