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    There is no point of such "tactic" since it is all RNG.

    I usually buy all the chips that i need and enchant them one by one cuz i know it is guaranteed that one of them will brake at some point. Then just rebuying the ones that broke or got enhanced to lvl 5.

    I think he recommended me something like that because he knows I'm crazy and I'll almost certainly create at least 2 sets per chip.

    At first I did not think there would be any extra chips left, I trusted what he had told me since it was the first time I tried to get a Chip Set.

    By the way to get the complete set was very quick (except for the special...), I will have spent about 1 and a half hours per set (while I was studying among other things ...).

    At the moment i have:
    1x Strong Set: i spent around 280K~310K Pen
    1x Solid Set: i spent around 190K~240K Pen
    1x Special Set: i spent around 800K Pen...
    I used a "tactic" adviced by a friend, it consists to takes 2 chip of the same type (Example: 2 Chip Strong for Jacket) enchant them until both reach LV4 then enchant them alternately, if a chip decreased of Lv enchant it again until it reaches Lv4, if one of these chips breake up, enchant the remaning Chip until the chip break up or reaches Lv 5, if break up, repeat all these operation.

    The problem of this tactic is that sometimes (if you need only 1x chip of each part of a set) you will remain with extra chips...
    Unfortunately i spent a lot of Pen only for Special...