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    I have already reported the issue (even with suggestions on how to fix it) to the previous product manager, but it seems like their developers are afraid to touch any of the existing backend code.

    How about you "integrate" it on your test server / client first and then just patch it to production? Shouldn't take 72 hours.

    I'd argue taking over code and hiring developers is as big an investment a 10 year old game gets from a publisher company : )

    So what? It's ten years old but still has better mechanics and concepts than 95% of the crạp that's currently on the market. You shouldn't see this product as just a "10 year old game" (That's pretty sad to hear from the product manager to be honest). The factor that keeps the game down isn't the game itself, it's always been the publishers and how they manage the game. You are not any different that the previous publishers, you're afraid of trying new things and with that in mind, I don't see a bright future for the game.

    @EveryoneSuperSmartReplying I'm not talking about that the game disappears or shuts down in the near future, since a lot of players still fall for the disgusting cash bait. When I'm talking about the game not having a bright future, it means that we won't see any big changes made to the game or any change related to the mindset of the management.

    It's pretty obvious that they're trying to find the "right" phrases and formulations to somehow satisfy the players enough so that they don't give up on the game yet. If they would just write down the truth, the letter would have been released pretty quickly. And if you're now asking what the truth is that I'm talking about: The sad truth is that they don't believe in this game enough to make big investments into it. Such investments would require huge amounts of money to be invested into a dedicated, big developer team and as you can see they're not willing to take that risk and basically gave up on the game.

    Exchanging the current fumbi model with a pumpkin would have taken 5 minutes, but thank you for that great patch of nothingness.

    it's not about the server location or where it s located. Before the last portal update the network between the players was based on peer to peer which only shows the ping of the distance between you and the other player. But now it's not the same anymore, its peer to server to peer i guess, whatever the ping u see is the distance between you and the server then the other player,

    That's why german players are crying about having 20ms to each others

    Meanwhile players from America or Canada can't play anymore.

    The relay server is only used as a fallback when all p2p holepunching methods fail. Join a match and open Process Explorer -> S4Client -> Properties -> TCP/IP and you should see the UDP connections to the players.

    DM: What Hella said, bring back the pity for being at a big disadvantage score wise. It sucks to join in 2nd half when the enemy team has like 30+ more score than your team does.

    Terrible idea. Just don't join matches that are already running. The players need to adjust themselves, not the game.

    from my experience,female char is just way better if you're going to be competitive at this game. hitboxes, the way they dodge and move is just way better and harder to aim at if you compare it to male characters

    Even if the hitboxes were exactly the same, our brain could still react differently based on complex neuronal associations that the specific players brain has made with female / male characters. Even the clothing could play a huge factor in this reaction pattern.

    Nice work. I especially like the bow and the lightning rifle, they both fit the style of the game perfectly. Bow mechanics in games are always fun to play, I hope that this is an inspiration for the devs.

    There isn't many unreleased stuff left beside some non-s4-stylish weapon designs and unpractical maps.

    If you get bored in the meanwhile, check on the internet for people that are showing some custom made stuff. There is a lot so you can't get bored ;)

    I'm talking about items that were released in the past, gained value over time and then suddenly were re-released by aeria games. For example the old summer sets were highly valuable until aeria games decided to just throw them into the web shop again.

    Sure but that is pretty much robbing everyone who payed for stat in the past since not many will stay in that version. Not to mention the extra cost of maintaining 2 versions one of which dead.

    It just won't happens.

    Every game has to end and the current S4 league version lasted pretty long. I wouldn't call closing online games "robbing", since players know that the game could end at any time. Also, there are plently of ways to compensate players who paid recently into the game.

    Making another version just for that is just splitting the community even more. Not to mention no one will want to play the p2w version other than the ppl with top enchants.

    Implementing stat disable option for rooms seems way more reasonable.

    And what exactly is the problem with that? From the perspective of aeriagames, the new, successful version (And believe me; the game has the potential to get successful again) will be way more profitable than the current one. They have to decide about more (future) profit or some players that want to keep the value of their current account. What would a smart business do?

    How to save the game? Since you cannot just remove entities from the game that were purchasable by users for years, open up a new version of the game, but keep the old version running. In this new version, you should exchange the forcepack system with a skin system (remove any item status effects from the game, also enchanting) and maybe even start off with only a few weapons. Test & Balance them together with the community. Then put the next weapons into the game and repeat.

    Are you planning to stop re-releasing rare and old items in the future? I somehow understand that you needed content during the dry development phase, but that shouldn't be a problem anymore, correct?

    That's mainly because players don't use the room system as it was intended to be used originally.

    The very basic idea of a room system is for players to organize themselves, which means not only in terms of team balancing, but also making sure that the room is filled with people before the match starts. If players would be able to do those two simple things, there would be no problem in turning off the boost effect.

    Since #General Discussion is pretty much dead let me start another discussion.

    How do you feel about removing Pity in the game, or making it optional at the moment you create a room?

    I have no idea how you can make it optional but if that's possible cool.

    I definitely agree, such a bonus should not exist in competitive games. If one team is better, let them be better and win. Not only does such a system lead to time waste, it's also unfair. Everyone should have the same starting conditions each round.

    And your excuse for being so awkward? Just trying to find someone to blame for your unhappiness with S4 League.

    Someone? That "someone" is the developer. That's literally the only entity you could blame for the current development "progress". But the even bigger problem is that they are not able to give us clear statements about the current state. Why aren't they more open about their issues to the people that pay their salary and basically keeping the game alive. Just saying that there are "problems" and that those "problems" delay the development by 4 months is just not enough.

    Stun may be annoying but in gun it is not that OP. And bind isn't a stun btw, you can still shoot.

    First of all, don't forget about the only sword mode. The unlimited mode may was the main mode of S4 League back then, but things have changed and the game is mostly about the dynamic sword combat now. Secondly, yes you can move while being binded. But if you play in anything larger than a 2o2, a bind hit is your safe death and no skill should be able to do that.

    Lmfao, you wrote something that would be the Opest thing in S4, 75% damage reductions ? Wake up. F skill is fine right now, it's like having a shield and still be able to do what you want to do. + blue esper is prob the one with best stats on it.

    Did you ever use the skill by yourself? Every hit taken from enemies reduces your SP, which ultimately leaves you with an empty SP bar in 95% of the cases, which also ends the skill immediately. Great, you now had a shield for 1 to 2 seconds, have the attention of every enemy in range because of the blue shining marker and are now completely exposed to your enemies without any SP left. It's not only a quick way to throw away your SP, it also is basically suicide in every room with more than 4 players.

    2min CD, at a range of like a bat, has the hitbox of a SS hit. So what you want it to be ? a skill that can't OS with 2min CD and a trash hitbox ?

    You can use it without a delay, it has no minimum SP requirement, lets you one-shot multiple enemies and doesn't drain any SP. Any more questions?

    Like it or not, but Shield cancel is a thing that makes the game having a more smoothy gameplay. IF we should follow your thing, we should bann everythings that does this. So not comet, no flash step, no reverse jump, no AH, no bunny, no boomerang, no dagger cancel, no dodgingfly, no ghost sigma. Yeah, you got a game that'll become boring.

    Wow, you just took a bug in the game which gives you a huge advantage and compared it to game mechanics with only a little impact or very small advantage. Congratulations.. that's not how you compare things.

    Three and a half months is not "recently taken over". The product manager had 15 weeks to solve any licensing issues (By the way, licensing issues do not prevent you from already starting coding and WORK on things) and 15 weeks for the programmers to figure out how this game was built and how patches are being created (Yes, I'm aware of the complexity and different build branches etc.). Your team has failed and you won't even admit it. One excuse after another, your way of damage control I guess.

    A regular programmer should be able to identify the issue immediately, since it's even an error code shown which they can use to trace the problem back. I'm sure BattlEye logs every single disconnect to a database or file, which can easily be checked by the programmers. Oh hey, but there is still one issue. This game has no (dedicated) programmers yet and nobody is there to work on it.

    A good start to balance the game in a serious manner would be to highly reduce any existing stun effect in the game (with the three most overused being the CS Block, PS Stun and Bind). Those are the most critical issues, since they are breaking and slowing down the flow of the game by a lot. Never completely remove a players ability to move or fight at any time. It's one simple rule every competitive game follows.

    Apart from that, here is a quick list of things that should be changed or removed from existing weapons:

    • Reduce the speed effect and remove the rush attack on the Iron Boots, add a useful short-range attack like a sparta kick

    • Reduce the range and remove any stun effects from bombs

    • Reduce the ammunition of the rail gun to 1, make the reload speed higher and use a simple click to shoot mechanic

    • It's controversial, but replace every stun effect in the game with a push-back effect, see explaination on the top^

    • Reduce the damage of the revolver and burst shotgun, as they only require mechanical aim ("shotgun aim")

    • Reduce the cooldown on vital shock's flash attack by a lot. My personal suggestion to improve this weapon is to make the flash attack go through the body of enemies (ignore their collisions). This would be a unique attack and could be very useful in certain situations

    • The solid esper skill requires an overwork as it's currently totally useless. Remove the SP drain effect and let it be like a temporary shield (reduce every damage taken by 75% while the skill is active). Currently it's just a shortcut to empty your entire SP

    • The strong esper skill requires a nerf, in form of a damage reduction

    • The shield skill should not be able to cancel weapon delays, since this leads to players abusing it for rapid firing their shotguns

    That's simply because S4 League lacks a skirmish mode (A mode without objective and reduced match rewards). You have to decide between playing with annoying sentry guns that respawn within seconds after destruction or players who body block, stalk or hit you.

    It's been already 3 months since the project transfer and your programmers still have "one time" issues? I really hope that your programmers aren't working full time on S4L, otherwise it would be a disgrace and they shouldn't call themselves programmers or anything related anymore.

    This development delay or the "one-time" issues are just an excuse for "Help, we don't have any competent programmers in our company because all we do is publishing trashy korean games mostly made by X-Legend for little kids". Your S4L software engineering job offer basically confirmed this.

    You or your company clearly don't realize how much value this game has; if in the right hands and if the right work is being made.

    This error always occurs after being connected to the server for 20 minutes. It's pathetic how such game breaking errors are just getting "collected" and "may get fixed soon". Game breaking errors like this should have first priority for the developers. And no, not first priority in terms of "Let's collect it and fix it with the next regular patch". It should be treated as an emergency and a hotfix should be applied to the servers on the same day already.

    The plan for now is to add the both 1st places costumes as 2 versions from the same Item. (SKINS)

    But that is at the moment just the plan. we need see if that work or not.

    I could not think of any possible way to combine both sets into one. It would look horrible and would destroy the uniqueness of the sets.

    That is why you play unlimited mode instead of OS since the game is balanced around unlimited.

    First of all, OS is a very important part of this game, which makes the game stand out from the crowd of other games. I don't see why we would have to keep the problem in one part of the game and just tell players to play something completely different which they might not even like. Also, please don't forget that there is still the bind skill in unlimited mode, which is used by mostly every player and is pretty easy to hit because it only requires mechanical aim. I would still like to hear your opinion about my suggestion to exchange the stun with something that is also useful for defending, because that seems to be your only point pro-stun right now.

    Also, don't forget the aspect of Fun. Right now OS is basically avoiding the stun of your enemy. That's it. The entire match revolves about not getting stunned. Is this really fun? What about a slightly more dynamic combat, where you really have to hit your enemy and him being able to make some sort of counter, that you again have to counter. I think we both agree that this would be a lot more fun and some currently unused weapons would finally get their place in the game as well.

    And could you please explain your opinion?

    Did you ever hear of the word unbalanced? Since stuns (binds) are heavily more used than any other skill or attack in the game, they are by definition unbalanced. Imagine there would be one hero in overwatch that has an AOE attack which stuns every enemy for multiple seconds, with only a 2-3 second cooldown. Does your logic still apply?

    Or me and millions of competitive players are just wrong. Why not add a stun gun with unlimited ammo to the game? I mean since every player can pick it and it's very effective; it must be good, right? (Alert: Could contain irony)

    It was just an example. The game is driven by mechanics like flinch, stun, push and so on due to how fast the game is. Without any of these you will hard time killing anything on time. Regarding the CS, it may get some tweaks (slight cooldown before being able to use it again etc) but remember that being stunned by it is entirely your own fault. There are also attacks that passes through revenge as well.

    I hope you are joking. Every action that can be taken by the attacking player can also be made by the defending team PLUS having full SP, cover and a height advantage. And it seems like you don't get the point about the stun. It totally disrupts the combat flow by making the other player unable to interact with the game. What do you say to my suggestion that the CS block could push the player some meters away and damage him, instead of stunning him?