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    me and my friend tested the stats and tbh they don't do much of a difference. you do the same dmg, have the same defense and have the same speed doesn't make that much of a difference .

    but it will be the winning factor when both sides are equally as go

    Not really every weapon has many ways to be countered. even if its a weapon with lvl 5 RA ,lvl 10 DP lvl 5 td dm atk if you know how to counter it you can win naked even

    the meaning of p2w game is that it has stuff that can be acquired by only using real life currency. tbh s4 isn't considered to be a p2w cause you can get a full fp account without being an ama even. in the past it was a p2w cause in the past you must pay to get caps but now only finishing weapons tutorial and skill tutorial gives you around 2 booster caps, around 12 caps if not more, and 20 k. and starting a new account actually gives you a good amount of pen you start with 40 k lvl 1 caps gives 20 k, lvl 2 give 10 k ((not sure)). lvl 5 and 10 both gives 10 k pen and all ama levels give a pen box (( a random chance to get between 1 k and 5 k )). i started a combi account last week got to level 16 i had 200k pen i got a full set not fp ((and just to be clear pen set caps give stats live fp but without the +5% exp bonus)) and a pen skin ps fp perm from random. its not full fp but its a good start. not to mention events and missions can give fp items.

    This is my fanfiction piece. Hope you like it. :love:<3:*

    How Sherly and Sherlock got out of Treasure

    Sherlock and Sherly start investigating Treasure [Dm Map], but they got flustered because of a sudden attack by Darten and Damia who were hired by Dominic. Darten and Damia were using dual magnum and sharpshooter, so Sherlock and Sherly were at a disadvantage and fell into the basement. Sherly then finds the hidden code and runs it. When Sherly ran the code, two mysterious sets of red and orange chips spawned and beside them were some invisibility devices. Sherlock was running looking for Sherly when he sees a bright light and follows it the to Sherly’s location.“What are those red chips.” Sherly asked. Sherlock answered. “I think the red chips are [GM]Heiliger’s mighty pug beam chips.” Then Sherly asked “And the orange?” and Sherlock replied ” [PM]Karasakal’s black beard Stunning smash chips.” Then Sherly asked, ” Can we try them?” Then Sherlock replied, ” I’ll take the red chips though.” then Sherly said ” Okay dear.”

    When Sherly and Sherlock equipped the chips, they felt a mighty strength coming out of their bodies, then suddenly when Sherlock help his hand close together, a robust red beam came out and blew half of the wall in front of him Then Sherly jumped and when she landed a powerful orange colored lighting came out of her legs and cracked the floor. Then both of then equipped the invisibility devices. Sherly exclaimed, “Let’s go hunt us some hunters shall we!” Sherlock said with excitement” Right behind you.”

    They went and searched and then found Darten and Damia chilling on the floor with their sharpshooters ready. Then Sherly asked, ” Would you like us to go fast or slow.” Then Sherlock replied” Let’s toy with them first, and then we go to a restaurant. My treat.” Then Sherly said “Okay dear.”

    Sherly and Sherlock tiptoed towards them and then started taping on their shoulder. When darten and Damia look over their shoulder, Sherly said “Hi Guys.” used the Karasakal black beard smash to stun them and then she went invisible again. And then Sherlock took their weapons and threw them away from them then he said “Why were you after us?” then Darten replied “Ugh…. What did she use?” then Sherlock said “Do not ignore my question! Why did you attack us? Who sent you?” Damia Answered ”Dominic sent us to stop you from finding the Gms’ lost treasure, but I guess you already found it. ” then Darten said, ”I think we failed. I can barely move my body.” Damia exclaimed, “Do not worry my love at least we die together.” Sherlock said “Well then, I will use Heiliger's Mighty pug beam to end you both. Rest in peace,” and then Sherlock used Heiliger’s mighty pug beam to blow them to a wall. Then Sherly and Sherlock took the sharpshooter, and dual magnum sold them in the black fumbi shop, went to a restaurant, ordered some grilled fish SMG and, got married and lived happily ever after in the bright skies of NetSphere.

    so basically its the same as ps kill bug in the countdown for a new round but using f skill. i wonder if you can make it to were you cant use f after you td cause it really abusive.

    when you use esper bomb your opponent agains the stun effect in the new round.
    when you use strong beam ur opponent dies and has to wait 7 seconds until he respawns.

    i really hope you put restriction to using f skill after tding.

    First, i want to start by saying we need Rusty Garden and Old Moon. Me and many other old players had good times in those maps, and I am pretty sure that a lot of old players would love it back.

    Second, we need new skins for some weapons, some weapons have only 1 or 2 skins like sharpshooter, turret, gauss, cannonade, Burst Shotgun, Iron Boots, semi and others.

    I will start a poll to see the number of players who want the old maps back and i hope we get them back. thank you @s4 team.