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    I really miss ingame events :( why u do dis :( and im worried that since servers are unstable or one certain hacker likes to mess around how we will be able to participate and do stuff during crashes or bugged rooms


    What I really want to know is, if we get something perm on December 24th and if we have to do every task in order to get the thing behind the 24th door. (If there is anything perm)


    its called suggestion for the future Mr genius

    They never get how to work with code, u get a bit too far away Mr Nobel. And we need weapon balance, useful event, balance chips and enchant, the last 2 things is more broken than udm. And anyway why u take it so serious, meh. I think udm and dm need a work on it, but is not priority.

    Hello. We were supposed to have a PM Letter last month. I prepared it, it was to be translated and posted... then things happened that made it pretty much irrelevant (the day of patch basically.)

    We are figuring a few things out and as such, next or the following week you will have the PM letter or more likely, a Twitch session. The date depends on how soon we have answers to a few questions.

    Apologies for the silence.

    Hope we can have a post in the forum for ppl who like read instead of watch.

    Also, i wonder if u can answer, here or in the pm letter, what do you think about 10 years anniversary event.

    Wth, suppose to be a 10year anniversary and we get bad rewards like this? Sounds like "regular" events are more good than this. Now, ok, u need time for being able to create ingame events (how much time anyway?.....), but a 10 year anniversary should be some wonderful event. Meh, if future events (ingame or not) have to bee so much greedy like this, the game's direction is really bad.

    Esper chips problem is probably the easier thing to "fix": put esper chip extractor in pen shop for 1 pen, decrease upgrade fail % and/or increase upgrade success lv4->lv5 a lot, remove all espers skills. Easy tasks even for low-skilled programmers....if they really want to do it oc.

    Hope is a really good thing, 'cause the expectation now for most of player is probably over 9k, and more time pass, more it grow up. If it is not good enough, well...own goal.