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    >[asking for your opinions/thoughts]

    >find definitive, never-before-seen proof about M/F hitbox differences

    >lmao offtopic, closed

    >S4 League Korea news 2007-2018 / S4리그 한국 뉴스 2007-2018

    >post 11+ years of archived S4 Korean news, aka the best content to ever grace this forum

    >lmao god forbid if it stays inactive for "60+ days", closed

    You give one sad loser the power to frick over everyone else, and he'll take it every time. This is how most forums work. Colored names can't go 5 minutes without making it known they have mod powers.

    No bro, look up for 'image buffer overflow' on google...there are many vulnerabilites out there from this century...some of them patched..some not.

    I guess I m going off topic...the purpose was so strengthen the idea of not trusting external resources without proper verifications. I'll stop here.

    By loading this page alone in your browser you just downloaded 50 pictures hosted on 11 "external resources". How many viruses did you get? Fuсk outta here with that paranoid fearmongering shіt bro lmao

    Would you be surprised if I told you that by simplying viewing an image (without downloading any specific malware, spoofed files and so on) you might actually allow a malicious person to get into your machine ?

    yeah sure maybe if you live in the last millennium using MSN Messenger on XP lmao

    Also if you use baggy clothes your hitbox will be larger

    it's so about common sens


    it's like everywhere I look on this forum I see stoners

    the zip has just a few 3D models and pictures in it

    how much of a computer illiterate do you have to be to basically call it a virus lmaooooooooo

    you're making me lose some brain cells here, may I ask you to stop

    I managed to get a hold of the actual 3D models so that I could make better calculations and a prettier picture. The description of the album contains all the info including the downloadable 3D models themselves, so take a look. 10% difference basically.



    Case closed.

    nah chief, being cheap to maintain thanks to P2P played a big role in S4 not getting shutdown a decade ago. S4 is the only game that survived all the countless alaplaya, P7S1 and aeria service shutdowns, that's a huge achievement bro lmao

    I've witnessed another Korean F2P game get completely ruined and abandoned after the transition from P2P to pure server-based in the name of "security", it was called Divine Souls and I still cry at night when I remember about that fun game lmao. The lag difference went basically from white to black, it became unplayable.

    P2P = less lag. I'd trade the occasional cheater with having less latency any day of the week

    Also, unless you are going to admit to straight up hacking, I would love to hear you explain how you fashioned 2 characters to stand in an identical position.

    broooo just

    walk into a corner



    you never cease to amaze me with the bs you come up with jesus satanic lmao, it's so consistently fresh

    Most important question just got ignored. Log into the game and take a look:


    So how do slight differences of hitboxes matter when 80% of the games are about solo rushing on stairs on St-2?

    Want a funny but true answer? Non-RNG melee criticals (such as PS Heavy) are technically PROJECTILES according to their LUA files. And hitboxes matter with projectiles, therefore... female wins again kek


    (disclaimer: not tested on current patch)

    xxXSatanic_AbyssXxx you checked it... with GIMP? hahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahaha no buddy. Yes there is a chance that they might not be perfectly aligned (they are aligned, the guinea pigs unplugged their mouses to prevent even the slightest rotations), but you can't tell that by merely looking at a picture by naked eye.

    The breathing animation is COMPLETELY desynced, are you blind? But the test is set up in a way that breathing doesn't affect it.

    Hey Satanic do you still consider the Bat Spin to be "a tad overpowered"? 1.0

    Look, guys, if you believe that my test was inaccurate, you can go in-game to test it yourselves instead of shooting the messenger.

    They aren't completely synchronized to begin with and you could have been just missing the time frames when it overlaps with the crosshair.

    Also I am done talking with you since you seems more concerned about how much of a proof your video is (and it is not) than the subject.


    This is not about defending my video. This is all about defending TRUTH AND JUSTICE.

    The thing is, before the reveal of the hitboxes, any of these could have been just identical with one of them taking priority. This is why that video wasn't a good proof for the difference of the hitboxes.

    Are you mental? You probably are. After all, you consistently have THE highest post count and playtime of a whole community, UNCONTESTED, by a wide margin. Such an individual is unlikely to be sound of mind.

    With that said... look, forget the video completely and focus solely on the GIF.

    with one of them taking priority

    how would this apply to the GIF? Explain this to me. It's not like F is getting hit after M dies, F isn't getting hit AT ALL. What is your explanation for this?

    nightmarish5 you're not a person

    Hella_Hell you make no sense and never did

    Also I have a question for you:

    If 2 sentry guns in the Practicing mode spawn inside each other, and you shoot them once, which one of the 2 will take damage? The one with larger hitbox right? /sarcasm

    More of this nonsense again? Please watch this GIF for the millionth time:


    The two players are in the same identical position. I'm shooting them at the EDGE, not directly.

    Please repeat with me Hella, you can get it, I believe in you:

    shooting at the EDGE, not directly;

    shooting at the EDGE, not directly;

    shooting at the EDGE, not directly.

    Only one character gets󠀀 hit, the other one is safe. Why? Because one is bigger than the other.

    "But Hara the crosshair turns red after the male one dies, and red crosshair=shootable!" No, this is caused by shooting weapons having a bit of shaking coded in them, if I stop shooting, the crosshair never turns red on female.

    The hitboxes are pretty much how I imagined them, especially the different heads. So no, I didn't just "get lucky" lmao.

    Two separate people managed to visualize the female and male hurtboxes straight from the game files. The female one does indeed appear to be marginally smaller, while also having more evasive animations here and there.



    Nithorius every single S4 video on my channel was recorded on official EU (at different times with different patches though).

    Hella_Hell do not dare to talk about hitboxes ever again.

    I thought this was 2018, not 2008... why not use mega or google drive instead of a turrent?

    You have the option to download from both HTTP and ""turrent"". You would know this if you clicked on the link you imbecile.

    The Internet Archive has existed since 1996, so it's a pretty da‍‍mn reliable host. MEGA (previously Megaupload) already nuked its entire website once deleting all files, so what makes it any better?

    And your 2008 """joke""" makes no sense, as the HTTP protocol predates the BitTorrent one by several years.


    (do you know if there's been any other change with the CS compared to before the damage nerf, mechanically speaking?)

    actually I can think of one stealth change

    with CS Heavy you could hit THROUGH roofs like in this video (best examples being the Temple-M and Side-3 clips)

    can't do those anymore


    This archive contains the complete list of S4 League Korea official patch update news from 2007 to 2018, grabbed from before its shutdown.

    PART 1: extract the zip and open index.html on a web browser.

    PART 2: contains big video/audio files.


    2007 년부터 2018 년까지의 한국 S4리그의 공식 패치 업데이트 뉴스의 전체 목록을 담고 있습니다. 서비스 종료 전 s4.pmang.com에서 가져온 자료입니다.

    1 부 : zip파일을 추출한 다음 웹 브라우저에서index.html을 여십시오.

    2 부 : 큰 비디오 / 오디오 파일을이 포함되어 있습니다.




    I could't let more than a decade of S4 League's history disappear like that come on 😢

    The S4 official EU forum cemetery:

    1. custom forum

    2. phpBB

    3. P7S1 XenForo

    4. Aeria custom forum

    5. coming soon, Aeria WoltLab

    And not a single dаmn was given to archiving S4. It died 4 times already without considering the other S4 country versions of course.

    Even the fan-made forum S5, the longest one to survive, died not too long ago. Feels bad, man.