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    I completley forgot this, but one of my friends on Discord mentioned that April Fools and Easter are on the same day this year. I don't have a direct idea for an event that would match this setting, Maybe a return of the raining eggs...but with the possibility of getting ugly/trollish items perm as a joke? Idk, anyone have ideas?


    Oh... I remember doing that old event in rusty garden... You just gave me double feels AHAH
    It would be a nice idea :D or maybe a token event, probably easier for them to do, with the chance to also obtain april fools token :D with different rewards, not necessarily worse.

    Update time :D

    I feel like I won a battle or something x'D yay <3 at least now devs will see it...hopefully, eventually :D
    I know it's a minor bug (if THERE is a bug/issue in the first place, cuz they'll need to check all of this) so IF they'll really look at it, it would still take a lot of time for a fix xD since there are a lot of worse problems.

    So yeah, mission complete? x)

    Hopefully I can post a ticket response without any problem tho o.O dunno if it's against some rule or something..

    Ok, first of all, sorry for double posting, but I thought that a simple edit wouldn't be enough for all of what I have to say

    Hella, I tried some more times even on the other pc, but couldn't notice any difference from what I already said (cuz even if it's old, it still runs s4 at 60 fps with no drops)

    EDIT : Heiliger, I also tried more times, without any differences... I started recording but then I stopped 'cause it was literally the same video and the same result/issue xD and as I said, I also tried with another pc, envy still shows the problem :c

    Now, to the important part :D

    I think that numbers definitely show that shootingstar > envy.

    The videos already show that (like , come on, they clearly show the issue already u.u)
    I wanted to test it again,because yeah, videos are proofs, but I needed precise data...
    I didn't want to record again the same videos... so... simple :D I worked on the videos that I already published and posted here.

    I counted ALL the shots and all the hits from both spark rifles.
    It was hard work, the numbers are EXACT xD it took me a lot of time, and I removed from the count every shot that wasn't good for the calculation of the percentage, like the shots shot after the target was dead.

    Now it is confirmed that it is not only a feeling of mine.. there's really a big difference!!

    The distances are the ones used in the already posted videos (i mean, obviously, since I worked on them and counted the shots in those videos lol) but I did not took in consideration the close distance, which are basically the same.

    Here, I'll post the results



    SHOTS FIRED : 133

    HITS : 57

    HIT RATE : 42,86%

    LONG DISTANCE - CONTINUOUSLY SHOOTING, "SPREAD" EFFECT RESETS ONLY WHEN RELOADED (But I let the spread effect reset ONLY two times before reloading ,by stopping and re-shooting, but still missed anyway... even the first shot after the reset)

    SHOTS FIRED : 245

    HITS : 32

    HIT RATE : 13,06%



    SHOTS FIRED : 145

    HITS : 87

    HIT RATE : 60%

    LONG DISTANCE - CONTINUOUSLY SHOOTING, "SPREAD" EFFECT RESETS ONLY WHEN RELOADED (But I let the spread effect reset ONLY ONE TIME before reloading ,by stopping and re-shooting, it was an accident x'D it did help to hit 2 more hits, and it was a lucky accident though, because it made me notice that envy missed even when stopped and re-started shooting,while the shootingstar did hit after stopping and re-shooting)

    SHOTS FIRED : 208

    HITS : 62

    HIT RATE : 29,80%


    Now,these are very important numbers...not only do they show that there is a issue regarding envy spark compared to other spark rifles, but also... notice that the percentage of less hit rate is actually very very similiar! One being 17,14 and the other 16,74 !!

    So, I can now say , that envy spark has 16,94% (arithmetic mean of 17,14 and 16,74) less hit rate compared to other spark rifles!

    Yeah, it needs to be fixed

    I didn't mean to record from the other PC but to swap the accounts around assuming you are uinsg 2PCs at the same time so you can see if it is really the envy spark or it only happens because of the PC.

    Also it doesn't spread faster. If you keep an eye on the clip you will see it reaches the max spread at 1/3 of the clip. Ofc there is some RNG involved as well.

    Oh now I get it :D well sure, I can try that and let you know the results

    If by saying 1/3 of the clip you mean when the "long distance" part starts,yeah, the spread starts to show a lot there,compared to the initial mid distance parts,and I think that is the part where the difference is most noticeable.

    And of course,there's the rng factor :( that can't be ignored.

    Btw,thanks for mentioning it! I came up with another idea! I'll try using the other pc as you said as well,but I wanted to do another video test,this time by counting the total hits! And I'll need to do a LOT of tries to have a lot of material to work on. So that, if the difference in total numbers of hits (shootingstar vs envy of course)is high,then there must be something different/not working/bugged/whatever xD

    I'll work on it asap :D it'll take not so little time ahah but I want to do it :)

    The topic got me interested so I wanted to try it.

    You can try login to the opposite PC with the other account and then check again which spark rifle will land more shots.

    Also keep in mind the spread increases when holding the button. If you release the left mouse button the spread will rest so obviously you will get a hit more easily when you start shooting again.

    I'm afraid I can't try to record on the other pc :( it would explode AHAH it's way too old but I wanted to try it to test the fps thing :D but oh well <3 maybe I'll try with another pc when I'm at a friend's house or something x)

    Yeah , the accuracy/spread gets worse the more you shoot :D that's true, but as I recorded, in long distance, the shootingstar has more accuracy and hits more,and it starts to spread later compared to the envy :C it's really so weird and confusing, 'cause it's the same weapon T_T

    Actually.. I rewatched the videos, and had an Idea thanks to your comment! Could it be that it's not the hitbox that it's bugged... but the spread instead?
    Shootingstar hits more and has "more accuracy" (let's put it in these words, just for explaination) maybe because IT SPREADS later and the homing effect works properly before it starts to lose focus and spread, while the envy spark spreads way before the shootingstar does :O maybe that's the bugged part? The homing&spread&focus part of the weapon...
    The envy, at long distance, hits like 2 to 5 times before spreading, while the shootingstar hits more before spreading
    Am I seeing things? xD

    Well it started as an idea but now I'm even more confused D:

    Wow :D ty for the dedication and time

    Yes, it was recorded from the same pc , same settings , so same fps I guess
    The "other" player that stands still is another pc, but I recorded both videos on the same pc ^^
    Interesting to know that more fps = more shots :O I did not know
    Btw in your video,the envy spark does seem to work better than in my video :( I'm so confused right now ahah
    We really need some staffer to say us if there are two different spark rifle hitboxes xD

    Oh,and u knew the right spots (distance) that I used x'D wow

    Spark rifle has no patterns at all,it's all random when it doesn't hit its target in the homing range.

    The difference is that envy misses way more often,probably because of the shape of the bullets. I think that it's not something that it's just graphical ,but that also affects hitbox.

    So yeah,no patterns but different hitboxes or same hitbox but bugged in the envy

    Btw I say ty cuz I rly expected NO ONE to care about this lmao D: at least it's something if it gets seen :)

    Are there any enchants on your gloves? I believe Accuracy was something that can be put on gloves.

    As I said in the main post,no :( the sets were two 1 day sets ,ap stats no enchants no chips :( same with pets,two smart pack pets without enchants

    I also hoped it would've been accuracy T_T ahah

    Ty for the answer/interest

    Post the stats of the enchants of both guns.

    It is possible that you have enhcnat that affects accuracy.

    First of all, ty for the answer :D

    Before the videos,I tried this issue with the other player I mentioned, and he had a envy spark without any enchants (and also the shootingstar if I remember correctly) , that's what made me say that enchants on guns are not relevant

    But I'll post them anyway ^^
    As u can see, The envy has even better enchants , as I said, but still performs poorly compared to the shootingstar, not in terms of damage, but in terms of hit count, 'cause of the broken hitbox

    Envy spark


    Hello everyone!
    First of all, I hope this is the right section for this type of thread, and I want to make a thread (and not a ticket) to receive more comments/perspectives on the matter.

    So,today I was playing normally, TD, as usual,and another player was using envy spark and I realized something really weird... he would rarely hit me! And so did I with all other players! I had a very different memory of playing AGAINST a spark rifle.
    Long story short : The other envy spark user tried , under my suggestion, the shootingstar instead. We could both see and confirm that there was a huge difference in terms of *hit* and *homing* funcionality. It actually worked and hit this time! I continued to use my envy spark rifle, and after a while playing against each other (with all the other players) the difference of hitbox was now very clear.

    The main issue : envy spark homing funcionality is NOT working properly and as intended and it has a broken/bugged hitbox, while the normal spark rifle(shootingstar) has no problems at all and works as intended.

    The first thought that crossed my mind was of course to report all of this,but in order to do so, I needed proofs! And so I made two videos, one in which I try the envy spark hitbox and one where I try the shootingstar hitbox.

    I'll explain the videos.
    I tried both sparks at 3 different distances : mid range, long range and close range.
    The difference of hit amounts can be CLEARLY seen in mid and long range
    There's not much else to explain, just see the videos! :P I'll answer any questions to help fix this issue, because yeah, I really hope it will get fixed and not ignored, since (like me) many people(maybe not a spent money on this weapon.
    The characters had the same stats (day-based no enchant no chip ap sets,smart pack pet, hp+30,spark rifle fp)
    The envy spark has actually better enchants (more def pierce, td atk etc, no relevant enchant in terms of hitbox)
    P.S. : if there will be a fix, PLEASE, just don't replace the heart bullets D: just copy-paste the hitbox of the shootingstar <3 and don't remove that lovely graphic effect on the bullets <3

    Envy Spark Video

    Shootingstar Video