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    Aeria has always said the same thing. "Be patient please", "It's going to be fixed soon", "More to come !" and so and so.. So when you tell us "dealt with in time.", are you waiting for players to take off the game even if players have already left and then old players coming back to see how the game is because the game has a huge gameplay potential as Rancisis said. But they see that nothing has changed. "With in time" means "when the game will be closed". I'm sorry GMs have to take all the players anger against Aeria and the old developers, but it's been years players point out each problems Aeria has to fix, some players have even opened the s4 league files to see what would be a better balance and solve major issues of the games. But Aeria is just doing weekly maintenance to restart the server and see that nothing changed o/.

    Hi o/
    Here is an EDM / Futurebass music I made with a friend and released yesterday :

    I use FL Studio, I hope you enjoy my track, feel free to subs to my social media as well !

    Thank you ♥

    I mostly agree with you but I don't think this is even enough to "make S4 great again". However, that would surely be nice.

    I disagree with your map rotation. That can be a good idea if S4 were a game with millions of player but nowaday, it will only kill the game. People are just gonna stop playing at all when they can't play what they wanna play right now.

    I think you should watch how other players are moving and what they do, in game or on Youtube and try to learn how do they do, take time in Jump Rooms so you can practice on things like running in the stairs and basic things you have to know ! Be brave, that's not an easy game at all to start and I'm glad there are still some players that try to start the game and make it live again ! :)

    It can be both single and multiplayer (if it's done like I see it), there will be a loooooooooot of different maps with a loooooooooooot of different levels, so I don't think this mode will become boring so easily, people like and are addict when things are getting VERY HARD, so just make something very very hard, and there will be plenty of videos of ppl trying to finish a race, or making a top chrono, or beating their opponent's in real time multiplayer.

    What's the problem of "a single mistake can cost you losing even if..." ? It's always been like that, if you make a single mistake in TD mode, in Chaser Mode, or in any other mode, you can lose ^^', even if in TD, it can only cost you 1 TD, what if in that racing mode, you make a "tournament mode" where you'll have to play on like 10 maps, and you'll have more or less points depending on your ranking in each race.

    Yes, the best one is the one who can fastly chain hard moves/jumps to reach the next checkpoint or the end of the race. I still don't see a problem with it :/ If every maps and hitbox are well done, there won't be any weird glitch that will make you able to "cheat" or things like that.

    So I do think it's still something interesting, innovating (it doesn't look that much like OS TD mode lol x) ) in an old game like S4League that can make this game a better game and give him new possibilites, and maybe a brilliant future o: (Cf Edit : Creator mode / Editor mode to create our own maps)

    Hey guys ! o/

    Last time I was talking with some of my S4 Friends and we just thought of a "racing mode" on maps that could be very hard with stats disabled (like in passmode), and you can't hit the others players (maybe you can body them, or use team jump, or other things like that, and maybe we should ban some weapons like Iron Boots, Exo or even all weap) so move speed cannot be used to win e.é

    So, first, not only this mode would be fun, but it could also help new players to master the dynamics and the gameplay of S4League. I mean, you can make different maps with harder or easier lvl.

    On the easiest ones, you will only have to make like 1 walljump to reach a spot (which is far), and if you fall you die and respawn at the beginning of the map or a checkpoint. Or just like walking on a ramp which isn't straight, or moving from platforms to others (which could move too if possible).

    There are plenty of "parkour" maps which can be made, we don't need a specific environment, like the old tutorial environment with nothing in, only white wall, empty space if you wall that kill you, ramps.

    We can also put some area where you lost your SP so you have to be faster, or make jumps without SP (Areas where you lost HP too). We can add shortcuts that are hard to take on maps.

    We can also use a chronometer to compare with our friends, other people, make a leader scoreboard on different maps. We can make that mode multiplayers on a same map and make the race with other players, I don't know yet how it will work, if you can body the other players (hitbox problems).

    But well, I think you got the idea of what I've in mind !
    I do think it can be a great mode on S4League o:


    Edit : Later, I think it could be fun to create a map editor too where players can place blocks on a map and test them but well, I think I'm dreaming a bit too much aha

    Hey guys,

    I think this "problem" isn't a priority but I prefer to mention it so it can be solve once others will be cuz it's still important I think.

    I'm talking about the fact that this bar chart isn't specific at all.

    These screenshots were taken 08/31/18 at 17:20.

    I mean, it will maybe help to solve bigger problems. Like the resurrection of other server like the French one. Most of the French Players are playing on the English server because of the lack of room, but they don't even check the french server because they think there isn't enough players and there are mostly right, but if it's written that 600 players = 20 players, if one day there will be 100 french players on the french server, maybe they won't miss it.

    I don't know if I'm clear enough.. xD Sorry for my english.

    Thanks for reading, hope it will be solved o/

    I totally agree with avenger (and Hella). In my opinion, the "cure" of all CPD rooms would be a true balance weapon. If CPD rooms exist, it's because of weapons that are broken when spamming etc.. and totally destroy the fun of the game. And, because S4L is a SHOOTER game, the melee weapons are balanced for the Unlimited Mode (example : CS revenge is very strong in OS mode but not in Unlimited mode). That's why I suggest making an OS Balance Weapon different that the unlimited one, and CPD rooms will disappear, boosting the diversity that offers S4L.

    You are completely missing the point here.

    All this is made to make it harder to solo score which is good.

    What is not good is that there are no lasers on top of the main gate so everyone can just boots+scythe into the goal.

    Also the scythe shouldn't be a requirement to play a map.

    I think even if the side wall would be easier to break, it would still be very hard to solo score. o:
    Yeah that's true, IB Scythe are way too powerful on that map.

    Scythe isn't a requirement to play that map, it's just to give you a scale of the height I have in mind. But as you can see, you can easily WJ on the wall on the left and be as fast or even faster than a Scythe Beam. The "higher" area that I put in a darker grey are here to enable ppl to wj and reach the spots more easily.

    Hey guys !

    Just here to suggest some changes about this mode.

    To begin with, passmode is an underrated mode, it's actually pretty fun, teamwork is mainstream in this mode, and it should be more played but there are some inconvenients that should be taken off.
    First, the lack of passmode maps, Hyperium isn't enough and it has some problems to my mind. Like, nobody uses the side to TD, the glasswall needs too many damage to be broken, why are the top laser for at the side too ? Some may argue that we should try putting all TD map in passmode but I understand that some maps like temple-M would be useless in passmode. But have a mode with only one map is clearly useless too. Look at the Neo-Arena mode, nobody wants to play that mode but there are still DM Duel 1v1 rooms. I have some ideas for new passmode maps but I know the dev' are pretty busy with their works.. Maybe I'll try to sketch some of them. But we could try at least to put other maps,to see how this mode is going to evolve.

    Moreover, why do the restriction of the rules in passmode are 4v4 and 8 TD 20 Min ? I don't get it ^^' This mode could be fun in 6v6 or 3v3 too, even 2v2 if some ppl wants, it would be more skilled. And what's the problem with 10 TD 30 Min ? °°'

    No-stat options is wonderful for this mode cuz movespeed is really important in Hyperium, nothing to say about that for the passmode mode.

    I'll try to explain you one map I have in mind :
    So here is a top view of the map :
    In Yellow is where you can throw the ball from 1 hole to another, and in purple is where you can wj to go back def faster. Each grey line is where there is a little wall that has the same height as 1 exo right click. The reset area is supposed to be like Old School one.


    Grey area : Areas that are a LITTLE BIT* higher than the ground.

    Red and blue lines are lasers and circle are reset or TD.

    And here is the top left corner of the reset room for an example (I did it with paint so sorry for my drawing.. xD) :


    Do you think it would be good as a map ? o:

    I thought that if we have kind of windows like this, Iron Boots power in Hyperium would be negated and it's more fun to throw the ball from cube shaped room to other, the teamwork would be great ! o: An environment I see for this map is a private weird laboratory with a mad scientist as a sets !

    I dunno if it's clear enough. It's like many cube shaped rooms so you're always inside a room except where there are the windows where you can fall and ofc reset.

    Thank you !

    Hey guys, here is my entry !

    IGN : Union.Yukari
    SetName : Solar Ninja Set
    FP Version :

    Pen skin Version :…52232-contest-pen-ver.png

    I didn't have time to make the F version but I honestly have one in mind >.<

    And here is the entry of one of my friend who doesn't have an S4Forum account yet,

    IGN : Union.Kinko
    SetName : Djake Set and Ludy Set…54580-20180731-124009.jpg…54581-20180731-123719.jpg

    Actually, I know that making a map isn't easy to make but I plan to make one when I'll have a good lvl on 3D modelization software so yeah, I'mma try making things progress. But I'll have to take time making such things. o/
    At least I'll try o:

    The first trailer was the Station-1 trailer as far as I remember. So TD mode and ST-1 defines S4L? (or was it the classroom one without any map shown - would be even better xD)

    Didn't wrote they are dumb so I don't have to suggest anything right? o.o

    Where did I block the idea? o.o I really wanna know what are you reading...

    Oh yeah, maybe it isn't the 1st trailer but one of the most popular :

    Sorry for the "dumb" things but when I read that you want to delete St-2, it's just something that's going to bother most of the players, and what next ? Do you think they're gonna play on other maps ? No, they're just going to leave the game. That's why I said that Creating new maps that fit to the player's gp is better. Since the current other maps aren't good enough, but you think that we should just do nothing bc the other maps are good but the community doesn't want to play on.

    If this would be true why are people only playing the same map over and over again? S4 has many different maps.

    Bc others maps aren't as good as ST-2 ? Some other maps that are actually not bad like temple-m are played but not as much as ST-2 which definitely is a great map. Just look at the 1st S4L Trailer, TD mode and ST-2 defines S4L.

    What I think is that we just have to try to create other maps that will fit to players' gp. You're locked on the community, if you're just staying here saying that players are just dumb playing only on 1 map without suggesting any improvements, how are you gonna make the game better ? Just react and try to do your best to improve the game, to suggest new ideas, not only blocking ppl when they try to help the game.