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    I can't remember it being communicated. On the 25.05.2018 I got an email about GDPR but nothing about the ToS.

    By the way, your privacy policy is also outdated. The Berlin Authority of Data Protection and Freedom of Information is not responsible for Aeria anymore as you moved your mainoffice to Hamburg and deleted the entry in the Berlin commercial registry.

    I really don't get it either. Rail Gun is broken and everyone knows that. Chaser got killed, as Hella already pointed out. Now their argument is that balancing is really diffucult and tweaking one weapon make another weapon stronger as it doesn't get countered anymore and such and that the changes to one weapon have implications for all the other weapons.

    That's plain stupid in my opinion. The game already is broken. Disable the railgun, nerf it to the ground, whatever. Just take it out of the game for now and bring it back once you're balancing everything.

    I requested my data on the 17.12.2018 and finally got it (thanks to glitch). I thought some of you might be interested in what Aeria is logging, so here we go:


    The first answer I got was this (in german, I translated it into english for this thread):

    If I wanted any more information I first had to confirm my identity by answering the following questions (again translated by me):


    1) What's the name of your aeria account?

    2) What's the name of your character in S4 League?

    3) Which is the original email address with which this account was created?

    4) What were your last 5 AP transaction IDs including date, payment method and amount?

    5) When did you create your account? At which date?

    After I answered these, I got another email with the following information (again translated by me. I also censored most of it but you can see the categories):

    Attached to this mail was the file and this is where it got interesting.

    This is what the folder looked like after unzipping:

    So let's go through all of these:


    This log contains all of my logins. Courisly enough it starts at the 02.05.2011 which doesn't make much sense to me. I created both my S4 League account and my Aeria account a few months before that already. 2011 only seems to include May and June. After that the next login according to these logs was in April 2012.

    In this, they're also logging your IP. The login_srl is always ### and the PCB ID is always _.

    Here is a picture:


    This log shows all the AP purchases you've made. This includes both the ingame shop and the webmall. It does not however show you how much AP you've purchased. It only shows what you've spent those AP on. This log is rather empty for me but might be interesting for others. It might be noteworthy that this log is not the same as your purchase history on the webmall as that one also shows all the gifts you've gotten.


    This log shows exactly what you think it shows. Nothing interesting to see here. Interestingly enough though this log goes all the way back to 2011. Though the very few entries see to be incomplete or corrupted. The data from 2012 might also be affected as the logs show that I stopped playing a minute before I even started.

    Note that the column "Level" refers to the level of the player, not the stage.

    I guess the column "Force Quit" refers to the cheating protection that's in place in case you are too fast with completing the mission.


    This one is empty. We don't have coins in this game anymore since years. I don't know why this still exists.


    This log shows all sorts of item effects. So enchants, equipped boosters (like x2 Unique Booster), but also Forcepack stats as shown in the second picture (I am not sure why or how they're related to any items).

    This log goes back to the 17.01.2016 (at least for me). I don't know why though, that date seems random.


    This log is by far the biggest one as already indicated in the very first picture. This includes all the items you got, how you got them, which effect they have and their duration.

    The column "call_info" can contain: "Admin Tool" (Fumbi Shop, Normal Shop), "Daily_Gift" (that's just the eSper Lucky Box from what I can see), "Use Capsule" (this will show all the items you got from that capsule), "DailyMissionReward", "Horde_Reward" (which is the Cube Defense Reward Capsule), "RoomRandomCard", "Item_Expire", event rewards such as "xmas2015_Win", "age_insert" (I have no clue what that means), "Decomposition" for when you dismantle something and "DecompositionRwd" for the item you get from that, "Items for Sale" when you sell an item, "Generate random shop items" (I think this only applys to the coupon shop), "DAILY_ATTENDENCE_REWARD_ITEM" (current login rewards).

    This log contains more than 17.000 rows for me (I'm sure it's a lot bigger for many of you), so I might have missed something.

    This log goes back to the 14.01.2016 for me, similar to the one above. Why the date differs by a few dates I don't understand. The first assumption would probably be that the logs start at the 01.01.2016. However, from the access_log I can see that I also played at the 01.01., 02.01., 03.01., 05.01., 06.01., 07.01., 08.01., 09.01., 10.01., 11.01., 12.01. and 13.01. so maybe I just didn't get any enhancements or items during that time? The purchase log seems to confirm this or at least doesn't contradict it (see below).


    This is just a log of all my nickname changes. I only ever used 1Day changes, so there's nothing special to see here for me. ("Kind" will always say "Change Nickname".)

    This log also goes back to 2016.


    This log shows all your pen transactions. "Related Name" can be "Lottery Item" for any pen capsules, "Item Repair", "MissionInitCost" (for resetting your daily mission), "GameScore" (for rewards after a match), "Arcade Clear", "Enchant", "Kick_Out_Pen", "Item_Refund" (for sold items), "Buy_GM_Item" (which refers to MP fill. I don't know why that's called GM_Item.), "Buy Randomshop" and all the enchant related options shown in the second screen. (If you want to know how much time you spent enchanting all your esper chips to level 5, this is your log.)

    This log has 13.500+ rows for me, so I might have missed something.

    This log goes back to the 14.01.2016. As mentioned above I also did play the days before and I always made sure to repair my equipment. This makes me think that the logs in fact only do go back to the 14.01.2016. Why this is, I don't know. And as seen in my access_log and arcade_log, some logs go back much further.


    This log contains all the matches you played. "TS" is the match time in seconds. I don't know what "Force Quit" means. Whenever is says "Y", I didn't get any rewards. So it probably refers to being kicked or crashing. The columns "kill", "Deaths" and "touch down" always show 0. The column "map title" is always empty.

    This log goes back to the 01.03.2015 which doesn't make much sense in regards to the other logs. From my access_log I can see that I also played in january and february 2015.


    This log shows all purchases made with pen in the ingame shop. The only interesting thing about this log is that I's and P's capsules are called "Eye Capsules".

    This goes back to 09.02.2016 though it is probably safe to assume that this one would also go back to the 14.01.2016 if I've purchased something in that time.


    This log shows both the random shop for Pen and Coupons. So if you want to know how much Pen you wasted in the random shop, this might be interesing.

    This goes back to the 18.01.2016. Same as with the purchase_log though; I probably didn't use the random shop between the 14.01. and 18.01.


    This log shows all the repairs. Nothing fancy.

    This goes back to the 14.01.2016 again.


    This log shows items I sold. As it only shows 17 items for me, I somehow doubt that it's complete. But I might be wrong.

    This goes back to the 18.01.2016.


    I am not sure what this log is about. There seems to be an overlap with the sales_log. If you have any ideas, please let me know.

    This goes back to the 18.01.2016.

    That's all the logs I got.

    Why did I do it?

    Because I find it interesting to know what exactly Aeria is logging about us. And I thought some of you might want to know as well, so I shared it to save you and Aeria the trouble.

    Is the answer complete?

    I don't know. All the data connected to this forum and to the homepage maybe should have been included. I am also not sure if data from other games published by aeria should have been included. I can also not be sure if those are all S4-related logs, but I think they are.

    If you have any other questions, feel free to ask.

    @Staff: If any of this violates the ToS or the forum rules, please edit just that part and don't delete the entire post. Thanks.