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    I totally agree with what you said.

    Hella_Hell I do understand what you mean but I also think it's not the point that wanted to get across through this post:

    There's proper communication channels (Forum, Website, Discord, Facebook, Twitter), using only one of those, which happens to be -obviously- the less seen makes you wonder what that post is aiming for, and what the Staff of this game is looking for/expecting.

    From a logical point of view, if I'm hiring/looking for GMs, I do want the most of the people I can to see it, cause it'd mean that a major amount of people can see it, which, obviously, implies that I'll have more chances to find a good candidate for the role I am looking people for.

    It was indeed mentioned in another topic that they were looking for people willing to apply for the GM role, without disclosing any information about where to apply, or even stating that there was a form in order to apply.

    As much as I can understand that a person willing to become a GM should check everywhere, it's not a treasure hunt, let's assume that you have a shop, and you are in need to hire (otherwise you wouldn't, cause it'd be a loss of money), you would put an announcement in a visible spot, that wont be istantly overwhelmed by other papers, probably put aswell on a newspaper, cause you want it to have as much visibility as possible.
    Sorry for the long essay about it.

    And to properly comment what has been stated above in the topic. I'm kind of puzzled about the actual lack of communication in this period, I feel like I know nothing about whats happening to the game. Or see at least proper answers to what people ask for, I do understand that not everything can be said, that's crystal clear, but it's unthinkable to know nothing about how a process such as selecting the staff takes so long (while we dont even know why, being busy is generic, isn't it?) or leaving us hanging on a thread saying "soon".
    Please, reinforce the communication with the community, we are not only players, but also customers that support/supported the game. Doing half hearted things (from the way I see it), isn't going to improve the relationship with us (players/customers/supporters) and makes me (or us?) question the way the game is seen not only by the staff, but also the company itself.

    Sorry again for the long reply, once again.

    Was a joke. I thought it was obvious after what happened in the Discord server.

    Got it as a joke, just made me laugh more than it should have. I'm not on the S4 Discord either since 9 months or so I believe, so I'd like a briefing on that if possible.

    Personally, I also think the sign should be smaller/in a corner, l really like them all despite being not S4-ish, probably, concerning the background, I'd try with a S4 map or something with futuristic/cyber style, but that's me? everyone has different tastes and opinions.

    "Free food/any other specific food" works everytime. They always come in to get the food.

    But just a tip. Never say that you already ate the food or they will leave. :(

    Can I safely assume it works with you aswell?

    Anyways, using the title "Test match" always worked for me at any time, other than that "Girls only" has its appeal, (not so) incredibly.

    I felt this coming since long. It's a good news, really.

    Finally I can admit it: People now can say "Aeria fix s4 please" and no one will shut them down because 'Aeria isnt the dev'. It happened, they did it for us. Nerf the railgun!

    Deus lo vult!

    I randomly opened the topic to see some new face posting, meanwhile:

    Ari is alive, yet we still haven't played a game togheter.

    Nyanko got married.

    I was about to close my browser.

    I'm Nevan, my friends know me as the catfish because of my real name.

    Been around the forum since a while, I, sometimes, play S4 and most likely I'll say the last anime you watched is average.

    Always down for a talk if some IQ is involved in it and no, I'm not getting married/about to have a son, I just try to live a normal life (?!).

    Last but not least, I'm not an alcoholist.

    First of all, before starting a productive discussion, like the adults are supposed to do, let's clear a misunderstanding I'll never stress enough to point out: Aeria (Gamigo, now?) is the publisher of S4L in NA/EU.

    A very important point, that in my opinion is worth as one, as they are all related is the once concerning Competitive playing, Pay to Win and Balance.

    Right now (more like always), S4 is a game where everyone wants to win, no matter what, kicking is one of the ways, for sure, then we have enchants, chips, FP (even if they are so common I can't consider it anymore pay to win).

    Now that I've specified in a better way this small introduction to the matter, let's go straight up in dept.

    The game is "competitive" (above I stated everyone wants to win), and I think pretty much everyone agrees S4 has a huge division line between two possible playstyles:
    Traditional (using old school weapons like smash);
    Go for the win (Boots, Rail, Bombs);

    Now, if we take in accounts the simple stuffs I stated above we can clarely see where the issue between what S4 could be but isnt, and what S4 really is.

    No matter what, the wide majority prefers to win in a effortless way than improving, by a simple process: lose and learn. Stating this actually proves that it's not only a fault of the Devs (which is, once again, not Aeria), but of the wrong mindset people approach the game; with this current mindset you can't have a competitive scene where everyone doesnt have his own unique playstyle because it changes with the meta of the weapons (how many people randomly got into boots?). Last but not least, people don't partecipate to tournaments anymore because they mostly can't go for the easy way, and state that "the usual teams will go ahead, which is what, again, marks the thin line between what we have and what we could have had.

    As everyone's feedback (such as yours, if we don't consider the several idiots you were putting around) matters, the two faces of S4's community will collide with an obvious defeat of the competitive side, over the "lazy" side, which proves everyone's opinion matters, and one is the minority.

    Since I'm still in the topic of Feedbacks, since when Dasher came as PM, and he's been succeeded by a returning Kara, the way feedbacks are valuated has sure improve and I find the game a bit better than one year ago or so, despite every difficulty during the Journey of an old game such as S4.

    Let's go a bit more in depth for what concerns the stats, I find the game quite playable even without amazing (if not PEN) stats, but this comes with the skill of each player, that's it, when S4 was launched the format of "who pays gets better stats" was really solid and, willingly or not, people accepted it, now, with the touchdown pass mode, we had a "no stat option", I'd love to see it outside the touchdown pass, and expanded in every mode the game has to offer, that would sure be a step forward.

    Clanstacks are a consequence of the dead clan channel, nothing new, I personally find more enjoyable to play against a stack, than random players, it's more challenging. Regardless I dont find wrong seeing 5 or so friends playing togheter in the same team, just for the fun, or clanmates that want to work on their teamwork.

    Last, but not least, and I was about to forget about it, S4 peer to peer connection makes the possible competitive scene quite hard to see.

    If you managed to read this far, thanks for reading it,

    It's 62 millions first of all.

    Having something on the ladder I cant obtain is a waste.

    I'm not your brother, nor a friend of yours, dont mock my intelligence, we dont know each other, on a side note, if you cant discuss without forcing your idea into other people, what I state is, to action there is a reaction for the end, not only a "in the middle". Suggesting an idea means taking into account all the consequences.

    If you don't care about the max level then dont suggest it on first instance. Bringing back the old level system would mean aiming for the max, not staying as you are, because of rewards. Who didnt hit S4 rank now might find himself a brand new "level up reward" Tab, and get less than now. People want rewards for the level ups, which is the only reason that makes people Farm.

    I disagree, there's no point in having rewards no one will get. There is (was) a point in giving rewards people are able to get, which also meant changing the system. Changing it now it's a whole different story as the playerbase is just enjoying the game as it is instead of farming (which also means even less actively playable games.

    I don't see a point in having the old level system back as it would be "unconquerable". Hella is more or less at half way to the original S4 rank, and we're already at the 8th (or 9th?) year of life of the game. It would for sure encourage people to farm Siege, but those who are playing right now, play because they enjoy the game, not because of the level, which is the wide majority.

    when private servers have better maps than official

    Ja but whats the point when you can't use TP to make crystals, tho.

    Btw yeah, more maps, thats fine, too bad no one would play them.

    Which reminds me sometimes I happen to have some S4L post and I see people saying "New modes/Maps": probably they will never play them, if not for the first week, like everything else.

    I wonder if it's even worth (in terms of Aeria's gain) to create new maps.

    It most likely isn't.