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    I just wonder if the HMG is so "OP" why barely anyone uses it unlike rg, bombs and boots? Having 2 hmg users in one team is rarely a thing but how many are using rg and bombs? Almost everyone.

    you shouldnt really look at it by how much it is used. you should look at it of how much it can do with such little skill. for example: all you do is throw a bomb and kill the entire team, press f and kill three players instantly, hold down mouse 1 and kill everyone, press right click and dash past everyone in a second. people probably dont use hmg because it isn't fun to use, even if it is op. no one wants to sit in base all day and wait until people come up ramp for you to actually do anything. this is the same mindset with healing. even tho it is op, no one wants to do it because they want to take the glory for themselves. bad players shouldnt be able to amass a lot of points just by using certain things.

    say what

    you must be a sword player

    Hmg + Fly = gun them down from the distance, preferably with Rail Gun

    Hmg + Shield = use any explosive

    The fact that you have to combine hmg with a skill and it is still easily countered shows that hmg is nowhere near as op as you claim it to be.

    Now, this might be different when you're playing 1v1 or 2v2 unlimited. But given that 90% of the matches are OS it's not really important anyway.

    you use these skills to make hmg even harder to counter, hmg is 100% op

    I actually read all of that and basically agree on everything except the cs and hmg. CS has already been nerf and is fine cause of the low damage output.

    HMG is easily countered with melee so I think that balances it even though sometimes it melts you as you get closer for a hit.

    Sadly all these suggestions I think won't bear any fruit.

    hmg + fly, and you cannot get close to hmg with a sword or else you'll get melted, unless you flank around, only way to actually combat hmg is to shoot from afar or wallshoot. it doesnt matter how much dmg it does, it pretty much makes it so that the player youre attacking aren't able to do anything, much like sigma blade's awakened combo. tanya's body


    change it so that when you get hit by bind, it slows you down for 3.5 seconds, gradually reducing your movement speed % until it reaches 0. Once it does reach 0, the player wont be able to move or jump for 1.5 seconds.

    you could also rework bind entirely and have it so that it is a deployable skill, kinda like block.

    you would aim at the ground, and a horizontal obstacle will be deployed, a tripwire.

    if a player touches that line, or obstacle, the player will be binded for 3-4 seconds.

    if possible, make it so that the player can only get binded if they step inside the obstacle from the front or back, not the sides.

    only 1-2 of these obstacles could be deployed at a time.

    this is because bind is very over powered.

    rail gun

    change rail gun back to when it was like in season 1

    this is because rail gun is very fast and over powered.

    twin blade

    make it so that after you do the jump attack, there is a 4 second delay after you can jump attack again.

    this is because twin blade is very easy to use and very hard to bypass, or counter.

    in gun rooms, someone defending with twin blades is impossible to get around unless you anchor over or have sp to maneuver around.

    iron boots

    change it to the way it was before

    this is because it is very hard to counter someone picking up the ball and rush in using boots

    mind energy

    make it so that everytime you heal, it drains your sp, drastically.

    this is because mind energy and healing in general is super over powered, it shouldnt be spammable, or at least less spammable.

    rescue gun/mk2

    same as above


    make it so that either the user still takes damage even when shield is deployed, but greatly reduced, sort of like metallic. then change

    the shield's big hit box so that it is more smaller and maybe wraps around the user from the sides.

    or you can make it so that the shield can only take a certain amount of bullets until the user runs out of sp.

    for example, a fully charged rail gun hit will take as much sp as a smash rifle shot would from any distance and vice versa.

    this is because in an ap game, shield is very durable and is very over powered especially if an hmg is behind it.


    i am not quite sure on how to balance this skill

    perhaps, if you were able to cancel anchor by simply hitting the user with any weapon, that might balance it.

    but it also might completely break it to a point that it is not worth using.

    this is because using anchor is a very easy way to score, and is only countered by using bind or snipers.

    plasma sword

    make it so that there is a delay after you stun , 3-4 seconds.

    this is because people like to stun lock and stuns are very easy to hit and stop a person thats carrying the ball. one simple stun and that person's run is over.

    metallic fist

    same as above

    mk2 bomb

    make it so that the bomb's timer is longer and no longer makes your sp 0, it may take away sp still.

    mk2 bomb is very hard to counter due to its low timer on detonation.

    it is also broken because it takes away all of your sp no matter how far away you are.

    mk2 gauss

    make it so that the right click now knocks back the target (like on a shotgun or revolver) instead of sending them flying.


    make it so that in the center spread of a right click, there is a short ranged rail gun left click (3-4 feet), and the surrounding spread is like a shotgun blast.

    this is because it is very hard to bypass a person with the mk2 gauss if you have the ball, it is also very hard to miss the right click of that weapon.

    dual magnums

    increase the fire rate and change the firing pattern, make it so that it fires faster than a hand gun and fires one shot at a time.

    if the gun still needs to be buffed, then increase the damage.

    this is because the current dual magnum is quite literally useless. it might only be useful to combo with anchor.

    gauss rifle

    reduce the critical hit damage, make the spray pattern more manageable.

    this is because one critical hit from a gauss would do about 75 damage from a person with high attack stats or with pity.

    this is way too high for a critical hit. no one uses the gauss rifle because you are unable to spray with it since the spread is crazy.


    put a delay on the left click (3-4 seconds) and also reduce damage

    this is because breaker is very hard to bypass when you have the ball.

    it is also very easy to use since it has such a far range.

    counter sword

    make it so that you are not longer able to spam that one combo that everyone uses

    you either put a delay after you heavy hit (2-3 seconds) or

    make it so that when you light attack, you either have to go through the entire combo, or stop and wait until your animation is over before you can do anything.

    this is because it is very easy to spam the combo and be able to overwhelm someone very easily after the first combo.


    make it so that it does a lot less damage and has a more controlled spread.

    this is because hmg is absolutely over powered in the amount of damage it is able to put out.

    a person with bad aim is able to do well with it because the spread is so crazy, it would hit players that you wouldnt even be aiming for.

    lightning bomb

    reduce the damage and area of effect.

    this is because lightning bomb is extremely strong, no one in the right mind would choose the earth bomb over this. since lighting bomb is able to slow down enemies, it does not make sense that it does this much more damage than the earth bomb that just pushes players. earth bomb should be the damage dealer and lightning bomb should be the crowd controller and not have both in one package. it should do around the same damage as the mk2 bomb.

    i did not specify on how much you should raise or lower weapons because i honestly dont know which values would work and am too lazy to find out. please heed my advice for i am an avid s4 league player and would want each weapon and skill to be as balanced as possible.

    please stop with these type of events. no one plays chaser mode on nightmare, so people will obviously just farm for it. people will either make farm rooms or just afk in chaser rooms. please bring back the ingame events with tokens, but do not reward people on winning. giving players incentives to win the game only encourages team stacking.

    because every time when we tried in the past. Specific players were amused of seein S4League going live email in their inbox and then started to attack our rooms directly and that wasn't enjoyable. Once we can guarantee the server stability you can be sure that streams will happen again and we might take guests again to stream the game on our channel. For example, we tried it out during one of our GM hunts. Evendora streamed twice while the first one went fine and the second got always interrupted.

    yeah, it seems someone i know was crashing the rooms that the streamer was in. like i said before, i could get him to stop, potentially. i would like it for you to still give my idea a try. if trying to get the servers stable enough for people not be able to crash rooms in order for people to be able to stream, then that will probably never happen. people will always find a way around the defenses made. please continue with livestreams as you've done in the past, you really have nothing to lose.

    Hi whyselloutala,

    please write all your suggestions in one comment next time. Regarding the streams on twitch, we will have to deal with the game issues entirely first or else there are almost no benefits to stream the game. Also this event doesn't contain only siege mode but also other modes. The rest of your suggestions have to be looked into but they might not be possible to change in the close future, especially the matchmaking

    i dont understand why issues these issues need to be fixed. as long as the game is actually being played, it is simply free marketing. the only obstacle is if someone targets the stream and externally crashes the rooms that the streamer is in. if this is the problem, i could talk to the person doing it and potentially get them to stop. given that the person is hangsang. other than this, the only issue is the ridiculously unbalanced weapons and sets that people use. please explain to me in more detail about these issues and why they need to be fixed in order for people to be able to stream the game. i am able to stream the game just fine and viewers enjoy my content. what makes it any different if i were, or anyone else, stream on the s4_league twitch channel?

    make an esper td mode where players choose their esper and play with it, then they can choose another esper at halftime. these espers have set weapons and skills with no enchants in which you cannot change. give players a certain amount of espers in which they can choose from and have them buy the rest with ap or pen. balance out any espers that are used too often or are too powerful every week or something like that. these balances only affect the esper, not the actual individual weapons or skills. create espers every week or something and make them have some sort of personality. for example, what they wear should be associated in what they use in-game. label every esper under a certain class like rusher, healer, defender, brawler. you can come up with different skins for an esper and still have them play exactly the same. this is a million dollar idea, if only it was innovated earlier in the game. i would be happy to come up with espers and balance them out since the most recent changes were extremely questionable.

    make a poll for players to vote every week or so on to decide which weapons are the most broken. take the outcomes of the poll and balance out the game.

    edit some of the item descriptions so that they have proper grammar and spelling. some of the stuff i read ingame is laughable because of how bad they are.

    take the afk timer from touchdown mode and implement it in other modes to stop people from farming.

    take the touchdown pass mode and make it able so that you can play on different maps and with unlimited assortments of weapons.

    Stop having people play on siege mode as an event, no one plays it, they'll just farm for it.
    remove rookie server so that new players dont get turned off to the game.
    nerf hmg, railgun, heals, ironboots, lightning bomb, mk2 bomb, bind, anchor, shield, and breaker.

    bring back weekly missions

    improve arcade rewards

    replace coupon shop with something else

    integrate clan channel into regular channels

    have a rating-based matchmaking system that doesnt have any enchants

    It'll be hard for us idiots to understand everything here ;P
    I have a question.

    What kind of event would you say would make sense?

    In the past we had events where you could get rewards for several games per day (with those token events), so we actually reduced them to fewer coins per day (or more per game), so that you get your items in a few games that you'd probably play anyway.

    But what would be an event where you aren't farming and would be fun? I'd love to hear some ideas. Don't worry too much about implementation difficulty, just drop some ideas.

    the forum events taken place by some of the GMs are ridiculous. the ingame events such like the ones with the tokens are okay however it encourages team stacking in order to get the maximum rewards you can get out of the event. you have to make it so that forum events are taken place in a reasonable map/mode, where players would be happy to play without having to farm for it. for the ingame events, i think the tokens are okay for this, however you must make it so that all players get the same reward after a game, no matter of if they won or lost. you must also place a reasonable limit on how many coins you can get in a day so that players dont have to farm to get the maximum amount of coins you can get per day. there needs to be more of these ingame events, i feel as if there is no variability in the game. there should be much more to do after you've completed your daily mission. if you ever played fortnite, you would know that they have weekly events you could do, but for a cost. weekly missions were a thing of the past, but now no more. i dont understand why they were disposed of. you must choose tasks on players would be willing to do and at the same time get them out of their preferred style of play. either way however, with the lag inflecting some of the players, such as myself, has rendered them unable to play the game. i honestly dont even want to play this game anymore because of how laggy it gets, nevermind trying to do events for it. this is a more crucial situation over trying to figure out which events are to be taken place.

    not even going to mention the lag.

    -Beginner channel. No one new is going to actually get into the game if they have no one to play with. All it does is put a bad impression on the new players and force existing players to farm games to level up in order to play in the regular channel. Idiots.

    -Balancing. How is it that trash players are able to carry games? You see the same cancer in each game you play, it takes all the skill factor and fun out of the game. It boggles my mind the changes that have been made to the weapons, its like they're actually trying to kill their game. Good luck trying to play chaser mode with rail gun, TD with iron boots, and DM with heal. Idiots.

    -Pay to win. I understand that its to make money, but doing so, also killed the game. If no pay to win aspect was in the game, and the game was still as popular as it was in the past, this game could've been a major eSport such as CSGO. They could've made money and kept the game alive by just selling cosmetics and account stuff, nothing that actually changes gameplay, such as Fortnite, CSGO, and Overwatch. Idiots.

    -Events. These ingame forum events make no sense, all that it does is encourage players to farm for the rewards. The actual ingame holiday events also encourage farming and even worse, team stacks. Idiots.

    -Split playerbase. You got like 4/5 of the population into playing only swords, then the other 1/5 of the playerbase that play guns. I guess thats the community's fault.

    -No competitiveness. This game is a competitive game, but people only play casually. There needs to be a matchmaking system or a good clan war system. The clan war channel at the moment is trash, no one is ever in it, and when you actually try to have a clan war match, it rarely works.

    -No incentive. Daily missions get stale, you reroll until you get something that you can do, then do it and get off. Bring back the weekly missions and have someone who is competent and knows the game come up with these. Leveling up is also stale, you have some decent rewards on the in between, but most of the rewards are utterly garbage. It encourages players to farm or use hacks to level up in order to get the boosters. Idiots.

    -Coupon shop. What. Bring back the old coupon shop. Idiots.

    -Magazine esper chips. Utterly retarded. Needs to be scaled based on the magazine capacity of the weapon, having 3 extra shots in your revolver is a lot more better than 3 extra shots in your assault rifle. No possible way to acquire these chips other than a GM paytowish, bring it back in the arcade caps to give players incentive to play arcade, believe it or not, I actually enjoy playing arcade. Idiots.

    -Developers. Quite literally, with each patch that comes out, it makes the game worse. This should not be the case, and should be the opposite. As the game keeps on dying, the developers are getting more desperate for money, so they release these patches that kill the game even more but do generate revenue in the short term. This is known as a positive feedback loop. Its a cycle that keeps on getting worse and worse. Idiots.

    There are many more flaws to this game, but I think these are the primary ones. It pains me to see S4 League in such a sorry state, this game could've been so much more. I know that these problems probably aren't going to get fixed, but wanted to address them anyway. If the game keeps going at the rate as it is going now, it is inevitably going to die. Take notes from the shutdown of the Korean and Latino servers, dont be like them, changes have to be made. I'm going to end this with one last statement. Idiots.