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    [ ERROR ][ CRoomClient::OnLeaveServer ] 2018-07-08 19:00:59:943 CRoomClient OnLeaveServer Error. m_errorType : 11

    This is a different one. You have been disconnected by the Room server.

    • B01 - Client not responding
    • B02 - Query Timeout
    • B03 - Game restart required
    • B04 - Bad Service Version
    • B05 - Disallowed Program
    • B06 - Indicate Cheating
    • B07 - Corrupted Memory
    • B08 - Corrupted Data
    • B09 - WinAPI Failure
    • B10 - Global Ban
    • B11 - Bad Packet

    The reason people were getting B11 was because BattlEye wasn't up-to-date on the client.

    Do you really expect a company who didn't notify its users about being hacked (back when PlayS4L appeared) to suddenly have proper security measures ?

    They probably don't want to throw the money needed, half of Aeria's tech is outdated (previous forums were on a very old phpBB version, the website is using an old version of Drupal etc ...).