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    Hi there. I'm earthbros A very Old S4 player Since 08, Terrible Now. I'm eSper.cae Online, But this isn't the Point I created this Thread. I created This thread because I want to make my own Creative Corner. Always had a bad habit of Prioitizing S4 > Drawing, in my past. So Now I want to take time to Build relationship with this Board. I'm going to try to be as active as possible with my drawings. So here's what you'll see.

    1. Life Drawings
    2. Cartoons Drawings
    3. Fan art
    4. Art studies

    I will primarily Show Cartoon drawings, and Fan art. But on occasion I will also show Life drawings and art studies, If I want to show. In time I want to be to a point where I can create Content for this game. This is pertaining to Concept Art, Personally I think that is what is lacking as far as the games issues. Besides game related issues. Depending... maybe... 3-5 Months I'll create A Concept art Thread. Going to be studying Panmaman and all the other previous S4 artist. So you May See that here. But that's All I got for you All Fumbibro's out :Fumbi2:

    Mostof these are reallyold.

    I kind of figured that this game isn't that big with all the content that it has on here. I would really like to know How you did that nanna

    Meaning if I try to reinstall (fresh from the homepage) I w ill then receive those Files back. the ones I previously deleted. But from how I took it is that, you said there was an alternative download avaliable, with a more clean version. It would honestly help A lot. Though this discussion is being more "support" help lol.

    There are a lot of trash files (BE and old stuff). I would recommend a new installation, this should clean most of the mess.

    If something is missing after a patch you can always contact one of our GM, they have the missing files then.

    New install o-o? which one are you referring to? the one on your homepage?

    Resource files yes, But what do those Files have any purpose for? and by that logic there isn't any point leaving them on your PC either haha

    Yes I decided to delete BE, Hacksheild, Xtrap, Aegis, and all the other un-needed Security system that still sit in S4 that isn't needed.

    This is an interesting tid bit, Did they actually implement the "Item stat Deactivate" Check box in the game? I saw it on CMGlitch.exe Stream kind of sparked my interest.

    What they said. Honestly I forget that people can use Wheel, to change weapons I'm so used to 1 , 2 , 3 That using it Makes Airhugging impossible if you want true mobility. Which brings me to an Idea.

    Between the faster shot rate and low charge time. It's not much of a "Buff" that has nothing to deal with Aim either. It just shows the pacing of the game is a problem when you give faster input between certain actions

    Basically when Aeria acquired the rights of S4 League, it stops having the limitation of offering a world-wide service, although equally, the official holder of the game continues being Neowiz.

    You know how long ago that was? Not very long. Right now the population is Majority EU. Saying it's "S4league" is an understatement You have channel desginated for the Eu countries and continent. and one for the North american Continent. Show me the players then I'll start believing But until then It's EU / NA

    It's tried that before and hasn't reach out for it's NA players though that's kind of selfish of me EU has gotten more light with s4 than NA only adds I've seen were on youtube. that's pretty much it. but that was during the games peak. 40k + When you add s4 leagues art on a T-shirt it's really astheticaly pleasing to the eye. Panamaman did a great job making beautiful character for this game. it attracts me as an artist's On top of that you Don't see Overwatch just advertising it online. They have Merch, Toys, Accessories Ect.

    I want the game to get more attention what a better way to get people to see if you had a advertisment (in a stylish manner mind you) having everyone to see. Though I kind of had an idea for it. But most of my Ideas stay inside my head

    I've never been a fan of going so far as to support a game through merchandise. But in all honesty I'd really enjoy a Hat or a T-shirt having S4 league on it. God I've been following this game for about 8 years and I never thought I'd stup so low as to ask for Merchandise from it. How stupid of me ;-;


    Q&A gave me a since of hope of what they plan on doing. It's like politics in, Boast about what you're going to do for your said state, or country. We elect the best candidate we think will suit our country or state. "action speaks louder than words" which is true. But I prefer to see what you are going to do. Than what you set in mind of what you're going to do and NOT elaborate on it. So that I can stop waisting my time on following you, and Said game.

    1) Lower you expectations.

    2) Lower them even more

    3) Realize that this game is being handled by bonobos and lower that expectation even further.

    4) Uninstall and move on with your life. No use stressing over legitimate garbage, company and staff included.

    What are you talking about I already have this game uninstalled. Garbage? every other game in existence doesn't compare to what I feel about this game. This is me not you. I already knew when this game was handled by "cough" EU that it was going to go much further, Yet I still had hope for it. Most bashed the koreans for poor development, and content. But at least content was being produce at a signficant rate. and obtain possible 100k - 1m ( At max) from it's time. Also Niu You still play this so called garbarge Kek :V