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    Hmm, I'm not sure but since this is T or D, I'ma go go with truth.

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    Hm, you know me and I know you, so do not get annoyed by what I am about to write.

    I agree with you, I know many people love rusty and so do I but, truth be said, the map was broken and it was only needed a decent TD'er to end the game easily. Remastering the map wouldn't be something easy and honestly I highly doubt it would happen, if we have a team of devs that barely care about launching new maps, imagine them trying to remaster old ones, yeah.

    A private server, yes a private server, we all played those once sometime, and if you didn't, well, wait till S4 dies and you'll go to one eventually. Anyways, moving on, a private server, named S4Max, made a rework of rusty, they added lasers on the windows in order to make it harder but it didn't change anything, cause at the end the map is too tiny, that's why it would be hard to remaster it and possibly, at this point with the team we have, impossible.

    Yeah, Tunnel is a pain the a** with cpd n f, but I honestly like it cause it makes it harder, if I play St2 or tunnel with boots, exo, br, you name it, it becomes either too easy cause the weapons have some op features or too hard cause the teams aren't unbalanced or there's a lagger, lots of other issues.

    Moving on to the chaser maps, chaser is the only community that still does unlimited daily, I see, atleast 5 chaser rooms unlimited in office everyday, I remember playing Circle with guns too, it was fun cause it made no sense since the map was tiny for such thing, which made it funny to play on with different skills, I remember having a "wall" of like, idk, 4 blocks (?), all near a edge and the chaser struggling to hit us, it was fun, and if you make a unlimited room in circle, on the weekends, people will still join you.

    I've played with you in the past, since we were clannies, truth be said, your rooms and their rules, which are none, are a heck of a pain in the a** for me, since I don't really like bomb nor sigma blade and weapons like that I struggle a lot to TD but hey, I understand that's what's needed to keep the game alive or atleast for everyone to enjoy so I didn't complain and kept playing.

    Last year, before I was S4 rank, me and another player, we'd always, ALWAYS, every d*mn night, we'd make a TD room, one unlimited and one melee, so we could fit everyone's taste, and we'd rotate all the maps, friendly mode or not, it would depend on the people that joined. And personally I enjoyed it a lot, besides helping me winning a sh** tone of EXP easily, it was really fun since there was actually a challenge, there weren't just 3 or 4 players to head hoop and TD or juke, there were 6 and they'd actually help each other out.

    Finally, I hate st2, in 6v6 with fair teams, it is fun, other than that it is just cancer, the amount of people that main St2 as their gameplay is just too d*mn high, but that's nothing new, I'm pretty sure atleast 55% of the community thinks like that when it comes to St2 and tunnel.

    Sooooooooo, since we are from the same country do you wanna try making a change? We have a one hour difference but that's nothing if we talk to each other I am pretty sure we can manage something out, no hate please, I love you as a friend, didn't mean to make you mad or anything, I am just giving my opinion and trying to change something in the current game.

    I agree completely with that one, it would give us a new objective (people that reached s4 rank on the new system), maybe even people that quit would log in once in a while to gather some exp, it is seriously something to think about, I know alot of people that would be excited with this comeback. You have my support.

    Hmm, what if, instead of "crying" on the forums and wait for changes, why don't we unite, and try to make it different, I know many of you will say you have tried and it was pointless, but, if we unite together (forum community), which is still friendly/chill compared to the in game one, we could try to schedule some days that we all have time to be on and make our own room of whatever mode we want or, f.e, we make rooms of all the modes that aren't played (Siege, BR, Warfare), you get the idea...Thing is, we can make it work if we all work together, if we actually want we can make it happen, maybe saving the game isn't possible but we can still have fun, there's plenty people in here, if atleast half of them join we'll have more than 1 room with the modes that people miss or atleast want to try out again.

    Honestly I agree with you all, of course there are people that love st2 and only want to play it, but there is also a majority that likes to play all maps, like me and most of you guys, I am a melee player most of the time but I can enjoy guns sometimes aswell, bringing the old maps back would maybe, MAYBE, help giving the game some more time and I'm pretty sure newbies would like to try them out, since they'd be excited to see new maps. Of course those maps were removed cause they were unbalanced and full of bugs but they were still fun to play on so I seriously think devs should think about bringing them back, I mean, the game is already pretty messy so I don't really think it'd cause any harm.