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    Here's how I would Balance the game

    Clothing Stats

    The Old fumbi handled balancing really really well. You only ever had maximum stats in a particular area. This would be a great idea at the start.

    Pants only gives you defense against Melee, Guns, Throwing/Special/Install

    Shirt only gives you attack in Guns, Melee, Throwing/Special/Install

    Hair only gives you defense Guns, Melee, Throwing/Special/Install

    Now here's where it get complicated. Lets say you have a set with a +10 defense, you are able to distribute that +10 defense across all stat perimeters.

    Throw all 10 defense in melee if you want to. Throw +5 in guns and +5 in melee. Or throw 3 in each aspect of defense. You can have your character be super OP against melee or be weaker but balanced. The level of balance this adds is just great. Players might even buy the same clothing with different colors because there's more configuration options.

    With this you would only ever be OP in a particular area. An ap tank running your way? Hit him with a melee and he'l fizzle like any normal player if all his defenses are in guns. If he has all his stats spread out across the board then his defenses wont be so strong.

    We will also increase the items' stats given from the pen shop. A pen weapon could be a +9 with a single forcepack buff. For instance a pen player could buy a SMG and choose if they want the AP bonus speed, hp or sp. Pen Items will now be permanent if payed the right price. 50k pen.

    Pen shop will not sell colored item.

    I would increase the pen rate to triple. Yes. Triple!

    I would remove the fumbi shop (YES) Remove the fumbi shop. I would then allow players to buy coupons with PEN and get it from arcade and other single player modes. We would then use these coupons as a currency that has access to the AP shop. This way a player with enough time can buy an ap piece of clothing at the color which they choose at the stat they choose.

    Esper chips will be reconfigured

    Green Chips increases stay the same

    Red Chips increase attack but reduce defense proportionally

    Blue Chips increase hp/defense but reduce attack/speed proportionally

    Yellow Chips stay the same

    Orange Chips stay the same

    If you have no skills equipped to your character, your chip skill becomes available. So you wont be able to use fly and the red beam with the same character. As a bonus the skills will be more balanced since the interval you can use it will decrease.

    Now both clothing and Chips are strategic. You have to put some thought into it.


    For enchants we would need to just scrap it. Or better yet we could have those enchants have adverse effect?

    Want to have +8 defense piercing on your weapons? Fine. Then your clothing/Hair defense are reduced. So your defense is reduced by -8

    Want to have TD atk plus +8? then your TD defense is reduced by +8. Also, your defense doesn't have a base cap. Its gonna continuing to go down.
    Want to have higher critical damage? Then your accuracy goes down.

    Any enchant that affects damage must adversely affect the player.

    If you want to rip through players with your OP enchants then its only fair we can do the same to you.

    Remove book bonuses.

    Make it so players can craft for pack weapons by using their Pen permanent weapon that they acquired as a base. If you have a SMG with time you can craft a forcepack smg with the color of your choosing.

    Crafting capsules are now available by using coupons as currency.

    Re balance the weapons Based on feedback (no one wants to play against unfair weapons. Look at the PS. it is balanced extremely well. Its as if someone who played/coded fighting games made it.

    Heavy attack = less mobility when attacking, slower attacking speed, more damage and hits players further

    Light attack = more mobility when attacking, fast attacking speed, less damage and interrupts players actions

    Stun = slow start up, good range and high reward for hitting a player (player has the option to escape if hit too)

    Dash = fast start up, Great range, high reward for hitting, high risk if missed

    All attacks serve a purpose in the PS's repertoire. The same goes for CS and Bat. People love PS for a reason and are obsessed with it.

    Dagger is a left click and shank fest that throws high risk/reward out the window. A potentially one hit(three hit) kill that you can simply walk away from if you miss. No the animation should play out.

    Anyway the weapons should be balanced based on the Plasma sword. Each attack should have a purpose.

    Is there anyone who likes playing against snipers? Can you explain to me what's fun about playing against snipers?

    You sum up what I say as some sort of self-interested whining, but you do nothing to answer the questions that I've asked.

    Although the more relevant question would be, do you even care whether or not people other than you are having fun?

    I do care though. And if there is an appeal in camping and sniping people from afar other than the fact that you don't have to risk your b*tt like everyone else, then please pray tell what it is.

    The appeal of sniping is that you are rewarded for high accuracy. With the OLD rail, it felt good landing a crit on someone or nabbing them mid air. Your accuracy is tested and you can make great impact on the game at a remote location. It is a skilled and efficient way to deal with players and Some people just love sniping, deal with it.

    You out here trying to get an archetype that has been around since the inception of shooters removed from a shooting game. lmao

    Maybe your complaint has to do with the fact that Rail Gun is in a Busted place right now.

    Limited ammo is a shoddy way to balance a weapon in most cases. A broken weapon is still a broken weapon even if you cant use it indefinitely.

    The proper way to nerf the weapon is to return it to how it once was. No need to butcher it any further. It was one of the most balanced weapon in the game and I consider it the perfect wheel, the current version is a square and you're suggesting limited ammo to "balance" it out, in other words, we're gonna now move to a hexagon. lol Lets just go back to the perfect wheel that was the original Rail please and stop butchering it with changes that might not work, cripple the weapon or doesn't affect it at all.

    Also limited ammo would mean we have to think up a system that will not detract from the speed of the game. If you get it from kills then congrats Its just a mediocre step down from unlimited ammo because most people are competent with killing and guns that don't focus heavily on killing like cannonade will be punished. If we go the route of ammo drops on the map then someone will have to sit down and create fair drop points all over the maps that exist in s4. Limited ammo is simply fixing something that isn't broken and is a short sighted way to nerf most op weapons.

    As for the counter sword, it is fine as it is. If we're going to balance the game towards sword only then might as well get rid of unlimited mode. A sword's inherent weakness is that guns are better anywhere except up close. No one runs up to a cs and melees them.

    Before we touch things like cs we should fix breaker's light slash, that thing is faster than a PS slash and can hit twice if interrupted.

    Also the game has really become stale and stagnant as if it is in a state of limbo. the servers and lifting the IP ban should be top priority in order to improve the lively hood of the game.

    Why hate on stun lock.

    Plasma Sword is the probably the most balanced and fair weapon in the game. Changing it is how you get rail gun, do you want another rail gun?

    First off, I hope you guys don't take into account all the suggestions. Ones like limiting the amount of times a PS can stun you is terrible, So is adding sp to revenge and changing its stun mechanic. Let us go with the old phrase. If it aint broke, dont fix it.

    Dagger - Prevent WSAD from cancelling the animation and give bonus damage when hit directly from the rear (its an assassination weapon that should have a high risk reward factor)

    Katana - Heavy attack breaks revenge. Ether increase the ground animation speed or increase the damage. It hits too slow and the damage is too low. You cant have low attack speed and low damage relatively speaking.

    Sigma Blade - As a sigma blade user all I can say is that it only needs stun immunity from cs revenge similar to how boots function. Maybe a defense increase if possible.

    Dual magnums - remove the auto aiming and give it a fixed pattern. Increase the damage on the right click attacks and the push as well. This way you dont just get style points for doing the acrobatics. Make it similar to the rocket launcher. The right click does more damage but takes up more ammo. This way it could be a great finisher when you get an enemy down to a certain life.

    Breaker - Slow down the jump attack's speed a little. Slow down the breaker light swing, its too fast and is comparable to a dagger slash.

    Hand Gun - give it a better pattern and that's it

    Assault Rifle - Reduce the movement speed when firing. -15%


    Old Rail gun was a perfect weapon,

    If we cant do what I suggested, simply remove the uncharged shots' ability to throw people and instead have it flinch characters like it once did. Second remove the slow effect from charge shots and give it the original effect where it flung people away after hitting them. It was fun and you felt the impact. Next remove random crits if you haven't and give it back the ability to headshot (its a sniping weapon, accuracy must be rewarded!) Make headshots for charged rail shots be a 1 hit kill.


    Metallic - Worthless

    Metallic reflect should do double damage (yes, double damage). Second Increase the speed one goes in metallic and exits it. Also maybe give the user two other poses lol.

    Once when you get the shiny chip set, getting pen is much easier.

    But i agree that the chips were a mistake. The chips skills are broken and you get pen just to waste them again for chips.

    You still have to grind a whole lot and get lucky. The overall balance of the game shouldn't depend on who has the most pen to unload into the chips. Enchanting and Esper Chip only chase away new players (among other things)

    because it's entirely random it's that frustrating. You either unlock a set within 500k pen or within 2 milion pen. You actually need a lot of patience to unlock them

    How easy is to to make 500k pen? Assuming you play for at most a match a day? Has the pen rate increased so much that we can casually throw around 500k pen? O.o

    On another note, grinding away your time to be able to last a bit longer against players who have these chips is wrong. These chips were a mistake.

    Here are some suggestions


    This one is obvious, but some weapons really need to be toned down (rail gun) I was always salty about bombs and cried every thread I could. It took four years to fix that bug it had which broke the risk reward aspect of the game. Certain weapons need their risk/reward tweaked. Sigma is a great example of a weapon with great risk and reward balance. The same is true for Smgs, Semi Rifle, Plasma Sword, Counter sword, Storm Bat, Revolver, Cannonade, and the OLD RAIL. rail gun was butchered and I assume still remains untouched. These kinds of things turn players away from the game. It doesn't need to be re-reworked. All that is needed is it to be restored to its ORIGINAL incarnation. I'm sure there are old clients somewhere on the web of the Old s4 where the railgun is yet to be updated just copy the coding that relates to it and replace the new railgun. Too many times the Old devs tried to fix what was never broken.

    Another thing is the 'stats' aspect of the game. There was a player I had no trouble with until I had the displeasure of viewing the stats on their gear. After that I refused to play with that person in any match. Weapons having +8 on TD +5 Defense piercing +5 Random attack...and then they have the red chips which I cannot attain without grinding the game to a level which I have not the time. This player and others would two shot me even though I was wearing AP. How is that fun? I'm a veteran player too! I know how to get around those ridiculous stats! But think about this from the perspective of a newbie and the mountain they would have to climb just to be able to keep up. When they come here asking for tips, most people tell them they'l need to grind, save pen, gamble for sets or buy ap to survive a bit longer. The game already has a steep learning curve and all these stats and buff does is intimidate new players by asking for an extreme level of commitment to the game in regards to gear, skill, time and money! This is like asking someone to propose on the first date!

    We absolutely need a stat cap. If there were a stat cap, one would have multiple paths to reach the same goal. This would add a little depth to the game. If you have enchants on your weapon, you wouldn't need to grind for chips or vice versa because you would only be able to get a +5 at maximum on any given stat for instance. Or you could use both enchants and chips to reach the maximum +5 atk cap. Remove all enchants that are redundant. Remove random attack, Remove Defense piercing, and Remove bonus attack given to corresponding modes and instead give an all round attack bonus that only goes to +5, even if you have a +5 atk chip your attack will never be +10 it will still be a bonus of plus five regardless of gear.

    Clothing Stats

    Remember how the old fumbi gave you stats in three category? Shooting/Melee for instance. You could make this universal. All clothing could only give atk and defense to one category of weapon. Shirts would give ether Shooting atk, Melee atk, Special atk (throwing weps, sentries and that stuff) and we'd have Melee defense, Shooting Defense and Special Defense. Now a player could only be Op in one category and weak in others which gives a sense of balance.

    Also the way to implement this is to have it be a thing you can actively select on any clothing. Your clothing will be able to change the stat buffs as you see fit. So you could change your permanent shirt from melee attack +5 to shooting attack +5 anytime in the lobby.

    System implementations

    Promote unpopular modes and maps by increasing the rewards you get for those modes. No one plays warfare? Triple pen gain there! No one plays other TD maps? Triple pen gain on all other maps Sans St2. Everyone farming? Dont make pen be so relied upon. No one would need to farm if the pen gain is great.

    Fix Random shop. You guys have the power now. See if you can get the old scrips for the old shop working again, where you could select what you want. We're happy to buy perms in the AP shop but we need fun pen sinks. Re add old items to the shop.

    I agree with the whole Rail Gun thing. After 8+ Years with this game, I can say that the devs aren't really the brightest, I'm not insulting them, but this is just an observation.

    I've made three threads about Railgun alone, some users made multiples as well, and yet the weapon is not touched. Everyone has been crying about repairs and bombs since forever and it took them two years minimum to implement these changes.

    There's a disconnect between the players and the developers. My assumption is that ether they don't get any feedback at all or they just don't care. The way how rail operates in chaser which absolutely breaks the mode and would have been patched by a competent developer long ago.

    He's also right about the events, its just pure farming.