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    I can just recommend you to put graphics in low to avoid some room crashes (it works for the majority)

    Also the typical workaround, join a server, and after you loading, go back to server selection again and join the server you want to play.

    For me what worked was going from fullscreen to borderless, but what im seeing are not personal crashes, are mass crashes like 6 people crashing at once in a match.

    I think the enchantment system is what destroyed the game because that pushed the P2W to the very limit. I was a PEN user and I think AP vs PEN wasn't as unfair around 2009-2011, I had a few permanent items with decent stats from the Random shop and good chips, so the time spent in-game kinda paid off at that time. But then the buff system came, and then the enchantment system, and quickly the scale heavily turned against the PEN players, and for new players it was even worse.

    Oh boy I've spent around $500 on skins and icons on League of Legends. Why? I don't really know, maybe I'm just stupid, or maybe I just don't have anything else to do with my money and I really like the customized VO and graphics for Legendary Skins, and I've given around $200 worth of skins as gifts to my friends in just the last month (to be fair that's a lot of money considering that I live in a 3rd world hole), and they usually send me random boxes or another skin of the same grade in return, so that explains why Riot is making over $1.2b per year since 2015. I personally don't have a direct problem with the P2W in S4 because I think I can afford a few FP sets and weapons, but the question is, why would I buy anything in a game that has no players to play against? (I already did that mistake by spending money in the LatAm S4 server, the game was turned into a chatroom and closed few months ago).

    S4 could offer other customization options like voice lines, emotes or just weapon/clothing skins without stats to give unfair advantage.

    PS: the attachments are to prove my point, but also for flexing my 80 skins, 147 icons and gift history for the last month. I think monetization by selling cosmetics may be viable.

    ha i have 88 skins i win... (in nothing)

    edit: I agree enhancements are way more scarier than ap vs pen. they should just cap enhancements to +3 lol

    Esper chips problem is probably the easier thing to "fix": put esper chip extractor in pen shop for 1 pen, decrease upgrade fail % and/or increase upgrade success lv4->lv5 a lot, remove all espers skills. Easy tasks even for low-skilled programmers....if they really want to do it oc.

    Why not instead of removing them just make them available at lvl 3. the green chip skil for example is a ton of fun to use. honestly the only f skill i dislike is the red one. but getting to lvl 3 chips shouldn't be hard for a LOT of people.

    This is all well and nice but it too complicated and would be too hard to implement, and it doesn't really solve anything I'm talking about the part of trading advantages with disadvantages, in the end those with total better stats would be in a total.. better. 14 def on pants is still 14 even if its 8 melee, 6 guns. vs 5 that pen pants give. even if you divide them the total is still the total. and with SO being so dominant people would just max melee most of the times anyways.

    Changes like that normally come slowly with feedback after a current system is already balanced and tested. its no good to go from a unbalanced system to a completely new one that will have to be re balanced anyways. this game needs a lot of work to go from its current broken state to a friendly one. We want new people to feel comfy coming into the game, and that should come first.

    Also please please give us a way to like fuse 3 lvl 5 esper chips to make one that can be removed from equip and applied to another, everytime one gets a new set we have to go back into "lets gamble our way until we may or may not get that lvl 5 chips or run out of pen" welp

    Not sure if i should post this or not since its not my content, but i thought i would be a good idea to share this so others can see it. dhoomie on his youtube channel made a video describing pretty much what he likes and dislikes about the game. check it out if you haven't.Foxtailgirl

    I personally agree with pretty much everything, except i believe a few of the newer melee have a right to exist if they tweak them to make them more punishing. but i wouldn't be mad if they disappeared tho.

    are you talking about td or dm rooms?

    yes ppl do do tricks in those rooms if im not blind for the last few years i've seen majority of the rooms i've joined to be actual jump not afk rooms? at least for td rooms idk abt dm

    I only talk about st2 jump rooms i never join anything else

    lets be real here.

    The the jump rooms only serves as an excuse to get easy exp while doing something outside the game.

    If people actually wanted to learn, there is no better teacher than playing the actual game. Not to mention the ppl who makes those rooms are usually veteran players. What else they have to learn from those jump rooms?

    I do not afk in jump rooms, i don't really care about XP gain and i have more than enough pen for what i need. When people want to farm exp and pen they make a "1 kill" siege room because that's what gives the most.

    I guess you find it impossible that people actually like to jump around in jump rooms so there is not much for me to try to convince here, however keep your reality to yourself. Foxtailgirl

    I actually use jump rooms to practice jumps, and in those rooms that i've been in most people do use the rooms to practice jumps... but sure okay Foxtailgirl

    No one cared about titles before because there was no vote kick to abuse Alice1

    Tho in the case of not respecting what the host of the room wants i don't think its "abuse" of the vote kick system.

    I think if you want a jump room you should be able to make one, the fact is this game doesn't have those options so tittle rooms is all we got. this game is not popular enough to say "just go in with one friend and make a locked room" i don't know anyone really (to make a locked room). i go into jump rooms quite a bit just because i like jumping.

    HolyEmperorOfMankind No one is telling you to go join the room. If you don't want to join a room to jump, don't join jump rooms. I would kick anyone that started killing or scoring in a jump room with no hesitation. Same as S5 rooms or cpdf rooms ( tho i personally hate those).

    there might be better reasons like what nitho is saying but from a casual view point st2 is also a ton of fun simply because there are a lot of exciting jumps you can do to move around the map so fast, no other map honestly feels the same, st1 has literally one wall jump. ice square is meh, st3 the jumps are not part of the main route (go from base jump pad other base). tunnel is a straight line. i like wonderland and old school but i feel they dont have the same freedom to feel as good in the wall jumps. there is a map (which name i forgot) that probably has a ton of freedom in where to jump but its very dark and i find the map so confusing (its also bigger i think). Its the one with the two bridges right outside spawn and a ton of vehicles with two floors and a ton of stairs.

    also the jumps are not that hard to do, which seperates it from the castle map which im like nope get me out of there. Foxtailgirl

    True. i just love the side dash of the females. (lies i just like the design)

    the next person speaks a second language fluently

    Umm... I am trying very hard to not think much, im kinda speechless and flabbergasted.

    Is this real? like is this an actual deal? i must be reading it wrong but from what i see it says:

    You will get 1 100% booster for 60 - 100 usd.

    Well... okay...? what?

    False, i live in the capital of my country, maybe true if you compare it to the big countries but still false

    the next person has gone through college.

    I may be part of the problem since i play a ton of st2 but since i loathe SO i don't really have much of a choice, i do join dm rooms when they are unlimited but those are pretty scarce. i really enjoy st2 so ill play st2, but i also really like old school and do enjoy most dm and br maps except the maps that are made to just get sniped like one of the azit ones.

    People just play what they want, its when the community is small that it becomes apparent since most just settle for whatever is available.

    I think forcing the current player base to play something else isn't the solution. its not because of st2 that make people become toxic and start to kick newbies, its not because of SO either. two separate problems and i've seen people get kicked off any game mode. It's just that currently since most of the population is playing st2 and so rooms, then most of the toxic people are in these modes too.

    I saw the youtube vid a of the livestream a few days ago, what kara said sounded like a joke to me iirc.

    B3mo by the way you write i feel you are pretty toxic. Its obvious you care for the game but calling those still playing "tryhards" and area/gamingo "chickens" isn't doing anything, its just you being mean. I am having fun with these "tryhards" (implying trying to win in an online game is an insult) and while some are toxic, some of those toxic people are also the same very dedicated people that love the game. Maybe you are just angry with the game/devs and this is your way of expressing this frustration but yea in the end its your opinion so its not wrong, as this is mine.

    Foxtailgirl A game is to have fun, if you don't then don't play, i want to believe we are here discussing these things because we like this game and hope for its best.

    I'll just be patient and wait for some change, then when i've have had enough i'll leave, as we will all.

    I still remember the time i was forced out of the beginner channel and into the unlimited ones, i was getting instantly kicked from almost every room, legit made me quit the game for a few weeks. i Still see it happening these days, to a lesser extent, but a some people are very elitist and if you are being useless in a otherwise competitive game you are getting kicked with no remorse.

    Foxtailgirl I get the reasoning too, you want to have a competitive team but i cant help to feel bad for new players playing now, or the new players to come.

    And could you please explain your opinion?

    Well i say stuns balance the game in some way, im talking mainly unlimited here since i don't play sword only but in td for example stun is an useful way to get through some very annoying builds, i don't use PS but i used fist before and when i saw hmg + shield combo all i tried to do was stun him and he is out (or run away because i cant fight that)

    i also like how you can stun in important areas to completely ruin a play (which feels horrible sometimes) but at least for me it doesn't feel unfair.

    I cant really explain how i feel that much but it just feels really bad when something feels unfair, right now only boost, lightning bombs and rg feel that way to me.

    Stuff like red F skill feels too strong but i barely see it so i guess its not (or maybe its because its very expensive to get)

    what feels unfair is when i do try to play SO and i get stunned and stunned and stunned and stunned... and dead. like at least just stun me then right click me to death. for me its a different feeling, getting bat away from just about to score, than getting sniped over and over again once i leave base after a td. once feels like "dam you got me" the other feels like "nerf this please gods, listen to my prayer".


    In my opinion stuns and other cc should exist but they should not be chainable by a single person, stuff like the constant push from the rg or stun into stun into stun from the ps are quite annoying.

    For me the current problem is reduced to

    Rg chain shots

    lightniing bombs sucking you dry of sp and still being able to insta ko you (lets not even mention mk2)

    ib boost (which i believe the correct fix is to increase sp not to lower the boost)

    Foxtailgirl im not really good at the game tho. Foxtailgirl

    Yea it seems like it's a just South American ip ban.

    And that depends on how you view it, I was thought in school it's Latin America and anglo America (which is USA and up, no Mexico), so when I kept reading about a Latin ip ban I assumed it includes the Caribbean and central.

    Oh really no official list? i guess ill be asking this to the gm if they make it a QnA, they cant really say "All of america that is under the US" because my country is in there and i can play with no problems. but i guess my country is an american want to be so our ISP are pretty much american ISP with a spanish name.

    thanks Foxtailgirl

    This is probably a terrible idea, but im latino myself and im not using a vpn or anything weird but i can play normally in the game, there is probably some thread out there that i could probably look up to get all the details so if you tell me to f off ill be sad but ill get it. so back to the question

    what countries fall under the latino ip ban?

    this is also in preparation for the gm post that will clarify some information about why it happened.

    ty for any info Foxtailgirl (ps: i love this emoji and ill be using it a lot)

    This is AMAZING news, now its in your power to save this game. I truly love this game and every time i seem to let it go (half the time z I'm angry at pa advantages, but that's a whole other story) but every few months i just find myself back, this game is just fun. I get nothing will happen anytime soon but I'm excited for the future of this game, at the very least it will be better than nothing.

    Good luck you have all the blessings i can give, i am cautiously excited to see what you can do with the game.

    I also recently came back and yes, it's filled with os rooms but I still find myself playing a few td and dm match almost every day(I never play os). Also people has been pretty nice in the matches I have been so for me this game is just a fun way to kill a few hours

    So I started playing this at the release of the sigma blade (don't remember the number of the season) but I remember back then the huge issue the game had with hacking, it was pretty much everywhere! (Why I stopped playing back then)

    I am not sure, but I think the problems you have described (the toxic os TDS and the st2 TDS) it's just a symptom of a small community. I have played a lot of online games, and honestly this is common in those not that popular.

    Normally every online game has a good amount of toxic players, the thing is normally these games are also filled with players trying to learn the game, veterans that love the game. Don't get me wrong I know these players exist here it's just all the player stereotypes are reduced as the whole player see is reduced, and as such they all become much easier of identity.

    I have played league of legends for 6 years now, and I know people believe everyone in there is toxic as hell, it's supposed to be one of the most toxic communities.

    Luckily league has enough players to sustain it's ranked system, and not coincidentally the mayority of these toxic players are way at the bottom of the ladder (which mayority of the population reside). When I play I rarely get real toxic players, however recently I took a new account and ranked it up to gold and all that toxicity came back rushing. It was bad.

    To keep with league, league has many modes too, some rotational and right now 3 permanent. But as it happens here only one gets the mayority of her % in the player base. Only one really matters. But since league is so huge in player base the other modes always finds players to play. (Which relates to the st2 td problem)

    Another quick example, I played a mmo called aion, in there the main dungeons, the ones the community decided gave you the best experience and rewards always had a team waiting or you could make your own and in an hour find yourself a team. While the rest were empty, seriously empty.

    IDK if it was the community, the hacking problems or the aging of the game itself, but this game has made it very hard for a casual community to stay. as a result many of the problems you have described are bound to happen

    PS. I noticed a few flaws in my logic but I hope you get what I wanted to say, English is my second language so there might be a few hiccups.

    Mm honestly the making it rotational wouldn't make sense unless you add stuff people actually like, in that case it becomes a empty option until the rare one that everyone likes happened to pop up.

    I agree with a event points = some reward system, however the hours played = free ap set makes me too happy as a player and that probably means it's too op, unless it's some ridiculous amount that no one will ever reach and then it's just an useless system.

    People would just afk and abuse it like every system thar can be abused.

    Edit: So I like the idea as long as it's tame, it would be a nice way to organize rewards for events, like previously mentioned