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    Please read what Nekkles and I wrote.

    Decreasing the server side actually solved some technical issues I think. At least the servers were more stable afterwards. This is easy to see as every player slot now has more resources.

    And yes, I'd like to have more slots as well. But if the game was more advertised the player count would increase. Then the second server might be full as well. The main issue is you always have to set a limit somewhere. So if we had more players we would complain about another limit.

    Are you one of the staff members alts? Cause I cannot imagine a normal player who had been around this game for years writing bs like this LOL. S4s playerbase will not increase in fact it will keep decreasing, it already decreased by a LOT compared to a year ago. Some of yall just stay dreaming or some ****

    My Question why hasnt it been done Yet? I am pretty sure it is not that hard to change the server size from 400 to something around 1000... you guys do every possible thing to make this community more scarce that it already is.

    You seems oddly familiar with these kind of stuff, eh?

    Btw they already confirmed for the others that they have been temporally disabled.

    Oddly familiar... I dont need to be oddly familiar to be able to read stuff people write on the official discord, or other s4 related discords. But hey I know u are pretty anti social and do not interract with this community too much except of the forums were u can act all high and mighty

    It has been disabled on purpose since they did not want people abusing Mission Bhug, just tell people the truth, stop making up excuses for everything. Vote kicking is another one u disabled because people were abusing it in the exploits.

    The inconpetence that I see in gaming... I swear, people are getting more and more... ill use the term -snowflakes-

    When theres the point of having hackers like <names removed> or whatever their names are, even I, being a bad guy, would still do a better job than the snowflakes in charge.

    Actualy, do we even have GMs that deal with these situations anymore? Meh, mankind has been realy stupid since the stone ages, I mean... when theres a higher chance of you getting banned for calling someone snowflake or asking to change your password than a cheater who uses X programs to win... yeah mankind is realy a waste of space.

    Preach! At this point I just feel like they are waiting for the game to die because nobody cares. Sad but true

    Update: For the people that have sht PC's and cannot run s4 because they get the disconnected message, Download Razer Game Booster and start s4 with this program, it should help and you wont be getting that message when you start the game!

    At least thats what helped me.

    Ok, possible. I don't try to kick lobby afkers every day so I idk for sure but you can still vote for already running vote kick from inside the lobby so I am assuming you should be able to see the ppl inside the lobby as well.

    Who is even talking about that?

    You apparently since you claimed that you can vote kick people in the lobby before the match XD

    Even though I don't like the idea of making it official to disable weapons in rooms as an option it seems like going to be a better option than abusing the vk for it. But i guess the ppl will still ask for vk no matter what.

    Because you can. You can also vote from lobby as well.

    How do u vote kick somebody from the lobby? Please explain...

    Your game has bigger issues than just kicking random people. Thats the least of your concerns.

    Maintaining the playerbase this game already has has been a challenge for the company since 2013 and ever since the game never hightend the playerbase only downing low with players.

    So if you really think that kicking people from rooms is such a big issue. Look at the mirror :)

    Telling S4 staff the the game has bigger issues is pretty much useless, they would much rather decrease the load time for people with sht pcs not to be able to get on (reduing the playerbase once again), removing the kick voting system because apparently we kept kicking out the beginners, even though there are people running around with all types of hacks. Not to mention the useless "security" they keep trying to add that is bypassed literally the next day.

    God forbid you mention any of these things to them, becuase you will be branded as a "drama maker" and a "complainer" since they already "try their best every single day".

    I will not say anything about the few people on the forums who keep encouraging these things including the pointless updates that the staff is trying to add. We get it guys this game is your life and u cannot live without it, but you should get off your high horse for once and realize that by encouraging this type of useless sht u are making the staff avoid what is actually important.

    My pc runs it perfectly cause it is a good mid range gaming pc... laptop cant run it with an i3

    fyi .... it ran s4 perfectly before these newest updates

    can urs run on the Intel Pentium?

    Mine has an intel i3 and it ran perfectly before these newest updates lmao

    If i hadn't bought a new computer (not because of S4) i'd be one of those people quiting the game.

    It's kinda laughable how a 10-year old game takes so much time to load.

    If this isn't on their highest priority , it's gonna be nice for Aeria cause they'll probably lose new players which is exactly what we need atm.

    I mean it loads up really quick on my new computer, but not everyone has a good GPU and CPU, they seriously need to do something about this

    everyone says that Alice4

    Idk what your ign is but there was probably a good reason for it or you don't know what sarcasm is.

    No I was not cheating as far as I know, and I am pretty sure you were serious about it since you left in the second half when we kept winning. But hey who am I to judge (:

    So I've noticed yet another issue thats been around, older computers cannot run the game, even though the game is not really designed to be ran by the newest most well-performing computers out there. Ive got a good computer that opens s4 pretty quickly but once in a while I move cities for a few days where I use an older laptop, the other day I tried running S4 on my older laptop and it kept disconnecting me after the loading screen.

    Did anyone from the s4 staff ever thought that this is going to make a lot of people quit since lots of them still play s4 because their PC's might be not that new. How are you going to have a game that does not require the latest GPU and CPU, yet get it to disconnect after the loading screen?

    UPDATE WITH SOLUTION: For the people that have sht PC's and cannot run s4 because they get the disconnected message, Download Razer Game Booster and start s4 with this program, it should help and you wont be getting that message when you start the game!

    I see newbies being kicked way more often than hackers. Heck, sometimes the hacker doesn't get kicked at all.

    This community just doesn't deserve stuff like this.

    Also the hacker situation back then was way worse than it is now. The hacks were more game breaking and there were times when more than 50% of the ppl in one room were using hacks unable to kill each other.

    I have no idea why do you complain about people getting kicked for being bad, when you yourself are hella toxic in game. I remember playing against you once, you kept asking my teammates to kick me out because you thought I was using cheats, which I did not. Proves that you didnt hesitate to abuse the system at some point either and probably kicked anyone who was better than you in game.

    Comments like this is why no one is taking you seriously.

    Most hackers are immune to kicks, bro.

    Not to mention you have higher chances of anyone successfully kicking a newbie or someone using a forbidden weapon than a hacker or afker.

    Can you actually be less toxic for once?

    Not all the hackers are immune to kicks, Ive kicked tons of people who used cheats before thanks to the vote kick. Not all of them know how to bypass the kick voting. I am sorry but why should I keep a person that either doesnt play or plays like complete sht in my team, most of the time when you tell these people to play better they afk in the base and start insulting you.

    To be honest the Kicking system is pretty much necessary, there are tons of afk people, hackers, people that insult others and troll that deserve to be kicked. Whoever says that it is better without the kick system must be either trolling or lying.

    Have fun playing against people with hacks (:

    This is like politics. The new one will always blame the previous one for all the mistakes while the new one isn't even trying to solve them.

    I also reported him and got the same message u got and he's still rocking the infinite sentry hacks and blocks (nibba got me stuck on neden-3 with blocks)

    You need to be S4DB famous to avoid the ban wave from what i've been seeing

    Have to disagree with that, lots of s4db mods got banned and blacklisted before just because they were mods on that website

    same goes for active users on the website

    Track on bans? Today i reported xZephy, Marika answered my ticket that he reported the user etc. I provided 2 videos showing his hacks and etc. This night i played again with him. GJ support agents, doing their job and being fair with the community.

    Yeah some people are obviously immune to the bans, it happened before with <name removed>, some people have provided enough proof with videos of her hacking but nothing had been done, she just got her account unbanned 2 days later

    How about you put your big boy pants up and realize that whatever has been done before you is actually for you to solve because you are the CURRENT CM. This position comes with a responsibility and it is not only yours, it is the one you had been given from the previous CM. The way you replied was hella weird to me, first of all you say it is not your fault but the previous CM's. You guys can only point fingers at the previous staff and blame them for all the stuff that had been going on. It is REALLY not how it works, even if she screwed up, you are SUPPOSED to fix it, why should some people remain unbanned for exploiting hacks and 3rd party tools in game while the other ones get banned? Keep poiting fingers at each other, this kindergarten type of sht led to the stage s4 is at today. Crashing, hackers everywhere, no connection between the staff of the game and the community. You guys take sides and point fingers at each other later on because it is comfortable for you.

    Dude i'm not saying you don't deserve a second chance, but if they unban you, they've to unban all accounts that were banned for hacks... Doesn't matter what you did, the thing is all of that banned account used a 3rd party tool, program to modify the client and that is an unbreakeable rule. I know you get what i'm saying.

    Yeah but I've heard that Swaight (a person who used to create hacks for S4) got unbanned recently after sending tickets with apologies, I thought I might give it a chance too ):

    Hello to all of you, due to recent stories I've been hearing, I have decided to write this apology letter. Some people in the community had advised me to write an apology letter in order to get my account unbanned from 3 years ago.

    That being said I would like to apologize to Aeria for messing up that badly 3 years ago. I didn't really have any items on my account so I have decided to use YTC which was bannable in the game.

    Once again I am very sorry for my actions, even though I was not using really op stats on the items, I would still like to apologize to the community against whom Ive sinned and ended up killing with my fake stats from the YTC. I am sorry to you guys I didn't not mean to make any of u angry by using YTC while the rest of you paid insane amounts of money for your legit stats.

    I promise not to hack ever again on this account, I promise to invest some money into this account due to the fact that I really like the name and this account holds many memories to me. It is the account that I've met so many of you from this community, we played together and became friends. I really wouldn't want to let go of it that easily.

    This account name was CherishMe-

    I PROMISE to all of you guys and the S4 Staff that I will not do such mistakes ever again.

    Hoping for a reply soon,

    thank you,


    Dmn I must be one hell of a bad person ;(

    Why are you even concerned over what's going around in a game that you have said you would quit like 2 years ago ?
    I always see you either on discord or S4db just leading off the drama every single time.
    If you're not interested in the game anymore , Just let the others be interested as much as they want.
    It's that simple ¯\_()_/¯
    Oh btw , No offence intended.

    Cause I still play once in a while with friends who have a sht PC and cannot play other games. Why are you so concerned with my life though?