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    Its a very unjust method that is being used for this event and hopefully wont be used for the following events. Only those with friends and popularity win, when the real winner should be the people who get a spotlight thanks to the quality of their video.

    Oh sh*t, you guys went so mad. None of you is participating to any event and then when there’s poll everyones crying about it, sadly u didnt get chance TO WIN A BIG PRIZE. I would understand if the prize was 200€ .. yall need to chillau. I did asked my friends to vote for me in a fair way, ufff and what now.. :D i didnt force anyone to vote for me, just asked them kindly as a good person :) :D <3 Also they liked the video Soo.. puhaha

    I'm calling you out kiyandra because you are clearly going to win thanks to your friends that are helping you with the votes, I congratulate you since you have gotten yourself an unfair advantage against everyone else because of it, BUT that doesn't mean your video is the best or that it should win.

    Personally I think the voting method for this type of event sucks. Only someone who has alot of friends or uses multiple accounts to get votes will win. The quality of the video and what is being shown has no part in it. (Not dependant on its reality or fiction, the point was to reflect the idea of Valentines in whichever way) And we arent even talking about who users that are bashing or harshly critiquing videos so others dont get votes. That is pathetic.

    Good luck to all participants.