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    More support weapons instead of damaging focused weapons is a great idea :D but they should be balanced reeeeally well x) Cuz such an idea could be easily OP
    But gj <3 :D I like it!
    I also appreciate the effort into details on how it should be/work in-game x) <3

    True x)
    Lying is never necessary 'v' and almost never the right choice
    I'd prefer to suffer the consequences of telling the truth rather than lying 'v'


    The next person lied recently! ' 3 '

    Let's not go off topic please x) ignore the trolls/flamers y'all <3

    BTW, I'm gonna edit my main post with another entry 'v' I guess it's the last one <3 I PUT A LOT OF WORK INTO IT, well, it's all editing work ofc
    If only one entry is allowed, then this new entry will be my only one 'v'

    Addie clarify this for us pls <3

    They should be numbers :O since it's "date.png"


    someone..... pls?

    Wants me to call his name, when he kisses me. sol1

    I'm shipping it now 'v'. . .
    I corrected the quote btw. <3

    Best gm ever, part 999999

    EDIT : I was late, I'll also describe Void  

    Also one of the best players IN GENERAL <3

    A melee healing weapon. Stupid but yes. Could be an AoE or aura type of thing where you have to be attached to the ones you want to heal.

    Every idea you wrote is good <3 and they're so creative :) You're full of imagination/good ideas ahah <3 gj!

    But this is the first time I read about a melee healing. It would be so cool! I'd definitely use that sol1

    True , in general, in all these years, it has happened more than once x)
    Not for being a strong player tho. I can't say of which I was accused of x) Can't write hack names.


    The next person spends lots of AP 'v'

    One could argue that the greatest weapon is your mind. So I'd like to see some people using their brains ingame.

    Or a trebuchet. A trebuchet would be nice.

    A new mental weapon would be super cool :O , also a new installation weapon would be great :D

    A flame thrower but considering how annoying the MS can be I am not sure.

    Also, cool idea :D There's no weapon on S4L that creates a continuous beam when the shooting button is held.

    A gunblade-ish weapon.

    Oooh, kinda what they had in mind with smash rifle, but it's the reverse idea!
    Instead of a gun with a little bit of melee in it, it would be a melee with a little bit of gun in it 'v'
    It would be really nice :O

    Hi again 0v0

    Kinda bored here, so I decided to create this thread and see your ideas/imagination/suggestions ! ^^

    What weapon would you like to see on S4L? Which weapon do you prefer using on other games that is not on S4L? How would it be? C:
    This thread reminds me of the workshop event on the older forum, but since it is gone, here it is the new thread on the new forum 'v'

    Mine is, ofc, THE BOW sol1 A futuristic bow, with arrows made of light 'v' a regular shooting weapon, slower than a normal gun, that would require aim but rewards with high dmg!

    Something like this :
    (Dunno if I can link this,but I wanted to link the whole page , y'know, credit for the artist)
    So..what do you have in mind? sol2

    False :c
    I used to play the flute, the student kind/one x) I was good at it,but now I can't play any instrument

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    Best Soraka in the world and should teach me to play better with him.

    AW AHAHAH, not even best soraka euw, best soraka IN THE WORLD. AHAH <3


    Is way too kind regarding my LoL skills x) <3 ahah

    False,even tho I know how it ends ,memes everywhere..ahaha , I don't like superhero movies/comics so it's ok c:

    The next person has a manga collection

    Lowkey make me one as well with Void in middle qwq this is talent

    Aw <3 too kind ! I don't even know if the entries are valid :( Because I don't know if it is something that we have to draw/create from scrap 'v' like an art event.(oh wait, IT IS AN ART EVENT)

    I took gifs randomly on google ofc 'v' and I edited them to make them look prettier (lightning, colour, font, size, etc) and I kept it simple :D I didn't want to make an exaggerated signature ahah

    Waiting for clarifications, I'll keep them up for now x) If they're not valid, I'll create one from scrap I guess <3

    I'll be very specific on this one, i would personally change the requisite of leveling up chips so instead of wasting PEN on nothing (Yes nothing, because usually you'll just be leveling and downgrading that chip multiple times until it breaks, and you'll gain no bonus whatsoever for the next try, something that we should get everytime it "does nothing" or it gets downgraded) chips should be leveled up by using crafting materiales and some PEN (That includes removing the chance of breaking it or downgrading it). At this point chips are something that most people need in order to have a fair match, sadly.

    That's actually a very smart suggestion :O They would :
    1 Add some more utility to crafting material, which is basically useless atm, because it is not updated
    2 Make LV5 esper chips available even to f2p player x) or players that don't play 24/7 to farm pen

    DR-17 Making process :O Which means...devs office?

    Maybe Neowiz? Cuz of the older teaser sol2

    EITHER WAY, HYPE 'V' sol1