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    The current team is much better than the previous team, however, they are slow due to unfamiliarity with the code, so it takes a while. Bugs happens every small bit, not as often, other than the enchant thing that is currently partially fixed and I expect it to be fixed soon. Regarding maps and rooms, nothing much to do about it. Both modes has things we all dislike or people are simply not willing to learn maps due to the toxicity and flame the other team gives, with all their "ez" and etc. But as stated by XTaei, there's a lot of other games that are simply much better than S4, both mechanically/lore-wise/gameplay-wise, so after 10 years, it will be at this point, one way or another.

    To begin with, you don't need to shut down a game in order to work on patches or fixes. Usually, when trying to fix something, they emulate it and then test things out, by changing the code and keep emulating until it gets where they want it to be, and then they deliver the patch for the actual game. However, the current team is pretty unfamiliar with the game, as stated, so they can't fix things from one day to another. Not to mention that some of those bugs might not exist locally but does exist server-wise. Those crashes might be a thing from their side or yours, whichever, as I have a friend that can't play on private servers due to apparently his net sending "invalid anchor points". If they fix said game crashes and etc, I expect for the game's community to increase. However you also have to look back where alot of people got banned by BE, others got pissed about enchant system and esper chips. One way or another, the game is slowly gonna die, they will nerf or buff things that doesn't need it. Nothing much to do about it.

    I never read so much BS things about guns and skill in one time in a row. Like i don't even want to argue about all the sh*t things you said because there are so much to tell. Please, if you don't know what you are talking about, don't speak about it, because here, you did a big pavement for saying MOSTLY only useless things.

    Those aren't things I said though, those are things someone suggested in the 1st page of this post in which I just commented and how it's unnecessary.

    It's not just you who struggles with them, it's not just about timing either, it's just taking distance as much as you can when you see them incoming. It's not really easy, as well. Yet there are people in this post that wants them buffed, despite them having a lot of mobility and damage by itself, what a joke.

    Yup, which was what breaker the most viable weapon for most of the tactics and complemented playstyles, has been nerfed once, has been nerfed twice, has been nerfed 3 times, next they will want it to do 1 damage.

    You want a buff on metallic fist @ normal attacks, when it has a huge range, a fast attack speed, huge mobility? Kindly consider getting your head checked.

    Exo Scythe, underused? Buff damage? Reduce cooldowns? Are you okay? What did you sniff? Exo Scythe is fine as it is, it has a disengage, an engage, does enough damage. While it's true you can use it to kill, it is also used for utility. When people were spamming the right click, cancelling and doing it all again, you people were like "NERF EXO SCYTHE, TOO OP" now you want to buff it again? lol? Make up your mind. Maybe underused in guns, but certainly not in melee.

    You want a +1% PEN BAT to ONE SHOOT a prem user? A bat critical already takes from 70 hp on strikes to 130+hp on bat slams, and you want it to completely kill a prem user with 170/167/160/177 hp with a +1%? How is this a balance, this is you trying to break the game with your ideas.

    Twin Blade barely has any cool, does over 9k damage because of a stupid bug, short delay on jump attacks and you want to further reduce cooldowns on it? What.

    Plasma Sword is fine as it is, no need for buffs, just fix the range bug and it's good enough.

    It holds true that breaker's swing is too op and abusable, take in mind that Breaker has had its range overhauled, which means it no longer hits in air (while a bat still hits mid air), and it only hits anything on flat surfaces, the swing is really fast. does 57hp+ (with enchants), but the jump attack stays at mere 47. It was nerfed from over 60 hp to 47 and you guys are still asking for a nerf? do you want it to become a rubber hammer and do 10 hp per jump attack? "Jump attack's speed is too fast, barely any delay", how about you pick the hammer yourself and try it out yourself against anyone that has a clue about how a breaker should be used, will you be able to do the same thing as they do? no? c'mon, isn't it an easy weapon to learn, isn't an op weapon that someone can just use their forehead to play and get pentakill? so why can't you do the same thing as they do with it?

    Sigma just needs to not get stunned when hitting a revenge, like the boots effect on a revenge.

    Boots, more damage? Are you for real? Boots does the same ammount of damage as the old counter sword and you want it to deal even more damage? Nice logic.

    AR doesn't do alot of damage. Doesn't need anything.

    Buff SMGs? They are already strong on their own and you want them to be even stronger? What.

    Smash rifle already does low damage, has spray and doesn't further need any tweak.

    Gauss rifle is a heavy weapon, it ignores defense and its pattern isn't really random or difficult, do further tests.

    Air gun is fine as it is.

    Revolver already one shoots in close range, you just need to aim.

    BSG is fine as it is, maybe a bit more of fire rate, damage wise is okay.

    Handgun already does alot of damage, specially on criticals, but if it has a pinpoint accuracy, everyone would be solo'ing teams with it. It's good enough right now.

    A turret is well, a turret, it sits still and it will shoot, it will take damage. Just depends on positioning and timing. It lives to its name, either it's useless or it does a god defense.

    HMG is living its name, doesn't needa change anything.

    Sharpshooter does kill in one headshot critical or leaves the person low, this is already good enough. Unlimited ammo would be ok.

    Railgun - Yeah, nerf this. Remove the stupid slow, keep the penetration, remove knock back from uncharged shoots.

    Cannonade - It's fine as it is because it leaves to its name, pushes and it's not a weapon you wanna keep flying or leaving yourself in the open to shoot.

    While it's true that detect isn't really a popular skill, it was really popular in gun death match back then because it increased your map awareness. So it's very situational for invisible players or "pickup gangs".

    Wall, HP? What are you, Trump?

    The rescue gun mk2 is fine as it is, it doesn`t fully heal on criticals and it heals less than the normal rescue gun.

    BSG MK2 and BSG's difference is that one has faster firerate compared to its normal counterpart but also has less damage. (7 per palett)

    LMG MK2 has a chance to shoot two bullets from one barrel, which means damage, fine as it is, despite underused.

    Unique skills? They are called UNIQUE for a reason and they should stay unique.

    Having gunners talk about melee players about how melee is stupid in a GUN match and how a MELEE IS OP in a GUN match, when you are supposed to use your head and shoot, you have a gun, melee player needs to get near to you, learn to play ahead, prediction, but nope, let's all just say that melees are op. Let's say that a sword only player in guns is too op, let's say that breaker in a gun match is too op. Y'all have guns in a gun match for decoration. You have bind to stop a melee player, you have a semi rifle to stop a defending melee player, you have a melee to carry with yourself to defend from said melee players. You have snipers, you have a team, communication but let's just nail it on the melee person in the defense. (Of course charge attacks which break through revenge and any of the sort is the way to counter this). But no, any of you can say "lol spam only, no skill aimless", but I bet if y'all made a GUN ONLY room, everyone would bring a smash rifle, they'd smack you and you'd cry about it too because smash rifle has a "MELEE" in it. It's not simply "SPAM ONLY", since they sacrifice bullets they could be sinking into you for a way to defend themselves. If you can't beat spam, which is basically randomly combo'ing, get yourself cornered and picked out, then you are in no place to talk about it or say it's skill-less, just because you were given no chance. Because you too, wouldn't be giving them chance to hit back as you shoot them and sink that 40 clip onto their bodies.

    Even before the official "SWORD ONLY" mode came out, there were already rooms named "Sword only". Instead of crying about how there's not enough gun rooms, or how there aren't gunners left, most of the gunners just left because they were bored of the same thing. While it's also true that guns require a certain degree of skill (Aim, decision making, prediction) there are just certain aspects of guns that breaks that entire degree. Y'all are too stingy into playing a game, with 132852398 modes, and the only thing you wanna play is "guns" because when you tried said other mode, it was cancerous, it didn't fit your tastes, not what you were looking for, it was disgusting because you couldn't do anything into it, never tried to play further into it, have your morals like "stun only for the unskilled" or set your morals to just use whatever you think is fine and limit yourself. Those are features of the game and are there to be used. If you can't handle it, if you can't cope with it, if you can't come up with a counter for it, does it mean said mode is bad, needs to removed, nerfed or needs a balance?

    What even, mate.

    Aeria keeps answering with "We will take it up to devs" and etc, but nothing ever gets fixed. Oops, they actually did fix the beta observer crash, which took ONLY 3 years. Now let's see how long will it take for them to fix server lags. I used to have 50-70ms for USA, 150ish for some germans, 30ms to asians. Now even asians are 300ms to me. (USA players are between 150+, germans remain the same 150ms~160ms).

    We have been told "Clan system needs to be fixed" since the clan system has been released, and has it been actually fixed? No, and it's already 5 years past it. If Aeria, as publisher, can't even PUSH devs to fix something, neither CAN Aeria fix it themselves, what hope does this even have? The day this game's population drops to 5 players, that is when they are gonna get their things together and start fixing. So much respect to their players. I do agree that sometimes people keep being overly negative, complains about things just too much. But at the very least, push to them fix game issues, specially critical ones that includes server issues and stability.

    Related to servers that got shut down, such as KR and Latin, KR was never banned so they are fine, but you guys are still keeping Latin players banned. Though it is correct that it will take a while due to licenses for them, I like how it was easy to block them, but takes one eternity to unblock them.

    This game's community can be positive, they can be constructive, but players are getting to their limits of enduring things they shouldn't and they are quitting. Pick up your paces or this game is going to go far beyond "dead".

    Hit the dagger in the group of players and do the same with vital.

    Accomplished, still lowered and set up kills for my mates, irrelevant. Vital does 77 hp per dash, should you actually hit it entirely, however there's one thing that makes it stand and strong, and that's the fact it's difficult to escape unless the person has a macro with cs revenge. Should you buff that on vital shock, it will easy surpass any weapon, since all you would need is a normal cut/heavy and then the Vital dash and that's one kill right there.

    Additional information: the used vital shock is a 1% vital shock, full dash+ hits itself against a 14% defense with +5% melee defense from solid and the additional defense from the PET itself, no additional enchants.

    Numbers itself doesn't mean anything, you can have an one shot weapon on your hand but if you can't use it, there's no point in it. The same applies for each weapon itself. There will never be a true balance in a game. You can't also compare two entirely different weapons, dagger and vital shock, in your case, damage-wise. Different weapons, different movesets, different ranges, different methods, different situations to use and not use. What makes a weapon overpowered is what they have to offer, such as boots' dash in TD and what not but even then that consumes alot of SP, so.

    His question was misunderstood.

    He's asking as to why, as an asian player, when he finds another asian player, they are supposed to be 30ms or less to each other, yet they have 300ms to each other ever since the server migration, for some unknown reasons and he'd like to know why/possible explanation.