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    How come that the is rarely a problem with purchasing AP.

    And if there is one it gets a fix withing 24 hours.

    I wish that actual problems are dealt with.

    It makes me angry & sad to see such a great game with huge potential just getting left to die. I don't write those hate post because like hating but because I am highly interested in the wellbeing of S4 league.

    Also why don't you start coming clean and tell us the truth or the problems ? Are there not enough employees ? We never get the truth but the answers that you are working on it. I bet there are skilled community people who could help (not me though).

    It is because the goal is not to fix the game but to barely keep it running so players can still spend AP.

    Ever noticed that actual bugs don't get attention but that there is almost NEVER a problem with the shop and if there is one it will get a fix within 24 hours.

    Hmmm that's strange right ?

    So there is this bug for a while now where Clan staffs can't even invite players to the clan anymore. This is a problem because a lot of master have stopped playing which will lead to the ultimate death of a clan in the end.

    It's especially cool for players which account got banned for NO reason and they got kicked out of their clan.

    So my question: Are you aware of this problem & will there be a fix ? (Probably NO):thumbup:

    Yes it is. A lot of things are related to another. You touch one, another breaks. Even the korean devs couldn't fix most of the problems and they got carried over to the current version.

    It is no surprise trying to build stuff on a bugy code will make it even more buggy.

    Ok so you are completely fine with the games current situation ? And do you really think aeria is seriously trying to fix the game or do they just keep it running so it is barely playable ? Do you really think that it's not possible in almost over 2 1/2 years to achieve improvements ? I think it should be possible to at least achieve something during that time. I am not expecting a fully fixed flawless game. But when you crashing after every 3. leave/join/loading etc. that is a major sign that there has to be something done and nothing is being done to seriously improve the situation.

    So after some time I decided to login again for a round. First try to join a room -> instant freeze. So I've been wondering what actually have you been done after all this time ?

    In summer 2017 you promised during a live stream and also on various posts to fix freezes etc and many more things. Well it just gets worse and worse and to be honest I am kinda amazed that this game is actually still running and not shutted down. Can someone who does have technical knowledge PLEASE tell me if the game is actually that hard to fix or is it just aeria who is incompetent. Because in my eyes the have lost all credibility everytime players complain we get the same answers: "we are working on it there will be a fix SOON but whe can't say exactly when". I guess the only reason this game is still running because there are still people who invest money in this game which is ridicilous because why would you spend money on a game which is literally NOT PLAYABLE.

    [REMOVED] the company who owns the original game can't fix it ?? I don't get how could you let a game with HUGE potential even for esports go to waste ?

    Looking forward to the standard excuses!

    Then it is better to start praying for the company to get better since the game wouldn't even exists at all without them. In fact, it woudl have shut down together with the kr version and we would have nothing now.

    As I said I also thankful that they still run this game. However they need to stop making promises and start making clearer annoucements what's actually gonna happen and what not. For example in the PM letter back in summer he said that clans are very high on the priority list and something will come for sure, never heard anything about clans since then. I can understand 100% when they can't work on clan stuff when more important problems come first, but then they just shouldn't make this vague promises all the time followed by "please wait a little bit longer". This is in my opinion why aeria gets so much hate, if they would just make clear announcements like "Thing X isn't going to happen anytime soon" or "We are not working on A right now but on B" that would be way better than empty promises. Aeria receiving hate is not only the games fault but also because of bad marketing. I however feel sorry for the people working there who actually care about the game but can't do more because of their higher ups.

    The situation only gets worse and worse. I feel like you fix only the problems so far that players can barely play this game. Everytime new offers for the shop are announced while the servers are that unstable & broken as never before, it feels like aeria spits on the community. For the people who will always defend them, yes I am also thankful that they saved s4 from shutting down, but seriously I'm sure that a MOTIVATED team with a serious approach could fix these problems, or at least this unstable server. If the game wouldn't be so unique no one would be here anymore. And this is getting exploited to its fullest by aeria. Let me guess soon there are fixes for all this ? <X

    Actually the situtation is even worse now. Even when the Hacker crashed the servers you could play longer. Fps drops increased drastically. This is an insult to every player of s4. If the game wouldn't be so unique it would be LONG gone & dead. It's a real shame.

    People are complaining about jump rooms ? There was a time when 30-40% rooms where "Chill rooms" and s4 felt like Habbo or Club Penguin. I'm glad that this trend died over the time. One thing that annoys me is that there is way to much waiting til rooms are starting to play.

    I don't know if it's only me but when playing s4 these days I get a freeze after every second or third room leave/join. And this is really no exaggeration. I'm happy when I can leave a room and it doesn't happen, this is just becoming sad.

    3 months later and this is as bad as it never was. Yesterdays s4 freezed 6 times then 3 times when trying to restart. Today I already got 2 freezes when leaving a room. How long will this "fix" take ?

    You game loads all the graphics to display the items of the joined user. This happens immediatly. Back in the day it took some time for it to load. So the newly joined users were displayed as naked until you would load the textures.

    Thanks, back then I was wondering how players could change outfits during the game, found the answer 5 years later haha

    As long as people play it it is not dead :) In fact I see a lot more new players than old ones these days + some people come back after a break. Enjoy playing!

    Hey, first of all this is not a flame thread I am just curious what causes the join lags ? I remember that there weren't any join lags when alaplay still was there. It feels like it gets worse over time joining completly stops the game for a sec. Thanks in advance ! :)

    Hi, so recently someone asked something about the mystery shop & the possibilty to get Items perm. I mentioned in my comment that to me it seems like the possibilty to get items perm after you won something perm is reduced by a lot. Yesterday I enchanted an esper chip to lvl 5, this took me 3-4 min maybe, during that time the chip got destroyed 2 times I think and the level got reduced mostly from lvl 4 to 3 or stayed the same. Right after I got the first chip I started to enchant the second chip. I spent 15 minutes trying to get it to lvl 5, during that process the chip got destroyed 7 or 8 times, the lvl mainly decreased form lvl 3-2 and getting to lvl 4 seemed very rare already, in the end I canceld it because it seemed hopeless. I thought restarting the game could maybe "reset" the chances to normal but it was no use. The thing I suspect now, is that there is a kind of "counter" which starts after you recieve perm items/high esper lvl and until that counter ends your possibility is reduced. I also tested this with caps. So maybe I was just extremly lucky with the first esper chip, but maybe someone else put more thought into this chance/possibilty subject and could share their experience here. Cheers !

    Hi, does anyone else have the problem that he/she gets a lot of freezes lately ? It happens a lot when I try to join a room for example. When playing s4 for 2 hours I have to restart the game 2-3 times or so. Anyone else having those issues or maybe it's just my bad internet.

    Srsly this mystery shop is almost just complete scam if you ask me. I remember buying 20caps or something and I got nothing but pen. I don't know if this is true but to me it seems that if you got something perm & buying/opening other stuff afterwards chances are reduced by a lot to get things perm again.

    Why don't you just try to contact the master or staff? I'm sure that someone knows someone that have a idea where one of them is.

    Otherwise, as Hella_Hell and Pain said, its a mess if something like this exists. Creating a new one with a similar name (if that's what you care about) could be the best solution, just think it as a ver. 2.0 of the original clan.

    That is what I've been trying for the last year.

    Yea but I really only see him trying to get his hands on the clan so he has it. Thats not how things should work and thats why I said its a terrible idea.

    I don't understand it xD. First off I was talking about Staff not master & secondly why do you guys always assume the worst of the worst ? "trying to get his hands on the clan, I just want to see the clan active again but you act like i'm trying to boycott it. The master hasn't been online for over 2 years so i'm pretty sure he doesn't care about the clan and the game itself anymore. If he would come back HE IS STILL THE MASTER, so he could cancel every change if he wanted to, but I more than sure that he would be happy himself to see the clan active again. It is kinda annoying that I have to repeat this 4 the 3rd time now.

    Yea it might be ur reason, but then it will work with everyone, as I said it would go horribly wrong. This is a terrible idea. Sadly if all master and staffs are dead and you want to rebuild with friends, make new clan and do it that way. I really hope you dont just wanna rebuild because you have a logo.

    Why is it a terrible idea ? I love my Clan and I don't want to create a new one that would be kinda the same like making a new account, several people asked me if they could join and i'm pretty sure it is not for the logo but for the Clan itself, some of then used to be in that clan and now they want to come back. I mean i see ure point that it could be abused but the idea itself is not so bad i think ?

    How is it wrong when you just admited it that you are doing it for the clan logo?

    Giving it to random person is just not fair from the perspective of the clan master. It is his clan and it should stay that way. What will happen if he comes back just to see his clan got "stolen" and the previous owner gave it to someone else?

    If you want to recreate a clan, make one and convince the current active members to join it (if there are any left on the firts place).

    Sorry I didn't mean to be rude or anything. It is not just the logo it rly is the clan itself. Anyway it was just a suggestion.