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    quite a lot of things happened these 2 years and there's also still a lot to happen as well.

    What you may have primarly noticed is the anticheat that has changed. From leaving xigncode it now has battleye. The numbers of players using illegal third party programs became less and there are a lot of events for the forum and ingame and few more planned.

    Also there are further changes planned in the future that are still to come.

    I consider that the security is a huge part of a game, yet for example the clan system that I asked Hella's about its been going on for a while right ?

    It didn't work at all when I stopped.

    There are stuff that should be crucial to make at least competition going in the game and clans should be a huge part of that "competitive gameplay" .

    I believe that the team is also aiming towards fixing this problem ?

    Thank you for the reply !

    One channel in EU 1 ususally always get filled during the peack hours and there are ppl whoa re returning.

    The clans system is actually worse than before.

    There are sometimes events during the weekend for playing certain modes/maps.

    Uh ?! Really?
    What actually happened to it, when I stopped people wouldn't even CW because there was no point on doing so, the ranking system was broken.

    Does it still remains the same way ?

    Uh.... I will be gentle in writing my opinion of this thread since you are a returner.

    "There is a clan system? Was not aware of that. You made a typo, I think you mean Alot of 1 player OS rooms, oh upsy, another typo, I think you mean Empty servers."


    Yes, you're right about the empty servers.

    Thank you for being gently, I guess :)



    Hey people !

    So I logged in yesteday, after almost 2 years of not playing S4L and being honest I was expecting S4L to die sooner yet I thought it was "healthier" than it's.

    I used to be one of those "Competitive S5 players" , yet I loved S4L back then, when it was released and when it was with alaplaya.

    Empty channels;

    Alot of OS rooms:

    At least clan system seems to be fixed;

    Improved UI;

    Basically when I logged I was surprised (not in a good way, but not in a terrible way either) and wanted to know what has been happening and thoughts from the active players and other about why S4 has come to this.

    Cheers !


    Ethereal :)