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    I don't think that farm players should be punished -3- as long as they have private rooms and farm on their own without ruining the experience to other players x)
    The solution is not punishing farmers, the solution is to make fun events that encourage activity ^^
    At the end of the day, farmers don't steal anything from you x) you can create a room and wait for people to play with, but I know that the problem stands here :( because farmers will enter even in no-farm rooms and ignore everyone.
    Only in this specific case they ruin other people's experience and should be punished, so GMs should be "more active" only under this point of view x)
    We can't say that GMs are not active, they costantly work to make the game better and better, and these frequents events are just the tip of the iceberg.
    Plus, Aeria is also the dev now c: so just be patient and better things will come

    TY so much! :D
    Congrats to the winners! I'm glad to see two people at first place, they both deserved it :) <3

    Used weapons - "normal-not noob weapons" , so called by the community
    Anything that isn't a "noob" weapon

    The most used/popular weapons, IMO, are : Assault rifle, Plasma sword, Rail gun, SMG,Bombs

    Why ? : Because they have the highest damage output in the shortest time, and they are basic weapons with no particular functionalities (example : aim assistance)

    Non-used weapons - "noob" ones, so called by the community
    Anything that isn't a "pro" weapon

    The least used ones are : Mind shock, Turret (normal and mk2) , LMG (normal and mk2), dual magnum,vital shock also homing weapons as well (homing/spark)
    and pretty much every melee that is not plasma/counter/dagger/bat D:

    Why ? : Because you would be a noob for using them, duh!
    It's as stupid as it sounds.. people won't use weapons like this for THIS reason, lol.
    Also,and maybe mainly, because they don't perform as well as the popular ones (ex : less damage)

    I'll just write the weapons that need some balance ^^

    MELEE :

    Vital shock :
    Maybe it needs a rework, or for the timebeing, just an overall damage buff

    Iron boots :
    Obviously, its dash needs to be nerfed , making it less fast and lowering its travel distance, but I think its attack animations should be faster

    Katana :
    It's perfect as it is, but it could use an overall damage buff

    Sigma blade :
    Could use some sp reduction on awakening, and shorter "dead times" after heavy attacks.

    Breaker :
    Its attacks have to be slower, and also it needs more "dead time" after a jump attack

    RIFLE :

    Dual magnum : They need some rework on the normal shooting ( it's kinda stupid to have to constantly click the shoot button to use it properly! It's hard to aim)
    They also need faster animations and a good damage buff! They're one of the least useful and used weapons atm!

    Spark rifle : It could use a damage buff on non-crit hits, or maybe a higher chance of dealing crits
    ( Balancing related, please don't forget this bug, I'm reminding it because now YOU are the devs : Envy ranger spark rifle bug )

    SNIPE :

    Cannonade : Increase its damage on less-charged attacks, and slightly increase its damage on full-charged non-crit attacks

    Rail gun : It is obviously a mess.
    For the time being, and maybe could also be a permanent choice, revert it to its original state, being the normal snipe weapon as it was


    Senty nell : Increase its radius or damage, and also, try to fix its triggerability! It very often triggers seconds later the char enters its radius

    Sentry gun : Slightly reduce its damage

    Mind energy : Slightly increase its non-crit healing, and slightly reduce its crit healing

    Mind shock : A normal damage buff (both non-crit and crit) and maybe more range could balance it ^^


    Earth bomber : Reduce radius and damage, and increase its reload duration

    Lightning bomber : Reduce radius and damage , and increase its reload duration, also reduce its slow effect

    Mine gun : Reduce its crit damage


    MK2 Rescue gun :
    Less SP heal , Less ammo

    MK2 Lightning bomb : It needs to explode as soon as a normal bomb, also, less dmg and radius,less slow and less sp-taking effect (maybe not all the sp bar, but just a portion of it)

    MK2 LMG : It needs a lot of love! A good damage buff and precision buff could do the trick ^^

    MK2 Burst : Slightly nerf its damage and/or ammo per reload

    SKILLS :

    Unique dual mastery :
    Maybe it needs to be slightly nerfed

    Detect : It needs an extra effect on top of what already gives/does, maybe some in-chat warnings/tips for the team, or maybe something more simple, like some stats buff

    B-but I never play as a rusher :'C lol jk glad that this came back more incentive to play, and I guess I can try doing it and probably fail.

    I like to help the rusher :c by killing and disrupting their defense, and I also like to heal c: I never rush :'C
    The struggle is real

    But yeah :D on the bright side, we have a whole week of time, let's keep that in mind! And also, we don't have to achieve s4 rank u.u semi pro is fine for me ahah
    Maybe we'll be lucky tho, who knows <3

    Asdone I doubt that you can request them for this challenge uwu

    I completely did not see that omg :O ty ahah

    NotyBotanis I think that In the screeshot there should be at least 8 person (4v4)
    Number of people at the beginning or at the end of the match don't count? I mean, the screenshot can't give such information.
    It should be ok as long as it is not farmed.

    Very creative :O
    Along with new weapons, s4 also needs new skills! :D They would also bring a new fresh air to the game :) and this idea is so good x) ahah<3

    I would like to see a balanced rail gun and mk2 bomb/heals in s4 league.

    Balancing is important yeah ^^ They said balancing it's going to be more frequent than it used to be, and it is maybe a priority
    Let's just wait before they do anything :D They need time now ahah, they just became devs!

    These were just a few of them. I made shields, spears, swords and guns. I still get messages asking me to make content for private servers. But honestly, I don't
    support that stuff.

    Each idea is just so perfect and would fit so perfectly in-game omg ç_ç
    h o w
    Lightning rifle and Sai are my favs <3
    So amazing sol1

    At the time of the contest , I made a whip x) It was so bad ahah it was drawn with a pencil , ew, no drawing skills , so it was really ugly xD
    But I wanted to explain the concept and attacks and how it would work in game
    I imagine the sai to be as fast as the dagger :O And with the abilty to launch them as well,one at a time, and then wait for them to "recharge/respawn" x) leaving you like a no-ammo bomb in the meantime 'v'

    Too bad. Can't see if I am missing something.

    You're rich then sol2 ahah <3
    I got mine btw ^^ as soon as Heli said that rewards were sent :)

    (and ofc, another 40+ caps of shootingstar, another disappointment of no FP
    i'm at 200+ capsules now and still nothing PLSENDMYSUFFERING)

    Oh wow. What a great and original idea that was never posted in the forums before and was never properly discussed.


    BTW, these threads are so useful during this time of initial dev joruney of aeria c: so let them come ahah
    I agree that it would be so useful to have custom rules c: also to create fun matches and fun GM hunt room and other events with only specific weapons! ^^
    Yes, it can be abused, but it's already something that there is in-game x) (room names, weapon limitation is there) so I don't think that it would be too negative x)

    Nostalgia factor + Real proof of "hey, we're devs for real now" (to all the haters/flamers 'v') = good combo to make the player number rise c:

    I also hope that they will release this kind of stuff, but I would also like to see new aeria content ^^ (heart breaker is so cute ;-;)

    We just have to wait ^^ It's just the beginning of their dev journey x) We're so hyped and want stuff to happen ahah 'v'

    It actually takes very little time and not so much skill, trust me. uwu

    My experience and past disasters hardly disagree 'v' <3 AHAH
    You're a good chef if you can do that easily u.u good job

    Then make your own. That's what I do, at least. o3o

    It's very very hard, requires time and skill
    Also, it wouldn't be much cheaper :C Ingredients are expensive x'D
    Better going to a restaurant and order as much as you want 030 all you can eat <3 <3

    e a t

    I love Yakisoba Pasta :love: (焼きそば?)

    I also like Yakisoba
    Well, I love a lot of chinese and japanese dishes

    Sushi is addictive.
    But it's so expensive D: . . .

    You forgot the part where u live off pasta (at least that's my case... thanks pasta for being there with me through my college years)

    Also for hobbies I'd just say programming aswell, currently moving to C#/Java/Javascript after have done C++ for years

    I always live off pasta, but y'know, GOOD pasta, not instant ramensol2 (well I also eat those a lot lmao)
    When you're italian, you always eat pasta x'D
    So yeah, that can be added to the list x)

    You guys have like 999999 hobbies ovo AHAH each one of them which requires skills or talent JUSTHOW
    How can you do so much in your time ç_ç

    Well, here are my hobbies? :
    -Chat a lot
    -Hang out with friends

    but also...

    -Revised version of shopping, for poor people! (Just enter 999 stores and buy nothing 'v')
    -Bungee jumping from one public transport to another (I'm pretty good at this ovo)
    -Trying to not have a nervous breakdown when it comes to preparing 999 exams at once
    -Study everydayofmylife

    rip, this is how a university student's life issol2

    THIS specialy the faces and hair part, it’s so hard to get a perm face_ or hair, two of the most important aspect of character customization

    Is there a way to say face withou getting the emoji?

    with a capital F
    Face 'v'

    BTW I agree :( little things about char customization (that doesn't affect gameplay so much in terms of stats) could be put perm in the shop
    Or maybe, include them in the AP shop , because you can already buy perm things there, and maybe also include faces and hair ^^
    I know it's a solution non-f2p, but it would benefit the game a little c: cuz pen players still can buy them (well,not perm tho xD)

    we have no news yet so far. I don't know if this is being planned for the future

    gotta love the activity and fast answers like omg , this is so important



    Btw, the gambling aspect could be modified only into better chances or better rewards from capsules I guess :O Removing caps or completely reworking them would be an interesting choice, but also a very hard one xD It would change s4 a lot! <3