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    game made 11 years and they give ''acessory'' ..........

    i dont belive anymore on this team i literally quit.

    (keep grinding old players money and latins)

    s4league 2012 set vampire perm 2019 ''acessory''

    i m done with this ''staff''

    say me when u guys gonna do something in game without be change 1 vale 1 to 1,5 this game will die because u guys just keep ban peopel because yes and dont care about update game do content, where is the comunity sets? ''we are working on it'' since 1 year? like no update conetent since 2 years u guys gonna kill this game... ''We unban IP'' WOW u guys made game one more time more F*cked why? hmm u just cant hit someone u cant see they unrespect rules they keep laggging and abusing it.

    where is that 4 weapons on data waiting upload xd?

    where is free 2 play option like TD pass mode no stats, oh wait if they do that they dont get more money :c

    where is balanced pen? u guys know what is Random shop. the shop for free 2 play peopel but now u guys change it only for rich guys literally u get per game 2k pen on max but per rerol weapon its 7500 xd that a joke?

    we contract new Gm's for why? for keep be toxic and hacking game like grizzly xd

    this game is dead because u guys do 0 for this f*king game sa me what u guys did new in last 2 years some content without be ugly asf or something like only ''skin''

    :^) i m waiting