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    That's a very interesting question, or it would be if you meant it as an actual question. Personally I'd go for more damage for swords, more ammo in guns, and stronger pushback for both.

    Boy the chips are made to boost ur play style not the weapons you use. rushers mostly use full green. ppl who support uses full blue or orange. people who want to get kills have either shiny set to get pen or red set. and other ppl use mixed sets on there prefered stats they wanna boost.((thats is what ive seen))

    If you shoot people with a revolver or with a sniper, like was suggested, in most cases yes. Both weapons inflict knockback, meaning unless they are trying to defend right next to the goalpost, they're still going to be in position to intercept you with the second stun unless you finish them off.

    Are you that bad at movement or cant you head jump or cant you predict when and where hits gonna land ? personally ,i love to use bomb to destroy their balance and killing a senty if there is one.

    How is that relevant to what I said though?

    things in ()'s are things i use and my opinion.

    BOY you said A well designed weapon gives its user an incentive to explore its depth, which plasma sword fails to do because stun is the correct option in a large majority of defensive scenarios. and i was saying that the game gives you the choice to make a set of 3 weapons to fill the flaws of each other, meaning a weapon for close range (like revo, sg , ag, a preffered melee) and a 2nd weapon for long range (semi , smash, preffered sniper), and a third weapon that either boosted ur movement speed (dag, hg , vs, ib) or one that helps you def (sentry or nell) and a skill that also plays a role in ur play style (like sp mastery for rushing, sheild for supporting ).

    Again, the issue is latency. You don't know precisely when you're going to get hit, so getting the timing right is harder than it has ever been, and somewhat luck dependent. Like, when is the last time you've seen PS get speedcountered in unli?
    --> speed counter isnt used in unli that often because players tend to stun then use a f--kin gun

    "And while they cast it you totally can't shoot them in the head with revo or your sniper could cancel them right."

    -> I mean, what ends up happening more often than not when you do that is that they're still alive and you still have to go through them, at which point you need to kill them or something, and you waste a lot of time that you probably don't have because their team is going to respawn. Not to mention, with latency you very often end up getting stunned anyway.

    --> you need to kill to score ? you only need to do that if they have a bajilion wall in front of the goalpost other than that you can dodge the shots by using unpredictable route or movement

    First off, yes I want weapons to be balanced around latency, unless latency is fixed somehow, which does not look like it is going to happen. We gotta work with what we have. Same thing when it comes to the chip stats. I hate them, but it's likely that they are here to stay, in which case we have to balance weapons around them.

    --> how are you going to balance weapons to smth that gives extra stats :?::?: I mean chips are made to make you stronger. its true that lvl 5 are hard to get but full level 4 can still give you pretty good stats

    "Well, the strong cut has the potential to push the opponent in the wrong direction. If people want to play safe, why blame them for it."

    -> I don't blame them for it. I blame the weapon. A well designed weapon gives its user an incentive to explore its depth, which plasma sword fails to do because stun is the correct option in a large majority of defensive scenarios.

    --> boy they give you 3 weapons for a reason you cant just depend on 1 weapon and that is it, i use ps vs 1 maximum 2 ppl .when its more i use another weapon like tb or bat, in unli i use bomb or rl. in games like s4 where you can equip more than 1 weapon it is there for a reason . and that reason is to use more than one weapon to strategically win. i'd suggest watching these videos down and you will see that they dont depend on 1 weapon only but they create a set that they can use to def their base and the how kz actually 1 v 8 not by using 1 weapon but by using 3 weapons together and knowing when to use each one

    guys the event is final you talking about it here wont change it and you all know that. Not every event should have rewards of your liking. last Christmas it gave you a free gm wish for completing a month of challenges. you asked for weekly challenges back, they got it back ((although they make it high requirments )). And gm hunt which I appreciate gms are coming online when they are free ((the gms are humans to they have their lives )). and lets not forget our dear lovely staff who works hard to send us the rewards, working on how to make the game better, and keeping the servers up. Show some appreciation people rather than crying over the rewards which I think are not that great but it is not bad either , 2 rare accesorries and the other stuff.

    As i mentioned before, all you have to do is 28K AP for getting 1x S5 Stat Hair. Sounds fair.. meehh..

    The game is like "People without money have no rights to talk, we won't make events for the moneyless people.". Sad thing is they are making everything harder while they are losing players.

    Ehm.. Pardon me, do you have many weapon and costume capsules but you wanted some luck? No worries, we can afford you the best luck with 5-6K AP, it's all money, honey.

    people like this is what's making the community leave.
    1- you dont need ap to get pen stats hair. you can get it through shop or complete scenario.
    2- ""The game is like "People without money have no rights to talk, we won't make events for the moneyless people.".""
    if that ^^^^^^^^^ was true then we wouldn't have gotten an event every week that gives around 3+ caps and 30 k + pen
    3- you can get g capps from missions events and coupon shop. no need to spend ap.

    Why do some people have to be trash ? The staff are doing their best to make this game better while manging to make weekly events rather than making it only seasonal events. Am with you that these rewards arent the best but they still making an event to try and make ppl play the game more. Rather than posting trash opinions, show our staff some love. <3

    Yeah mostly everything luck based...

    Yeah no. Maybe you should recheck stats. AP Weapon = +10% atk. FP Weapon = 11% atk, HP+5, SP+5, Speed +3%. Look you are so long in this game and even you don't remember such a simple thing. But new players without any knowledge and help should figure out the best way to get strong items xD

    Nah the ap vs pen problem is everywhere. But you can test it yourself. Play with full pen gear in a normal room. You probably have to change your gamestyle and usual way of thinking.

    i was talking about the set stats not the weapon and am with you that playing pen vs fp is hard but it aint impossible specially that I saw you playing with pen gear and you were still reking me and my team back in the days

    Nowadays everyone has at least full FP set and weapons but those are mostly old players (probably even those who still plays s5 for some reason).

    The ap vs pen problem mostly affect new players. You can pretty much guess a new player by seeing them not wearing anything.

    Ppl seems to stay away from p2w games in general especially when there are better alternatives and s4 is not a new game either.

    tbh you can get full set with 3 weapons by making a new account and doing events. leveling up to level 20 alone gives around 250 k

    to 300 k and if you spend it right you can get a shiny set and keep saving pen to get the pen caps of weapons you want. and lets not mention that by spending 1 dollar you get a weapon and a pet fp perm. the only thing you cant get with pen is the pet since there is no pen caps of pet. other than that everything you need to win is easy to get with pen.also the difference between ap and fp is the 20% exp bouns othr than that it doesnt make difference

    opening another s4 ? are you guys serious at all ? whats the point of opening the same game but called another game ?

    1- opening a new game = needs money for server and publishing and some other stuff
    2- making it skin system based = what about the skins ppl paid money to get or skins that ppl had to login everyday to complete an event to get
    3- making a new game with no stats is just like saying "oh guys we have a private server that makes the game not really p2w "

    from all the things that could be removed he chooses pity. the only thing that help players who enter a loosing team have a chance of winning. I thought this post would be about smth important.


    That's mainly because players don't use the room system as it was intended to be used originally.

    The very basic idea of a room system is for players to organize themselves, which means not only in terms of team balancing, but also making sure that the room is filled with people before the match starts. If players would be able to do those two simple things, there would be no problem in turning off the boost effect.

    if you mean the shuffle button, that wont work in 2018 cause I know ppl who are more pro than me and play with A rank accounts and other players who aren't that pro but have high level accounts due to farming so shuffling would not make it balanced. and also in the room system if the room is 8v8 and you start the game 2 v 2 the next player who enters will be put in the loosing team by default. and the second "simple" thing you talked about "waiting for players", in 2018 only os rooms get filled easily, players like me and hella ((gunners)) we create a room 4v4 5v5 etc it gets filled in like 30 mins minimum which is also a waste of time. which do you think is better wasting time when ur playing or wasting time waiting for the room to fill ?


    by the way, can we get a different type of event ((example: questions about the game and we get a caps for every question right)) and can we get a timer to when the event starts. ty <3

    how am i cheating when im obeying all the rules?define cheating.

    boy you need to do the challenge in this week that's why its called challenge of the week and btw in the submission , the date and time of the match is needed. (( PSS : gm pls add it to the rules that you cant use an old screenshot ))

    The date and time when the screenshot was made is in the characteristics of the screenshot. Not sure if you have to change the time to Berlin time tho.

    No only the highest tier 1

    I was talking about how the submission page :o its a bit to much security cause seriously you need the time of when you played the match (in hours) . Like today I played from 4 am until now which is 8:30 and I dont even remember when I took the screen shot so I wrote 6 30 cause I didn't know which time line they want or if it needs to be the time you got the ss or the time you joined the room

    Date of the game


    Approximate time of the game



    I think you should add an info about this in the
    rules cause some ppl submit later than when they get the screen shot and other ppl (like me ) dont look at the clock when they are playing

    for info the ip ban is already getting removed it is talking some time cause of the internet services cause my friend in Egypt told me that he can play fine in his house and in a friends house it tells him that the country is baned. so its a waiting game now for the ip ban issue

    Nope. It is amazing that this game has no ingame moderation at all. It is like already mentioned a challenge not give away. If it would be easy I wouldn't call it a challenge in the first place. If you don't reach the 600p you would still get stuff for 400p or 200p. It is not like you would get nothing but people are too greedy. If they would only give away the 200p Regular Tier people would also farm that. Just a example in the character creation event I honestly don't think your entry is serious at all but you get at least 2 caps right? I'm sure if you would spend more time on it it would look better.

    And heal assist doesn't count. Is mentioned in the first post tho.

    1- I didn't say it has to be a giveaway it can still be a challenge getting 500 p or 550 or it can be the same 600 but increase the rewards allittle.
    2- I didn't entered the character creation for the rewards, I entered it because we dont have a fumbi themed set when the fumbi is smexi :*
    3- I am spending time trying to make it better but am not good at drawing on pc :(

    4 I meant heallling points in chaser mode, do you get them or not ?? cause I never noticed that

    I was thinking of a mode where a fumbi ufo comes and drops random weapons every 30-40 seconds of the match, I poke kara on discord but he was buzy. :(
    or maybe like drop mode (like fm and bruning buff) where you and ur team can switch weapons. It would be awesome like if you and ur team would like to switch roles mid half you could. or maybe a regan mode where you heal an amount of hp when you aren't being hit. I have more. kara senpai if you want I can make you a list of ideas and you can read them in ur next askkara stream.

    Well I guess you mean in game events. Easier? Well sure 600 points in a Chaser game isn't easy but 400 is well possible. If you aim for 600 points in a legit way most players just gonna give up and farm it. Thats how it works because you want the highest reward possible right? So in the end 30mins farming (5 caps + 50k pen) is actually much less than the weekend events with 3h (max reward 6 caps + 70k pen).

    Maybe they were too scared that you gonna show up with your fists and railgun ;)

    Well I also wouldn't bother with unlimited chaser. It's dead but I already wrote that down on an other thread^^

    well when a game has a rule or a policy or what ever you call it of no farming and make events that hard,that players have to farm then that is amazing.
    my theory is who is doing these events is just doing it to make the players stop saying get back weekly challenges or to make players play another mode than td, cause rather than saying like get 8 targets (killing the player that gives you 4p) he makes it get 600 p in chaser without healing assist (if am not wrong, healing points doesnt count in chaser,correct me if am wrong ^-^) . Well we can never now the true purpose of who is putting these events

    1. legit lel

    2. If you don't like it then don't participate and upload some AP. Easy as that.

    3. It's called challenge not give away...

    1- old weekly challenges gave 9 caps I think and 3-4 pen caps (bronze pen caps for bronze teir)(gold for golden teir)(diamond for diamond teir)
    2- am not saying I dont like. am saying that its nearly imposible (legit way) and the rewards are not that persuasive to make ppl try for it

    3- not every one has a way of buying ap like you do


    first rail gun

    less dmg more delay between shots

    second exo

    we need exo beam back :C

    third breaker

    stun on jump attack((please :c))

    fourth iron boots

    more movement speed less sp cost on the rightclick and less delay time

    fifth F skills

    x- change the way to obtain them

    x- make it unable to use after scoring a td

    x- and put the extractor in shop please for PEN PLEASE <3

    that's all ty :*