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    Iron Boots attacks are slower than handgun, dagger, and vital shock, primarily due to action recovery. IB doesn't have very many options for animation cancel, and its animations are long - plus its charge attack is a straight line that also lasts a while. These are the case because IB was designed to be the movement weapon, even though it barely moves faster than other weapons.

    I'll agree with this idea of yours so long as IB's attack animations are shortened and its animation recovery is improved, that way it can be on an equal playing field with the other fast weapons.

    I just want to clarify once again that the idea that Boots are for scoring is a myth. Considering charge's SP cost, it's only for quick passes - if you use charge on bridge, it takes longer to get across the bridge than without Charge (base stat comparison) because of how much SP Charge consumes. The real reason players can get across bridge quickly is because of high SP, not Charge's speed distance, because just sprinting is significantly cheaper.

    And as for sprint, its speed is equal to a few other weapons. There are even times when a weapon that has equal speed to Boots gets to the *fumbi first, purely because of how Boots moves, as it's bad at turns.

    As for this suggestion, it's mainly to decrease animation time of normal attacks, remove the half second "freeze" in the middle of the aerial animation, let aerial attack actually make contact with the ground before ending (this is a problem for many weapons), and to let Boots properly attack at any point during their charge. This suggestion does not increase power or speed, nor does it decrease SP cost.

    As it currently stands, Boot's speed is the only thing it's good for, and contrarily to popular belief other weapons DO match that speed. Boots is not viable in combat because its aerial goes off before the enemy is attacked, its charge needs to finish before it will attack, and using normal attack is both extremely weak and extremely slow.

    Besides; its jump attack damage is actually the same as the Breaker jumps, but it can crit for 2x damage, and that particular attacks post delay aint so bad.

    Breaker's jump attack deals way more damage than Boot's, and Boot aerial takes significantly longer to execute than Breaker aerial does.

    Just get a free server, a low lvl server and an event server designated for stuff like clanVclan, tornaments and weekly challenges.

    If you mean Beginner server, literally everyone else server, and clan channels etc server, then sure, but the "literally everyone else" server would probably have overflow; then again, clans moving more toward the clan server would probably be a player-based solution for that.

    Hi guys, by now anything related to size won't be changed, but we appreciate the feedback you give us.

    Having it so that Beginners go to their own server and other servers are non-Beginner doesn't change size at all, it just changes who goes where.

    pretty sure one of the cm/gm said this before but its only 1 server split into a few its segregation of 1 server

    Basically the same thing RuneScape does, with each server being more like a "channel" in a sense.

    We need 1 server for Beginners. 2 servers for everyone else. Profit.

    Those issues have been already fixed even before this thread was even made.

    No, they haven't. The relay tunnel issue happens all the time (we just had it earlier this week), and the thing with the game taking so long to load initially (this isn't even due to internet connection, but because connection is already initiated with it) that it shows "connection timed out" almost every single day; but because it's just the game being loaded up, it should only happen once because after restarting the game it loads super quickly. Still, many people accidentally click on the loading section before the lobby itself and get a very long Not Responding which delays the loading and results in another Connection Timed Out - using Ctrl+Alt+Dlt when in fullscreen also forces this Not Responding, and unfortunately there's no way to use the Windows button to get taskbar up instead; so you have to not do anything on your computer until you get into the lobby.

    All of these are issues that exist right now. None of them have been fixed.

    My bet is on "unjustified" EAC ban.

    Okay, look, I understand that we're harping on the guy for not giving details, but we all know that it takes 5 forevers to get into the game either because the game just starting up before it gets to the loading screen takes so long that when we do get to the main screen, the connection's timed out, or even worse someone DDoS'd the server again and we're all getting server relay problems. Absolutely none of that nonsense has to do with EAC.

    Theres nothing friendly about eating 5 bomb users with max ammo enchants, nothing at all

    I'm guessing the frog is a reference to your attempts to jump and the bombs getting in the way of that?

    I just want old S4 minus the hacker sprees. I am almost certain a lot of veterans would come back if it was what it use to be.

    The main reason for a remake is to minus the hacker sprees.

    Since it requires a response that you received the packet. With UDP, we just fire the packet, with no need to wait to see if it was received. For events like Melee swinging, or kill feeds, we can instead use another transport layer called Reliable UDP, which does something similar to TCP (keeping packet order and packet acknowledgement).

    But what you're saying is that the server itself will use UDP and Reliable UDP, right? There's nothing special the actual players need to do?

    A person with 200 ping will still lag more than a person with 50 in a p2s2p game

    A person with 200 ping will still lag more than a person with 50 in a p2p game

    This is the single greatest lie in the history of online gaming. I've already told you that I've constantly seen this disproven. I've seen people in any kind of connection - just to phys server, just to virt server, just p2p, and just p2s2p - lag more as 50 than someone with 200. I've seen it over and over again. Ping is a lie. It's best as an estimation, but it doesn't determine stability, and distance does not itself accurately determine speed. It's even more of a lie when you "see" other players' ping, because that value is always different from the ping the player themself sees to the server or host. I have never, in any game, ever seen ping as a reliable measurement, because time and again it's proven to be wrong.

    It does matter. It guarantees that the person is lagging.

    Not really though? Someone can have 200 ping just on a game without peer 2 peer and still lag less than someone with 50 ping. Ping lies. Add ping values into peer 2 peer which normally is also affected by distance between you and other players, and ping is even less reliable. Ping is a horrible measurement of connection speed and strength, and results in many false accusations of lag, in server p2p, in host p2p, in physical server, in virtual server... It always lies.

    Of course, it's even less reliable when you're being shown someone's else ping bar which is different from a ping value that player themself would see on a server list.

    I think the 1o1 without all others player watching would be quite boring. I wanna see how they fight *grabs popcorn*

    We could make it optional as to whether it's 1v1 all or 1v1 sole. Honestly, I'd just like 1v1 sole to have all sitting team members in the same viewing spot, not able to move but turn their cameras to look at each other and chat with each other. That way the stands feel more like stands. Spectators could be there, too.

    Maybe this mode could be improved by making parallel matches, so that each player from team alpha plays against a alayer from beta at the same time.

    This would reduce the waiting time.

    While I like this idea, you'd still need one person on Support at all times if Support is enabled. In such a scenario, all team members would share a support bar so it quickly refills to be used for one member after the other, and when one player dies and is replaced they can keep using the bar of the previous support.

    Because in other p2p games the room is hosted by a player while in S4 it is hosted by the server and only the interaction between each player individually uses p2p.

    Thanks for the explanation!

    This all seems, then, like any amount of lag...isn't the fault of the player, and still seems like ping doesn't really matter per se. It's extremely rare for a case like fake-Rezilia's and fake-Zhac's above where the upload speed is actually greater than the download speed; in fact, even the upload speed being at least half of the download speed - like in fake-Hella's case - is also extremely rare. And this is purely due to ISPs forcing upload speed down, not even something someone can fix unless, as I said before, they buy the uber expensive peer 2 peer specific package that only some ISPs offer to non-businesses.

    It's obvious that ISPs worldwide intentionally make peer 2 peer bad to use because of upload speed being minimized so much. With that in mind, and also keeping in mind that in this (and most) scenario(s), all players synced up to the server itself just fine, wouldn't it still be better to switch to just virtual servers and get rid of peer 2 peer completely?

    Even if an argument for this is that "well then the servers will stress and those with worse connections to the servers will lag even more" I'd counter with the notion that virtual servers are less stressed than physical servers which is why MMO companies are using them now, and in the current model those with better connections - or at least better upload speeds - are being harmed instead, which is even worse.

    You may not lag to someone from your country but the guy on the other side of the globe will lag to both of you and you to him.

    I understand that, but from playing other peer 2 peer games - such as Vindictus - if one person was lagging, literally everyone else would lag to heck because of them, the instant that person entered the room. But in S4 League, if one person is lagging, everyone else can be in real time with no noticeable difference. That's why it just doesn't make sense to me for S4 League to be peer 2 peer, because it's a completely different situation.

    Just because no one lags to you that doesn't mean you don't lag to them.

    if you have 50Mbps download speed you will be able to download the data from everyone else very fast but if your upload speed is less than lets say 1mbps, you will be teleporting for everyone else because you aren't sending data to them fast enough.

    But again, that argument doesn't work when only one person in the entire match is lagging and no one else is. And it's not even just from my perspective. Time and again I only see one person in chat saying they're lagging and everyone else replies saying there's no lag, not just me. But these few people complaining about lag aren't talking about kill data, they're talking about lag in general, which literally no one else has.

    Also, pretty much everyone has drastically lower upload speed than download speed. ISPs intentionally do that because they don't like people abusing torrents; there are some ISPs that have packages specifically for peer 2 peer transfers but those are insanely expensive, and normally the highest option they offer for non-businesses.

    So everyone else will still be lagging for him (because of his bad download speed) but for the other players he will be lagging even more (because of his even lower upload speed).

    But that's not at all what I've seen in-game. Absolutely no one lags in-game from my perspective. Literally everyone is in real time, even the people who are complaining about other peoples' ping. That's why I feel like S4L doesn't use peer2peer anymore, strictly because I've never seen anyone lag at all since I restarted playing this year.

    They are lagging because their connection is too slow to send stuff to the server before the other person does and not because the server is slow. However this is just the kill feed. The real issue is when a player has slow upload speed to another player (which is the p2p connection). This means the lagging player receives the data from the other player on time (assuming his download speed is not too slow as well) but because their connection is too slow, the other player receives their data with a delay which results being hit from miles away with a melee weapon by a lagging player.

    So when someone says , lag works both ways, it is not entirely true at all. A player who receives data on time but has their data delayed (way too slow upload speed) to the others, they have an advantage. Even if they receive the data with a delay, their sent data to the other player will be even slower (due to most ISP offering faster download speed over upload speed).

    Okay, this is still somewhat confusing, so I need a further clarification. It sounds like you're saying that the person who has the worst connection to other players has an advantage? How is that possible when there's only one person whining about lag while everyone else is playing in real time? Are you saying that one person is actually the one with the strongest connection? That doesn't make sense.

    The kill feed is handled by the server but the interactions between players are p2p. This is also why 2 ppl can kill each other at the same time. The server receives data from both but the kill data coming from the lagging player arrives later.

    This would then suggest that peer 2 peer isn't causing any lag at all (which is strange, but I guess the stuff that counts is still based on the server), which means that 100% a lagger is purely lagging because of server connection.

    One would think the interactions between players would be more stressful than kill data, though, so I'm just fully confused right now.

    ... Actually, if we assume that player interactions are purely peer 2 peer and kill data is server, then how in the world can a player be lagging on server but other players not be lagging in the match with them? If peer 2 peer is routed through the server anyway, and the distance between two players is far longer PLUS both are still using their routes to the server, how is the server connection slower? That doesn't even make sense. Someone please explain this.

    Besides the OP is a boots enthusiast so i didnt wanna bring it up =D

    Inb4 not as many people would be complaining about Boots for TD if TD maps were larger. While I normally roll my eyes at people saying Boots are OP in rooms like ST-2, I actually agree that Pass's map is so smol that Boots really is OP in it.

    Thanks for the support! ^-^

    These modes would also need larger maps than most of what's in the game. There are far too many maps in-game that pander purely to DM or BR, and simply cannot handle Touchdown or the modes above. Even if these modes aren't put in, I'd still like them to be in the "remake" pile; especially since map size is very likely a technical limitation in the current game.

    Since there are so many game modes, and many that players don't even try, how about merging some of them together?

    1. Infection merges DM, BR, Chaser, Siege, and Conquest, taking bits and pieces from each.

    It can have one or multiple rounds with different time limits per round (chosen by room owner), and 3 teams; each team has a cube that must be defended. Whoever has the highest score at the end of a round (or random choice when the game first starts) is designated the Virus. The Virus is the same as the Chaser from Chaser Mode, except that the Virus's main priority is "infecting" (attacking) the other two teams' cubes. Whoever is on the Virus's team supports them against the other teams, but cannot "infect" the cubes, as only the Virus can.

    The cube on the Virus's side is automatically infected from the beginning of the round. If a Virus fully infects a cube, the team attached to that cube becomes allied with the Virus's team. If all 3 cubes become infected, the round ends. If a Virus is killed, the cubes they infected are "purified" and the round ends. If the time limit of a round is reached, the round ends.

    Points are gained for a single player when they defeat another player (other than the Virus) and lost when that player dies; points are gained for the members of team(s) that are alive when their Virus fully infects a cube; points are gained for the members of team(s) that are alive when they defeat the Virus.

    When all rounds are finished, the team with the most total points wins the game. Separately, the single player with the highest total points gets a separate reward outcome; if the winning player is on the winning team, they get both reward outcomes.

    Fan Lore: Infection is based on the First Virus War, before fumbis became the primary storage devices due to their mobility allowing them to deliver data and protect it by running away.

    2. Queendom is inspired by Chess and Checkers, and uses aspects of Captain, Conquest, Siege, and Warfare.

    In this mode, there are two teams with each player starting with one crown on their head. When a player defeats a crowned player, they gain a crown. Each crown gives a player an extra 50% of their base HP and SP (so not including equip stats or masteries) - this "adds" directly onto whatever HP/SP they have at the moment, not just increasing the bar max. When a player with a crown dies; they can respawn, but lose their crown. When a player without a crown dies, they cannot respawn that round.

    Each team has a "base" that they need to keep the other team out of. Each base has a set of crowns of its own. If an enemy player stays in the base for too long, they consume a crown bar which gives them an extra crown, and the base loses a crown. If multiple enemy players are in a base, the player who arrived first gets priority for the crown bar; two players cannot drain the same crown bar nor separate ones, so the other player should defend the first arrival - once the first arrival gets a base crown, the next arrival gets a crown bar and so on. Bases have Rooks in them that will attack enemy players; if a Rook attacks a player long enough and does not defeat that player or is not defeated, it will explode, which goes through any defenses (so just defending against a Rook isn't enough; you need to destroy it or it will destroy you). Rooks do not respawn.

    Defending the front of each base are Bishops (sniping/warfare), Knights (giant/conquest), and a Queen (warfare). The Queen has a very, very high amount of HP and the Knights/Bishops defend her with great might. You need to get past them in order to enter the base; so long as you aren't attacking the Queen and aren't in their field of influence, they won't attack you. If a player on one's team is no longer able to respawn, the Queen will send out Pawns to fight in their place; if a group of Pawns is defeated, another is sent in its place; they're weak so they just exist to annoy the opposing team, being large in number, and each group will track and attack a single player at once.

    There are 4 ways to win this mode: Either take all the crowns from the enemy base, destroy the enemy Queen, wipe out the enemy team (as in, the enemy team can no longer respawn), or reach the time limit with your team having more crowns than the opposing team.

    Fan Lore: When Wonderland was revealed to the world, the Pieces - basic AIs created with the birth of the Netsphere to aid in testing combat - were re-awakened by its strange presence and began to fight over its territory. Different Queendoms of Pieces have allied with groups in the Netsphere in sharing gained territory.

    3. Critical is inspired by Hot Potato, and is a variant of Pass Touchdown and Snowball; it can have a custom number of teams.

    The goal is to grab a *fumbi that requires the digital signature of a third party or else it will explode. As you can guess, none of the player teams have that signature. The data is extremely valuable, so if a *fumbi that has been removed from its spawn is in the hands of one player too long, or left alone outside the spawn too long, it will explode - damaging all players around it and regenerating at the spawn point. When a *fumbi explodes, it can either destroy an obstacle or create a large spiked wall that blocks movement (similar to Snowball). Normal (non-explowall non-skill) obstacles regenerate after a short time.

    The goal of the game is to get the *fumbi to the opposing goal (which is actually, it turns out, your own team's collection point) so that the data in the *fumbi can be uploaded to your team's network. To do so, you need to continuously pass the *fumbi to other player and pick the *fumbi up if it's been dropped by a player's death. There will be a meter on the screen telling you how "hot" the *fumbi is getting. If a *fumbi is dropped, the meter resets. Players can also use the explosion feature to create walls to stop the enemy from making a goal by creating a wall, or to destroy a created wall or an obstacle.

    Glitch maps will have glitch fumbis that get "purified" by reaching the goal before being uploaded. A glitched explosion and glitched walls cause players to spaz if they touch them, rather than taking damage or just being normal walls. Using the explosion feature on normal obstacles (not glitch walls, since in this version they cannot be removed) will, instead of just removing the obstacles, turn them into pickups like from Arcade/Conquest; if not picked up in time, they'll be replaced by the regenerated obstacle.

    Fan Lore: As the war of territory between the different unions turned into an information war, each union hired different groups to create top secret new items. Now the unions - and other groups - are interrupting secret pickups by trying to steal each others' top secret data packaged inside fumbis. To protect their data, the unions have managed to alter some fumbis to explode when taken by an unregistered user. Glitches altered this new type of *fumbi further to spread bad data, and if left alone they could completely muck up the Netsphere.

    4. Treasure Hunter is a new mode designed around scanning "nodes" (which can be anything) for hidden items.

    This mode can be made with any number of teams in mind, or as free-for-all. The team or player with the highest number of "treasures" by the end of the time limit wins. Once all nodes have been fully scanned for treasures, the nodes reset. Nodes can be recognized by the symbol of a union or group floating near it (like in the Treasure Hunter trailer). The room owner can also choose whether treasures are stolen (by the killer), broken, or kept on player death.

    Fan Lore: With many new areas appearing in the Netsphere, and many others newly discovered, pioneers from different groups have made it their goal to discover all kinds of unique items, but need to find places to store these items temporarily while in these new lands. These groups are taking advantage of each others' weak storage ability and raiding each other to take all the items for themselves.

    Captain can now be selected for any game mode - it will scaled the HP/SP of players the way that Captain Mode does. Normal Touchdown now also has a Pass option, but many players may want to leave it disabled if they feel it will get in the way of attacking other players.

    I am from the USA so i use to get a lot of "lag" complaints due solely to the fact my ping was blue to most EU folks.

    I totally get you. What people don't understand is that ping represents the distance between you and a server, not the actual strength of connection between you and a server. You can have a short but slow path, or a long yet fast one. If a server is in EU, but a European user has a slow data package or bad path, they can have a slower connection than a US player. Normally I just get a high speed package just in case; in fact, many ISPs will actually tell you what their recommended speed for gaming is depending on the nation that ISP is in, so ISPs can be very helpful in helping you figure out if your package is too slow. If you have a high speed package and it's still slow, try a method to reset your path to the server (this is actually necessary if you get a bad tunnel error) - changing IP normally does it, but it's not the only option.

    Y'know, it's kind of funny because there are some online games that use Peer 2 Peer, like Vindictus, which actually does create lag for other people in the same room. But I think Aeria uses virtual servers or something? So S4 League likely wouldn't have Peer 2 Peer now even if it might have in the past (which it may have, I don't remember). It's not like the argument that someone else in a room can lag you is wrong per se, it's just wrong for this game.

    And you're not lagging; in fact, most players aren't, and you especially are seeing everything and playing in real time. But this person across the way shouts "fix your ping!" and you're wondering what they're talking about because neither you, nor anyone you can see, is lagging, not even lag switching. Yet because they're lagging, they look at who is farthest distance from them personally aka who has the red bar on their end (spoiler: bar levels are different for everyone) and blame that person for lagging them, even though the person they're blaming isn't lagging at all.

    Sometimes I've had this thrown at me, sometimes it's been thrown at some other person. Oftentimes when someone is accused that's not me, I can see that the accused isn't lagging at all, nor the accuser, and I'm wondering what in the world is going on because literally no one ever lags when I play, just from what I can see.

    Here's a pro tip: If someone is telling you that they can't see anyone lagging, but you yourself are lagging, then the lag is purely on your end, and isn't even affecting other players. From my experience in the game, the notion that if one person's lagging, then that's making others lag, is never actually the case.

    Please stop blaming other people for your lag and actually look at your own connection. Chat shouldn't be for false lag accusations; it should be for cheering on your team and being a good sport by GGing your opponents. So let's make chat much friendlier! ^-^

    It's forced into melee only, which is what most people seem to want.

    It shows the KDR of each person in the match right before their round, and the two best players at the half point and end of the match are counted as "leaders" and have a leader vs leader final skirmish, which is just cool to watch. Both leader vs leader and support actions (one spectator on each side can attack or heal if the bar for the ability has filled up, which is dependent on you team's taken and dealt damage) are optional; just ask the room owner to enable/disable them.

    It's a small room, which is good for being melee only, but it still has wall jumping and no death pits.

    It's 1v1 over and over again. The winner of the previous round continues in the next, unless they hit a winning streak. If the streak is long enough and is beaten, a message appears telling you that it's been broken, which has a nice "c-c-combo breaker" feeling.

    I think most of the people that spam Melee ST-2 would actually like it. If you want to find this mode, keep going past Random in the match type selection list.

    I just hosted a Warfare room and an Arena room. Each of them only has one area available (which kind of sucks). But I noticed two big bugs in each; neither are gamebreaking, but they're very noticable:

    1. Warfare has no background music, at all. And either the Queen and her soldiers have no sound effects or the sound effects on them are super low.

    2. In Warfare, Queen sometimes has a huge black shape spread around her that will stretch/clip towards the wall. This isn't an attack so I'm not sure what it's supposed to be.

    3. In Arena, when you're neither the attacker nor supporter, you get a few viewing options based on numbers 1, 2, and 3. However, pressing those numbers sometimes switches your weapon instead.

    4. In Arena, when spectating, your teammate's character and headshot both show normal colors, and your enemies' are red. However, when the game shows who is next to fight, the panels shown are the reverse - it's your teammate who is redded out, and your enemy who looks normal and has a green outline. The latter should be corrected.

    5. Might not be a bug, but most people don't know that these modes and others exist because they come after the Random match type selection. If Random came at the end of the match type list instead, there might be more people playing these modes.

    6. Also might not be a bug, but when it shows "showing the result screen in X" at the end of Arena, my game froze for a bit as "not responding" then after about 20-30 seconds I was back in the match room. This hasn't happened any time else in the game, so if other people happen to have also gotten this, it might be a technical thing (but it solves itself so it's not that big of a deal).

    Thanks for the hard work! ^-^

    I didn't mean any of that and I know your struggles since I use boots as well, the only thing I wanted was to tell you how to stop it.

    Sorry, sorry, I said "you're saying" as generally to the game, not you. I know that with Mastery, Shift doesn't consume SP, it's just disappointing that although there is somewhat of a solution, it means using only Mastery unless you want to activate a skill. It really feels like SP Mastery is being shoved onto us Boot users as the "best" skill. :/

    I may have gotten two of them. When I checked my inventory, I saw a clothes and money capsule - but I don't know if either of them were from the daily. Still, I should have gotten two clothes capsules, so I was still ripped off either way.

    In my opinion it's ok for a weapon to have weaknesses. Especially if the have so many strong sides like iron boots. The charge is way too good in TD and you even have 5 more movementspeed than with a handgun...

    Its movement speed benefit is largely overestimated. The charge takes half or more of your SP bar, and currently has an 8 second cooldown. There is no weapon in the game that has a lower range than Boots - it has the lowest range in the game; meaning that it needs to go fast and charge in order to make attacks (and it only attacks directly in front of it, not an arc or a circle). Additionally, in Station 2 you can test boots out and see that charge only goes about 1/3 across the upper bridge; that's not far at all for half or more of your SP bar. Meanwhile, using charge in close quarters rooms causes you to speed past an opponent (and not be able to hit them) and then while you're trying to turn around, the opponent is already on you and killing you. And because of charge's super long cooldown, you can't continuously use charge as an escape move, even though - again - boots has some of the lowest damage, longest normal attack animation, and lowest range in the game.

    As for people that say Boots has high damage - it doesn't. Even Sprint attack's damage is minimal compared to other weapons' "smash" attacks. And the TD benefit is overestimated because, again, you consume half at least of your SP bar and have an 8 second cooldown. There's actually no such thing as "pressing right click and then you get the goal" because, again, it only goes 1/3 of ST-2's upper bridge, has 8s cd, takes a massive chunk of your SP, can be interrupted by any other player's attack, and can't be canceled out of (without activating a special, apparently, which defeats the purpose).

    The only way to truly play Boots right now is to be Offense (primarily Assist Kills or Kill Steal, or secondarily to frighten the enemy into attacking only you and therefore acting as a distraction), to carry the ball quickly to another teammate (then get rekt by a nearby enemy and your teammate takes the ball instead - aka passing the fumbi), or to Defend the goal by wiping out that one person with 20% HP left that your teammates have already weakened. No matter which option you choose, you're going to die - a lot.

    Additionally, Boots is seriously hard to control. The manner of precision needed to make proper turns at the proper times is insane. Once you get the hang of it, though, it feels amazingly smooth (which is why I love Boots and keep using them), but the super long normal attack animation, the inability to attack/jump/dodge out of charge, freezing in the air for half a second before Air Stomp, and Air Stomp stopping in the air at the end of its attack instead of stopping once it hits the ground, are all not smooth. So basic movement is generally smooth once you get the hang of the controls, but reacting to opponents is not smooth at all.

    You can use shift to stop the charge

    So you're saying I can spend even more SP and activate my special when I don't need it instead of just being able to attack, jump, or dodge out of the charge? How is that better? (Though thanks for the tip - I've been using Masteries so I didn't know this.)