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    KARA this is epic

    Yeah your hope and faith is all cute and stuff like a superhero movie, but u have to look at this in the other way, this is a business hope and faith is not what makes money in a business. Low player base means lower income for Aeria, I dont think that they are interested at this point in making this game any better because the numbers keep decreasing, in fact it is going to get worse in the following months I have no doubts about it (:

    Edit: Unless they come up with some genius marketing idea thats going to bring like 2k of people back, which at this point imo is impossible, nobodys interested in keeping the game alive for 1k people out of which only approximately 100 donate regularly

    First of all,Ty for answering :)

    At least it's not just flame,it's a discussion now,which is good C:

    I agree that I tend to be positive,like,A LOT, but I think that they wouldn't have bothered doing what they did now if the game had no chances of becoming better and more populated

    Also,S4 survived during harsher times,even recent ones, no updates etc,there are still some people that supported and supports it(which I'm glad of)

    I won't say that it'll be easy or like fast,like a miracle,but again, I have a good feeling about this opportunity :)

    We just have to wait and find out ahah

    Time will answer to both of us

    Why are you making up stuff man? The game isnt dead? Statistics aka REAL NUMBERS say otherwise, it just takes a few clicks to check s4db's statistics to realize simple stuff like that. I feel like this community is delusional or something, the game is clearly doing worse and worse each month, and you don't need to be a genius to realize that.

    This thread/post is the opposite of what are you saying ^^
    It will get better from now on, just have hope ^^ I have faith in S4's future now
    And, I think the game is doing better recently, they put a lot of effort into everything that they did (everything that they COULD do)
    Now they can do even more things , making feedback a reality ^^

    Come on, obese is not a nice word :c

    Btw, that wasn't the best presentation post ever x)

    Please, don't come here on the forums to spread hate/flame/troll for no apparent reason :(
    If you hate the game so much because of its flaws, start to do something good yourself to help the game

    Either way, welcome to the forums :)


    let's all bow to these beautiful signatures and art pls ty

    This is just amazingly awesome sol1 congrats !

    Expect more in-game events: I'm talking both "token" events and also stuff like the bomber event. Please let me know how you feel about those!

    Old nostalgic token events? I'm in! :D
    The possibility to have more frequent/new events? I'm also in, that's great! Alice5

    Expect new characters and story: Seasons have ended, but there will be a new episode with new characters and more surprises.

    Lore is such an important aspect in a game! I look forward to see the new episode omg sol1

    Expect balance patches due to YOUR feedback: Not too often, but more often than what we had in the last years.

    rip rail gun
    finally <3

    Expect to affect the game MUCH more: Think Character Creation Contests, think Loading Screen Contests, think Balance Feedback and more! Now think them happening more than once a year. There we go!

    this is a dream come true ;-; S4 LIVES!

    I wish all the S4L Team the best of luck sol1
    Don't disappoint us <3 u.u

    Jk <3 take it easy and stay awesome sol1

    I am not sure, if it's supposed to be "SOON" or if it's just a trolling face. :/


    And by soon he means TODAY RIGHT? p l s don't postpone it <3 HAHA


    (I usually wake up at 12 am so... It's 9 am now ;-; rip)

    Since you guys like my art so much, here is another. I tried digital this time.


    You could easily have an art career in contemporary art museums
    (even tho, maybe I'm the only one seeing "it" but..... there's a weird shape in the background x'D.... and I'm not talking about hints or something like that)


    Trueee sol1 it's such an interesting and hard game if played with a little bit of brain and not randomly xD

    The next person will say the last time he/she has played S4

    Dan dan daaansol2


    Imma say n/a çç It depends on the individual dog or cat, I love them both
    Birds > dogs/cats

    I guess I started a war

    Only to the person I'm in a relationship with so.. true? kinda?

    Next person prefers Marvel over DC

    XD well that's ok <3

    False :c I don't read/watch both of them x) as I think I already said,I'm not a fan of Marvel or DC or superhereos in general

    But they're not bad C:

    The next person likes to drink coffee ovo

    I agree on unique skills and rare colour sets, and also on combi set and egg Fumbi
    Winning an event is not something that happens to everyone or everyday, so rare items/sets should be able to be chosen x) you're not wrong about that
    I disagree on supersonic rewards, as Hella said, it wouldn't be nice/fair x) they are unique and very limited for a reason ahah, only the winners have the crown 'v'