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    Nerf: Railgun Attack.

    I think the rail gun has more power than other weapon.

    Rail gun can: Kill from 1 hit, make you slow, push you, doesn't need recharge to cause damage.

    I would suggest to lower the damage, since this weapon can do many things, as if it were 3 weapons in 1 D:

    The events on S4league facebook page are being hosted by the CMs. If something is missing you can ask them directly or through a ticket. I'd would recommend to add a link to the facebook event to make it easier and they will be able to check, if it's missing

    I sent them a couple of messages a long time ago on the facebook page, but as I said, they only saw the message but they never answered me.

    Do you suggest sending a direct ticket to the game support? I mean, am I still on time?

    It really doesn't bother me that they did not give me anything, but I would make the observation that if they manage the facebook page, they should be more attentive. D:

    Hi :o!

    I have had some doubts about who manages the official S4 League page, sometimes they create publications in which followers can get rewards (such as capsules, pen, etc.) and I wonder if they really deliver the prizes.

    About 7 months ago I participated in a publication of this type, and I was a winner along with other followers, although they asked for our nickname in the game, at least I never received my prize :c

    I asked them after 5 months why I had not received my prize but they left me in sight xDDD

    I did not want to send a ticket because I honestly was not sure it could be treated as something about the game.

    So my main question is: Did I ever lose my prize forever? xD IDK.

    I guess it's too late to claim something. I just wanted to know what happens in these cases. DD:

    Whatever the reason is, they can't offert support for all existing languages. They will need a translator for each language as minium.

    It's still unfair.

    It's not that we can choose the place where we want to be born and live, but I know who decides at the end (if they including us or not, idk) is the team of aeria, it's a pity for us because we are marginalized a little. I hope that changes very soon c:

    Btw, Good Luck for everyone who participe :)

    I guess it depends how far away you are but you should be getting the same ms as you had before.

    I always had ~140 ms to american players.

    yup~ but like two updates ago I see everyones lag, including me... it's a bit disgusting, and they say (S4L team) that don't have an ETA so... we only can wait for it :C

    Because spanish isn't a supported language here in S4 League :|

    But Why? I mean, there are many spanishs players... it's difficult to them translate their language D: (including me) xD

    Do they have to translate their language just because S4 can not supported? What about when the LA players or KR players come someday? They have to change that ._. or not.

    I think is not fair but, I don't make the rules ¯\_(ツ)_/¯

    140-150 is normal for america if you are playing with europeans.

    The server somtimes spikes to 200 and above but it doens't stay for long.

    Rlly? Because after the Issue I always saw Europeans with good ms, like 90-120ms... n' I'm afrom North America, so... Now be from NA is the problem for high ms? or what? o.o

    I don't like the clothes on random shop, but you should know for now S4L won't update content. I mean a new sets.

    But I have to say is the same thing about Ingame Shop, It has been months without updating the set capsules.

    Huuum, even if we can obtain perm faces in random shop, I have to say those faces are really ugly xD The beautiful faces are only available on blackmarket (spending AP obviously) :C is not fair, I hope some day we can buy it (don't matter if are for days) in the pen shop.