S4 Dev Team:

    There appears to be an issue with some of the weapons. the Metal Fist variant, Curious Cat Claw, does not have a working special attack (RMB_Default). So far it affects computers re-installing the game from the official website. Please consider fixing this (unless the special attack was patched out).


    I'm experiencing a similar dilemna. At the authentication server, I'm getting "Connection to the game server has been terminated." No servers are shown, so I think it's a communication error with integrating EAC on top of BattleEye:

    Log Create

    [ EACInfo ][ App::CClientApp::InitInternal ] : ...EASYANTICHEAT: Initializing EAC game client module...

    [ EACInfo ][ EasyAntiCheat::LogMessage ] : ...EASYANTICHEAT: Library has been loaded ------------------ > Success

    [ EACInfo ][ EasyAntiCheat::LogMessage ] : ...EASYANTICHEAT: GameClient configured! ------------------ > Success

    [ EACInfo ][ App::CClientApp::InitInternal ] : ...EASYANTICHEAT: EAC game client module initialized successfully!

    [ ERROR ] CTexture_D3D::CreateTexture_FromMemory [ D3DXGetImageInfoFromFileInMemory 88760b59 ] [ FileName : http://s4league.patch.aeriagam…ientbanners/us/image4.jpg ]

    [ ERROR ] CTexture_D3D::CreateTexture_FromMemory [ D3DXCreateTextureFromFileInMemoryEx 88760b59 ] [ FileName : http://s4league.patch.aeriagam…ientbanners/us/image4.jpg ]

    [ PROCESS ][ Game::GameState::CIntroState::EnterState ] 2018-12-01 22:07:41:609 Begin

    [ PROCESS ][ Game::GameState::CIntroState::EnterState ] 2018-12-01 22:07:43:241 End

    [ PROCESS ][ Game::GameState::CIntroState::LeaveState ] 2018-12-01 22:07:48:187 Begin

    [ PROCESS ][ Game::GameState::CIntroState::LeaveState ] 2018-12-01 22:07:48:205 End

    [ PROCESS ][ Game::GameState::CTitleState::EnterState ] 2018-12-01 22:07:48:205 Begin

    [ PROCESS ][ Game::GameState::CTitleState_Login::EnterState ] 2018-12-01 22:07:48:205 Begin

    [ PROCESS ][ Game::GameState::CTitleState_Login::EnterState ] 2018-12-01 22:07:48:286 End

    [ PROCESS ][ Game::GameState::CTitleState::EnterState ] 2018-12-01 22:07:48:286 End

    [ PROCESS ][ Game::GameState::CTitleState_Login::LeaveState ] 2018-12-01 22:08:08:249 Begin

    [ PROCESS ][ Game::GameState::CTitleState_Login::LeaveState ] 2018-12-01 22:08:08:249 End

    [ PROCESS ][ Game::GameState::CTitleState_ConnectAuthServer::EnterState ] 2018-12-01 22:08:08:249 Begin

    [ PROCESS ][ Game::GameState::CTitleState_ConnectAuthServer::EnterState ] 2018-12-01 22:08:08:250 End

    [ ERROR ][ Game::GameState::CTitleState_ConnectAuthServer::OnAuthDispatchLogin_EU_Ack ] 2018-12-01 22:08:09:559 EU AuthLogin Ack Failed. uiResultCode : 3;

    [ INFO ] [ CFramework::PeekMessagePumping() ] FrameWork Close. Get WM_QUIT Message.

    [ PROCESS ][ CAuthClient::Disconnect ] 2018-12-01 22:08:11:369 CAuthClient Disconnect.

    [ INFO ][ CAuthClient::Release ] 2018-12-01 22:08:11:369 AuthClient Release.

    [ INFO ][ CRoomClient::Release ] 2018-12-01 22:08:11:370 RoomClient Release.

    [ INFO ][ GameServerClient::Release ] 2018-12-01 22:08:11:370 GameServerClient Release.

    [ PROCESS ][ Game::GameState::CTitleState::LeaveState ] 2018-12-01 22:08:11:370 Begin

    [ PROCESS ][ Game::GameState::CTitleState_ConnectAuthServer::LeaveState ] 2018-12-01 22:08:11:370 Begin

    [ PROCESS ][ Game::GameState::CTitleState_ConnectAuthServer::LeaveState ] 2018-12-01 22:08:11:370 End

    [ PROCESS ][ Game::GameState::CTitleState::LeaveState ] 2018-12-01 22:08:11:378 End

    Leak Warrning 2CECE230

    LeakActor : 0

    LeakActorState : 0

    LeakGameObject : 0

    LeakGUI : 0

    LeakTexture : 1

    LeakSceneNode : 50

    LeakAttachItem : 0

    LeakGUISKin : 0

    LeakGUI_Composite : 0

    Leak GUIConnector: -7

    Abnormal Processors: 0

    [ INFO ][ CRoomClient::Release ] 2018-12-01 22:08:14:604 RoomClient Release.

    [ INFO ][ GameServerClient::Release ] 2018-12-01 22:08:14:605 GameServerClient Release.

    [ INFO ][ CAuthClient::Release ] 2018-12-01 22:08:14:608 AuthClient Release.



    Instead of lamenting about how the railgun is, why not just petition to keep both iterations of the railgun with the newer iteration becoming the Mark 2 variant? No Mk2 rooms are a thing, anyway. Y'all may as well add that to the weapon limits.

    I'm just looking forward to the security patch, chipset buff/rebalancing, Collecting Book set buffs (maybe a new set that can complement the Amazon sets as icing on cake? o//_//o), Magnum Rebalancing, and the new Episodic Seasons. This game'll regain momentum, soon.

    Same here, guys:

    From June 23rd, I've been having this issue. The Black-List hack is perhaps the most problematic exploit, right now.

    Try doing this.

    It worked for me twice in the past. You can remove the rule after the account is working again.

    I've tried that weeks ago... no dice. It would say that I've failed to join the Relay Server Tunnel... stupid tunnel... e_e.... If it worked, then I would advise any person affected to Wireshark the link to get the proper IP for S4's EU-1 Relay Server for the firewall rule.

    Edit: It appears to be working.... O_o I've entered and played in S4-EU-1, yesterday. Then again, it could be that the list was updated, at this point I don't know. It needs more testing. To those eSpers blacklisted since late Spring, please, comfirm that this works for you too by trying it on your computers.

    Well, this cements


    This cements some theories I've had with combo chaining with KT/XO.

    1 - why it is illegal and I can take ban, unless there is some post allowing us to use it temporarily.

    2 - why all vpn that I know are old and does not work anymore and those that work are usually paid in monthly plans and there is no crack.

    I used hotspotshield had many others that I do not remember now.

    if you recommend me some that work and be free I would use yes. ?

    I find it being able to spot hackers way more useful.

    Also as far as the vote kick exists you will keep being kicked for using weapons no matter if your info is hidden or not.

    Wurd, Hella:

    There's too much hate for underused weapons. O_O One would think that they would be tested to see how far one can go with said weapon, but... apparently, "To each their own," holds up.


    That's the error I keep getting, whenever I enter or make a room in English 1 (Europe) or Turkey servers. I guess this is what I get for roaming rooms during S4's low-times. Let me know when this situation Beryl Rolls over.

    • B01 - Client not responding
    • B02 - Query Timeout
    • B03 - Game restart required
    • B04 - Bad Service Version
    • B05 - Disallowed Program
    • B06 - Indicate Cheating
    • B07 - Corrupted Memory
    • B08 - Corrupted Data
    • B09 - WinAPI Failure
    • B10 - Global Ban
    • B11 - Bad Packet

    The reason people were getting B11 was because BattlEye wasn't up-to-date on the client.

    I checked the flush folder, and my error is this:

    [ ERROR ][ CRoomClient::OnLeaveServer ] 2018-07-08 19:00:59:943 CRoomClient OnLeaveServer Error. m_errorType : 11

    It definitely seems like a bad packet to me, but it could be a server black list. -_- Of course, it wouldn't make much sense, since I haven't been that active in recent months... I sure hope that this mistake is rectified.

    I can understand your speculation:

    The chipsets appear to be fine as they are. This still doesn't rule out the need for tuning. If anything is to be done for Style chipsets, then, F-skill needs weapon swapping and disabled auto-reload during its forward slide animation for better followup attacks, platforming, etc... The passive trait of SP reduction of using gauge-intensive moves should still be considered.

    okay, I can see how it would be rlly strong in small rooms, 4vs4 and below. I guess decrease the sp drop when taking dmg instead, right now it depletes to fast I say.

    That's a good observation:

    That's also why I'm voting for better SP consumption efficiency for the Style chipset, which specializes in that avenue.

    Well, that's basically the same as a +10~20% max SP increase (stamina regens faster the more max SP you have already). I wouldn't mind if the style chips gave more than 4 SP (with an additional 3 SP from the pants like in every set), so I would be okay with that change.

    I think one of the issues with that set is that the F skill is pretty bad. Or so I've heard, I'm too short on pen to get an idea for myself. It's a shame though, I like that F skill better than the others, since it changes the way the user plays the game in a significant way (or it would, if it was stronger), rather than just being something you press every X seconds.

    But the thing is, having a chip whose only purpose is mobility isn't a good thing. I don't like the idea of dedicated rushers who are subpar at everything that doesn't involve running the ball (not fun to play against or in the same team as), and that's the kind of playstyle that benefits from green chips as they are.

    So, what I would do instead is give the green set a damage increase (instead of HP when healed), to fit into the quick and deadly (but dies fast) archetype.

    The F-skill for Style chipsets is a kin to a crutched dodge... One can't switch weapons while the animation is in progress. Further, it consumes 25 SP, while not experiencing the same SP reduction as a normal evade. In some cases, it's better than a sideway evade, because of approach, angle and setup, but its lack of tuning leaves much to be desired.

    Then there's the SP reduction of all weapons that consume SP. Style needs this. Sure, they buffed a few weapons that were hogging too much SP to dish out attacks, in order to have enough to get out of the way. That's only some - not all. It's time to enhance it for better combat speed.

    Edit: Lastly, what you are suggesting is that the Style inherits a damage increase... such as... Defense Piercing? In that case, it will bolster a nifty perk.

    Solid is built for defense and SP. It gives the most SP out of any set, and its F skill consumes a lot of SP. Though I agree that the green set has pretty bad stats overall due to HP recovery rate being useless.

    Good Perspective:

    [eSper Chipset(Style): Buff] Since Style is built for SP efficiency, then how about an added effect for eSper level four or five, instead? Every movement, attack, and skill will have a 10~20% SP reduction on top of the enchants for shoes and accessories. This will also cover charged attacks and SP-Draining attacks for all SP-consuming weapons.

    Reason: Style is built for SP efficiency, and if the other options are inconsiderable, then this is the best route to take. If that's still not viable, then Weapon SP consumption should decrease under Style Level four or five's effect.

    Hey, I seem to be experiencing a similar problem:

    Report Pt. 1


    Report Pt. 2

    My problem, however, is occuring as soon as I enter rooms on certain servers.

    I can only suspect that it's an exploit since it happened after an encounter on June 23rd with some shady characters in some jump rooms. I've reported this to gamigo support, but I also want to spread word of how crazy these exploits are getting.


    Please consider this:

    eSper Chipsets Style and Solid Trait Swap [Buff/Balance]

    Please swap the Recovery by Heal on Style Shirt chips with SP Regen on Solid Shoes chips and buff the effects in favor of both eSper chipsets.

    SP efficiency is the main attribute of the Style chipsets. Its SP recovery rate should also reflect that. Further, the SP recovery has been at an all-time low rate since its inception into pet enchants, therefore, please give it a bigger output. The same goes for solid. Solid is built for defense. The health recovery trait complements that.




    I'm likong the perspectives, but please, keep it simple, and save the discussions for a different forum branch.



    I can see some of your valid points and how they raise concerns - especially regarding the issue of 'giving players too much power in a game [as mature as S4].' For all of today's Sword Only (SO) matches, we're limited to using only HP, SP, and Dual Mastery. Therefore [S4 League Staff], I ask you this:

    Please, make a SO-Weapon limit that includes most (if not all) of the games current skills, or update the current weapon limitations. In the same manner, as we have the Arcade and Chaser weapon limits, can we also have a newer custom weapon limit.

    Using the skills, that normally are used in Guns/Unlimited weapon limits, will grant additional health and skill points to the player - but not too much to outweigh the Half-HP Mastery or Dual Mastery

    Doing this will open a newer kind of gameplay experience without completely breaking the game's core ideas, and if some skills are too overused and/or overpowered, those skills can be petitioned for removal within the next few patches.



    Please consider these:

    eSper Chipset (Style) [Buff] I:

    Reduce the evade eSper (F) skill point consumption from 25 to 16.

    This evade may move the person forward, but it's no different to a sideway evade, so please make its SP consumption reflect that - particularly, let it match the same SP consumption as a normal evade for a person who is using the full Style eSper chipset.

    eSper Chipset (Style) [Buff] II:

    Change the value that locks weapon switching during the forward-evade eSper skill (F) animation.

    This has been a hamper in techniques. Weapons can be switched during most (if not all) maneuvering animations. Style chipset users would have to queue their weapons before using the F-skill, and doing so too late can hamper one's reaction time.

    All Melee Weapons [Balance] I:

    Please make a weight/speed balance of all the current melee weapons by giving lower-base-damage weapons higher movement speeds.

    That way, harder-hitting weapons will have lower speeds, because the weapon has more mass which enhances momentum, which enhances damage output Example: [attack range : Movement speed] 1~19:130~121, 20~29:120~111, 30~39:110~101, 40~49:100~91, 50~59:90~81

    The Iron Boots could be an exception, since they are technically vehicular weapons.

    Katana [Buff] I:

    Re-enable the Charge-time reduction effect of the Martial Arts Master/Lady sets for Katana's special attack, (RMB) the Z-Finish.

    Since the Taichi Twin Blades' inception, the Collecting Book's Effect has always enhanced the Twin Blades, Breaker, and Katana, but after the Katana's first buff patch, it was removed. This buff will not be much, but will allow quicker execution of techniques and a better attack damage, sooner. Besides, martial arts masters can better channel their chi (ki), so a katana would experience the same treatment.

    Katana [Buff] II:

    Increase the arc width of the katana's attack frames.

    Most of the katana's attacks are horizontal, but their hitboxes are too frontal, especially for oblique angles. when the opponent is trying to side-dodge. Horizontal swings are helpful in those situations.

    Katana [Buff] III:

    Increase the attack speed of Katana's four-hit ground combo, and decrease the cooldown of the last hit by 10~15%.

    It is slow and the last hit makes a person more vulnerable to attacks, when the weapon's being sheathed.

    Twin Blades [Balance] I:

    Separate the charging animation into 2 cycles. Please, make it the same as it was before the mid-2014 nerf of the twin blades.

    Make it as it was from the start of Season 4. Before, the charging animation could be skipped to the charged-held animation by jumping (Spacebar) and charging (RMB-Hold) at the same time.

    Breaker [Balance] I:

    Merge the charging animations of the Breaker's special attack from two phases to one.

    If you decide not to balance the Twin Blades' charging animations, then please make the Breaker's match that of the Twin Blades' current design of one continuous animation sequence, because it gets abused for its quicker charging.

    Twin Blades [Balance] II:

    Restore the attack radius of the Twin Blades' special attack (RMB-Hold) to match that of the Breaker's special attack radius. This was how it was before the initial nerfs, four years ago.

    There are more, but these are my current top concerns that need to be addressed.

    Thank you,

    (。ŏ_ŏ) {sigh...}

    彡づo==[]:::::::::::彡::»彡(\ .o.)\<(NNNNERRF THIS S*&$~!)

    (。ì Д í。)ง⌐╦╦0═─ Σ(≥_@ ; ) ≡⊃ Σ(っ゚Д゚;)っ<(NNNNERRF THIS S*&$~!)

    ( - _¬)▄︻̷̿┻̿═━一☆ - - == == ≡≡≡⊃)) ヽ(X ДX)ノ<(NNNNERRF THIS S*&$~!)

    ノ ノ


    Hello, Leaguers, World Members, and Dominic Associates:

    Allow me to propose this weapon limit for all other game rooms: Custom limit.

    Custom limit is an upgraded version of S4 League's current create-a-room settings & GUI, allowing customizable weapon permissions similar to that of selecting the defaults: unlimited, swords-only(SO), guns-only, Arcade-only, or Chaser-only. The display can be a list of checkboxes that room masters can modify, while all others can observe. The check list will span all the weapons, guns, snipers, bombs, drones, swords both sharp and blunt, and their Mark 2 variants. The same idea can span across the skills as well, giving players the ability to isolate the match's, allowed, weapon loadouts more effectively.

    For example, what if melee users wanted to use one, some, or all of the unlimited/guns skills in SO? Now, they can do that. What if they wanted to use healing or explosive weapons in said SO match? Now, they can do that. What if the players wanted to deny the use sniper rifles? Now, they can do that. What if the developers wanted to implement this under the mask of a new post-Glitch season, called Framework? Now, they can (with all intents and purposes) do that.

    This same implementation can make it easier to detect cheaters who want to use specific weapons that are currently denied by these new permissions. The Custom limit is great; In fact, the other game modes (unlimited, guns, swords) can be implemented on top of this idea by use of their own checkboxes when selecting the room's properties. The GUI can be a second tab above the window, and the design can be scaled from a 2xN list in 800x600 aspect ratio to a KxN list (K and N are positive integers of 2 or greater).

    Custom Limit Mk. 2


    Customizable matches and weapon limits

    Grants access to more unique gameplay experiences that aren't hampered by risks of 'Rule Breakers'


    Takes time to implement, debug, and compile for an older game that doesn't have a proper sub-folder file system for most of the data.

    Can be 'abused' by players, in which case behooves other players to uphold the option of not playing in said room with 'abused' rules.

    Do you eSpers, Game Masters, Developers, Leaguers think that this implementation is doable and beneficial to the core of Netsphere? Do you think that some things require a change? What other mechanics do you think require modification? Let us know in the comments below.



    Please Understand:

    Monk's KT is good, but even that blade had things that needed to change some attacks were borrowed from other weapons, and the implementation could have been better than that. That's why we have the modern KT.

    If possible, then Monk's KT can be wrapped as a combo modifier for the current KT - one that can be activated through collections. I've seen what they can do with the purple Mach-3 Spy Dagger, so I know that it's possible.