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    Found out the railgun is finally being fixed, whereupon I Join game and immediately crash when joining a room.

    Its like dealing with Windows updates with you guys sometimes.

    Ah, this got bit side tracked I guess.

    I'm not talking about the mechanics of RG being broken, I well understand that problem.

    My problem is that I sometimes run into people who are straight up not missing, instant spawn headshots, Multiple midair no scopes(Might macros+aimbot).

    I get that with airhug RG is just straight up borked but still those kinds of things are ridiculous.

    the railgun had its shooting mechanic changed to be more intuitive and to have a better timing. that makes hitting easier. tbh i don't see the op-ness in its chargemode. going up against the sharp it still has a slightly inferior mechanic and a slowdown up against a blow.

    I can see that the slowduration might be a bit too much. Anyway, perhaps someone can explain to me if there is more. (the leftclick mechanic feels laggy if up against it being spammed, i see that)

    The problem with that intuitive timing update is that they never bothered to actually redesign the animations involved with shooting the RG.

    Meaning the frames are ALL borked up.

    70% of the time when I'm using it in charge mode my shots just straight up miss but still end up counting, which play havoc with my ability to actually aim it.

    I don't even really care about all the fancy new tricks I just want them to fix the frames.

    So, I've come back to the game after yet another failed quitting. And it seems Rooms are filled with people using aimbots?

    Is this a thing or have people just learned how to use railgun better than my 6 (pre update) Experience using railgun?

    I mean, I'm playing entire matches with people not missing a single shot. Cross Map Spamming no scoped shots. Multiple mid air shots no scoping. And just general Bullcrap.

    I honestly can't believe people have become vastly better than me at sniping in just two years. I'm not saying I used to be the best sniper, But I'll be damned if I wasn't in the top hundred.

    SO are the skills Legit or are the aimbotting? I know for a fact the Clan NoobAngels aimbot, but other than that what's the deal here?

    I honestly don't really have any clue about the in depth things that led to the way things have become, I just want to join the game and casually play for at least an hour.

    But being a high level player I'm not allowed to casually play, I have to carry less i get kicked for being a "Bought Account"

    O well, toxic community, Toxic hackers, Toxic Support.

    I'm going to ride this train until The current Multiplayer gaming market actually starts making innovative games again.

    yes you can talk about how much the old times is better for you but have you actually seen no progression other than the stuff you mentioned? do you really think that people who hacks/tools wont get better at what they're doing over the years? if you're still so stubborn about how much better 5 yrs ago is then please make us a time machine so we can travel back together

    Why so combative...I'm just airing out my reasons as the title of thread says...

    I'm not being stubborn about anything, what do you mean.

    As to five years ago I mean that even as little as 5 years ago the problems didn't bother me as much.

    As for the evolution of hackers? So what?

    My example was in reference when backing was much more blatant and counter able.

    I honestly had some fun times facing off against hackers who entered the room so long as they weren't using god mode and wallhacks. Like I said, good target practice.

    I we'll and truly prefer that to what we've dealt with recently. At least then there was a tangible target to vent against rather than sending and ineffectual ticket to support that wouldn't even get looked at until the issue was way past relevance.

    Also, five years ago we had a sizable community with plenty of room variety.

    Beta Player here.

    I loved this game..I really did

    Back in 2008 when I got my first personal Computer and could afford internet, S4, Exteel, and CoH were my shiznit.

    And for about 7 years straight I played this game faithfully, as it was and still is one of the most innovative games out there.

    But it has it's issues, and serious issues at that.

    1)An extreme lack of PC optimization over ten years that makes it so that an Old E-tower E600 can play this just as well as my current Laptop which is a Lenovo y700 is simply appalling. Hell, back then I could arguably perform even better.

    2) The Current railgun, simply put it's a piece of trash. The Railgun was the first weapon I purchased after beta closed And I instantly fell in love with it. 8 years straight it was my Primary weapon, and with it I was one of the best non-clan snipers.

    But the reason I hate the new railgun isn't for the same reason as others do, it's because I don't think it was fully implemented into the game.

    The Frames don't match up at all.

    After 9 years of using it almost exclusively I think I know it's mechanics fairly well. So when I first used to current railgun and saw that the 'bullets' didn't match up with the animation frames I was quite annoyed, but I thought it might get better. Sadly it didn't.

    Often times I face snipers and while relying on the reflexes I've built up over the years to predict shots and dodge accordingly...and realize that no longer works.

    Discounting the fact that the 'bullet' travel speed is faster which removes the need to lead shots, there is the fact that the actual charging and shooting frames don't match up anymore leading to invisible shots and charging shots.

    The hit box is ruined by this. I used to know the exact hitbox for railgun shots....Now though

    I can literally miss and still hit people, and that really pisses me off.

    This is a weapon that I spent years mastering and suddenly..It's ruined.

    I quit s4 league for about a year after that.

    But I came back recently and leading into the third reason I'm loosing interest.

    3) The community is almost dead.

    Sure Many of us have moved on with our lives or don't have much time to play anymore, but can anyone here actually remember the last time the had to fight for a spot to get into the packed channel. A single Full channel now is incredibly rare.

    Much of it has to do with the Hacker attacks and Region banning though. As no one wants to play a game where they aren't welcome and if they do get in they get toyed with by some anonymous hacking entity.

    Hell give me back the old days where Speed,dmg,and hp hacking were all we had to deal with, I used them as target practice.

    Now when a player hacks they basically have full control over the game and there are no mods to do anything about it.

    I really just miss what this game was even 5 years ago though.