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    So what do you suggest? To stop making content at all? I don't think the artists who makes the sets are the same ppl who are programming the game.

    The content we get every 3 months? I would suggest to stop making content at all. At this point they only try to milk out the community until the game goes offline. If they can't make patches for a more playable game they can stop. And if the devs didn't make the sets they really have nothing that goes for them anymore.

    Well relay server tunnel kicked me outta the game after the verifying connection.

    Better said I was in the lobby while I was actually in the room :/

    I don't think it is referring to the screen freeze thing.

    There was another issues if you leave and create a room too fast.

    Happened to me some mins ago. But hey. At least we got reskins to milk out players :P

    I don't really mind any "techniques" that are considered as allowed because of actual bugs.

    The problem I have with this all is that certain "techniques" because of an actual bug are not allowed and actually leads to a ban.

    I don't know if this has a name but the invisible sigma combo is not allowed. I don't really get why it isn't allowed tho.

    I'm not sure if you are talking about a certain idea about the battle pass itself.

    The battle passes that I know are based on a quite simple idea. And that is seasonal stuff. Without seasonal stuff that you only can obtain with this battle pass it would be pointless (what leads to the problem with the development). Even if the battle pass would have that it would still end up in farming, because of how the game is working. The variety of tasks is limited and could be farmed with a friend. Even if the task would have a player limit just name the room "battle pass step 34" and farm it with a full room. So without smart ideas and again development it wouldn't work out.

    If every condition above mentioned is met, yes a battle pass would be a great idea to have players to stick to the game.

    They have as much interest in improving the game as we do.

    How can you proof that?

    Rancisis There is a dedicated dev team that only work on S4 League (that is what glitch.exe said). The dev team probably dont get paid, I mean there is kinda zero progress at all since 1.5years. So in my opinion they only milk out as much money as they can and thats gonna be it.

    Also is a Forum related Question allowed in this thread or is this again off Topic?

    How many points do I need for a temp ban?

    Why is there no thread that explains that points system in the first place? :'D

    I heard 300 points for perm ban. Is dat still up to date?

    New thread needed for answers to that?

    When next patch?

    Edit: I saw you Heiliger. Not answering means you have the date. Come on tell me.

    Also is a Forum related Question allowed in this thread or is this again off Topic?

    How many points do I need for a temp ban?

    Why is there no thread that explains that points system in the first place? :'D

    I heard 300 points for perm ban. Is dat still up to date?

    But they just added the icons. the text was the same.

    Even the fan made s5 forum back in the days used game ranks as icons.

    It is just ranking system like any other forum.

    All the previous s4 forums had ranking system as well.

    And? Anyone gets hurt if I want to disable my rank? o.o

    Because they did it in the past doesn't mean it has to be the same o.o

    By the way the "Meme Lord" role just poofed away...

    Well I can only tell you how I did it.

    1. Settings to Low

    2. Join empty Server - make a practice room.

    3. Start the game and leave the game.

    4. Join the full Server.

    In the forum? It is based on post count so that gives it away anyway.

    Yeah. But I actually dont like how everything is getting a ranking system. It doesn't even has a purpose. Or do I get rights when I rank up?

    I didn't mind the old one so far because it didn't stood out so much.

    As said, I am waiting for feedback of the PM, who currently is out of office and will be back soon. Once I got more information, I can give you a proper answer.

    The taken decision to lock the previous thread, has been advised by me due changes of the topic. If you have any feedback, please share it to us in a constructive way.

    So this thread wich is about discussions what I named "Off-Topic Discussion Thread" to counter the "thread goes off topic lets lock it attitude" is going to the Off-Topic section here while the thread is itself not off-topic (only the name (probably the reason why it is here)). Meanwhile when a thread goes off-topic it gets locked and doesn't land here in the Off-Topic section? Interesting. Doesn't make much sense to me.

    Hej guys. Hope you all are doing fine.

    I was again digging through the Forum rules and decided to open this thread. The reason is actually quite simple. When a new thread is getting opened where a good discussion is going on but leads to get off topic it is getting locked. Also you can take your time reading the discussion, thinking about it and answer later what is actually not possible in the official discord server. So everyone can actually participate in the discussion if they feel like it. Oh and because this thread is the "Off-Topic Discussion" thread everything is actually the topic even if a new discussion starts because of the old one. And there is no rule wich forbidds me to open such a thread.

    So yeah feel free to start off with anything you want to discuss. Everything should be fine but at least stick to the Forum Rules.

    I invite you to read this topic and to know that "we" didn't do anything to the game.

    S4League Community Managers & Game Masters

    Cool. Thanks. So you want to tell me that communication is actually so bad, that a CM (or GM) that is able to answer game and forum related questions (what this topic is) can't go to the PM or devs or whoever he can get that Information and answer it?

    How about giving a good answer and locking this thread instead of telling us that we are going off topic here? I think no one here has anything against that.

    I'm not sure but should I invite you to read this: Terms of Service ?

    The name of the topic is about the fumbi dance.

    And even if the forum is a bit dead it isnt a excuse to avoid the rules.

    Well this question was obviously addressed to you guys the S4 League Team. How the hell should we answer that? You guys messed it up not we the normal community.

    Well I mean thats right, but you don't do anything. If it is a problem here to avoid the rules why it isn't on the official S4 League discord server? The rules get broken on a daily basis there and no one f-ing cares there Opheliafacepalm

    Aeria and Gamigo are pretty much the same company right now (they even share the same customer support system).

    For me it looks like they are just not familiar with the game as much. Also kara has said in the past that they have in house team but it is not dedicated to s4 only.

    Well if you say so. The heart breaker thread says the 3D artists are coming from gamigo (as I understand it) and so I guess the devs also. If they are now pretty much the same company thats also fine for me but with this lack of effort they want to put into the game it is going to shut down sooner or later.

    P7S1 owns both aeria and gamigo.

    It is called Pro 7 Sat 1 Puls 4 (P7S1P4) nowadays. And no they don't own them.

    Well as good as this discussion is I'm gonna give you the information that I have. Wich leads to a pointless discussion I guess.

    First of all gamigo bought aeria games and aeria games "own" S4 League. But aeria games has actually no developer team. That means some gamigo developers are making the changes in S4 League, but they work on several games. So they took the cheapest way (except doing nothing for the game) what leads to endless taking patches that mostly fail because the developer team doesn't work with the meta all the time. And the S4 League Team probably can't do anything about it. They can give the developer team the ideas but they are dependent on them. And because gamigo bought aeria games, aeria games is on the bottom of the regime. Wich means if a patch fails it is gonna take 6 weeks(?) again until maybe the problems get solved. Because gamigo games > aeria games games.

    Only to give ya the picture of it (Based on the information that I have. I have no insight.)

    We are currently at a state of changes and have started to work on fixing major bugs. As always there can appear new unwanted bugs which have slipped trough the QA or which are not that mandatory as other bugs and will be fixed later. We have learned from our mistakes in the past months and have developed new strategies to offer you better Patches.

    Well, that sounds good, but again only shallow information. What mistakes do you mean? What are the new strategies? What would be a better patch?

    We understand that you love the game and want to have it in the state as it is in your nostalgic memories.
    We may not always fit all expectation, but I can tell you that we care about the game and your opinion.

    I think the state for nostalgic memories already passed long ago for most of us active people here.

    Should we still have expectations?

    Ehm yeah it is nice that you care about the game and our opinions. Looks like someone here is lying but hey that is just my opinion.

    But they don't hurts anyone by existing, right? People are even asking for old moon and rusty garden even if they aren't going to be played.

    I guess absence still creates some demand but there is no guarantee anything will change when those gets added back.

    I guess they don't hurt anyone. I'm not 100% sure tho.

    I wouldn't add them back.

    Valid point and i think the same but instead of punishing there may be rewards for continuous play.

    Well I thought about it and I don't come to a good conclusion with every scenario I think that would be possible. That does mean the penalty I suggested wouldn't work either. Therefore both suggestions would only work if some conditions arround are met.

    I mostly agree with you but I don't think this is even enough to "make S4 great again". However, that would surely be nice.

    I disagree with your map rotation. That can be a good idea if S4 were a game with millions of player but nowaday, it will only kill the game. People are just gonna stop playing at all when they can't play what they wanna play right now.

    Well it won't make S4 great again. There are too many factors that I didn't mentioned and I also did not consider in this thread. This is just a list what I would do with the game at some point (not now), and not aeriagames/gamigo. These changes honestly are never going to happen.

    Yes. You are completely right on that. And that also includes the Stats point up there.


    True. Sorry about the misunderstanding on my side.


    Here again sorry. I didn't wrote that down clearly. I would just remove the modes. No reason to keep them for me.


    Yeah but what is the definition of a "good map"?

    Well a queue system with random maps would do kinda the same thing when it comes to playing those maps. If players don't land on the so called "good map" they just gonna leave the match. But a penalty would maybe help in this case like you can't join the queue for 30mins. Something like that maybe?


    Of course it would be. This is what we pointed out more than once. We completely agree on that.


    I don't know. I honestly didn't really put my attention on it because the game freezes for me when I open this section and I probably have to restart the game.

    I don't think map rotation will help people probably won't play those days

    Yeah like already mentioned above. Just a little addition here. This 1 sidedness ingame is also helping very well to not play this game nowadays (not to mention that many people cant even play the game and the next patch for that probably gonna take some weeks...).

    First of all this thread is about changes I would make in S4 League and I'm ignoring lag, connection and bug issues. Second ( Heiliger ) if there are some suspicious links these are just png files that probably just dont show up ( So if you can't see the Images please let me know. This forum is kinda hard to figure out and I'm trying to fix it as soon as I come to (example: when I'm logged in I see the Images but if I'm not I can't see them). And I forgot the third point so lets start with


    This is probably the most important point because this is actually the first Impression about the game. S4 League is a futuristic anime TPS "e-Sport" game. I am not sure if aeriagames/gamigo actually know how important a good looking UI (or GUI) based on the game is. The current UI isn't representing the game in my opinion. It's... well... I don't think it got many positive feedback. I don't see the futuristic part in the UI at all.

    And to give a really simple example: Would you buy for yourself a Shirt that doesn't fit your taste? You wouldn't.

    So why should new players stick with a game that 1. can't represent for what it stands for and 2. doesn't leave a good first impression.

    That would be the first thing that I would work on.


    There are many different modes in S4 League and yeah some don't really get played. So why are these modes still in the game? No one really touches Warfare or Arena. Warfare is just usefull because of the mission. That is the only purpose it has. Arena has no purpose at all. And no. When no one plays a certain mode it loses ist purpose. It is like having a washing machine but never washing my clothes with it. Wouldn't make sence to have the washing machine.


    No I'm not gonna talk about excisting maps that are not in the game or new maps. It is also not about changing maps. It is more like how the maps are getting handled. This means on that and that day you can choose between that and that map (Random excluded).

    As example:


    TD: Station-3 and Tunnel are chooseable and the other maps are not.

    DM: Neden 2 and Circle are chooseable and the other maps are not.


    TD: Station-2 and Old School are chooseable and the other maps are not.

    DM: Bio Lab and Square are chooseable and the other maps are not.

    and so on...

    If the maps are getting handled like this every map is getting played and yeah I know for the most of you this is something you probably wouldn't agree on. But having more variety in the game is for me something positive.


    Most of you already know that I'm completely for the PEN stats limit. So AP/FP items, enchants, Esper Chips and Unique Skills should get kicked out. Also weapons that are clearly broken are getting removed until they got fixed. Not to hype up the competition part of the game, but to make the gameplay at all slower, more teambased and of course more beginner friendly. Having a unfair stats model and a very fast gameplay isn't really helping to get new players. It actually makes the game totally frustrating and I wouldn't touch the game a 2nd time if I would be in this position.



    Yeah this would be something like a Clanmark and can be optained exactly like the permanent parts in missions. So you obtain a little logo beside the clanmark and choose whatever logo you want if you achieved more titles like "lose 1000 games" you get "insert Name here" title. Could also be a way for a additional level system if you already reached lvl80. So you still "lvl up" but you just gain a title and the higher you get the title changes (but not changeable ofc). On the other hand pretty senceless because with more levels the rank logo would change anyway.

    Thingy behind Name in Lobby

    I don't know how it is called. The thing you obtain with these "cards" when you get all parts of a set + weapon (hopefully everyone knows what I'm talking about xD). This is nothing new but I would get rid of the "cards" at all and make these otherwise obtainable (and ofc no additional stats in game). I would make different ones for different event days like Halloween, Christmas, etc. and you get those when you fullfill some event task.

    Well and that's it. I haven't taken everything in the game in consideration I know, but for like Tutorial I would have to make a own thread I guess.

    Sorry for my english.

    Well honestly I don't think this is going to be a ever a thing here but like Molang I appreciate the effort behind it.

    So here are my thought on this overall:

    1. Having a competetive mode while the game itself is running on a "P2W System" is biting itself.

    2. I'm not trying to do my best to bring some life back to the game. I'm not gaining anything if I would do so. And aeriagames/gamigo ownes the game and they also do nothing.

    3. The playerbase is way to small to have it at all.

    4. Division exclusive items are special skins? They needed a year to include "4" sets (2 male 2 female(not even the costum creation event winners...)).

    5. I honestly don't know how COR, KWN, EFF and DMK should work. DEF and CBT okay, but I dont see how the game itself could Judge the rest at all. You guys thought about that so do you have somewhat of an idea how this should work?

    6. I dislike the idea about the only sword room setting but hey this are your thoughts.

    7. The cards would be a nice addition.

    Bonus 8. I would be happy with just the disable stats roomsetting for every mode.

    The only good reason would be FUN. But the game and the community is taking that kinda well away so I guess there is no good reason . Only people that are addicted to the game are still playing it.

    Well after I saw the patch I redownloaded the game. Played the game for 1h and uninstalled it. Not because the railgun is bad, because the game is literally unplayable. I would say "try again" but I'm not really sure if you should. Anyway. Whoever is still playing this game and says he has a fun time in s4 is just lying.

    Wt.f is this buddy? This list should be way much longer.

    And why do you put Aura Kingdom like sets into S4? <X

    Galaxy Set


    I would have been happier if you would have disabled those honestly.

    And no, no worries, we didn't disabled Only Swords or the Station-2 Map.