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    Hello, I took a 2 weeks break from S4 League and the forum to see if anything will be done , I'm deeply disappointed in the lack of responses, fixes and everything regarding the tsunami of unpleased players ... Atleast for a start ,PLEASE try to fix the crashes and the room bugs that result into crashes, PLEASE the game is unplayable in the state it is now ...

    Psst for in the name of God, get Hella_Hell a job, its obvious she know's more about the game and what the player base wants than any of you up there, and is trying to help the community despite not having the voice that GM's and CM's have...

    You might be having frame stuttering or sync issues. Go into your NVIDIA control panel and reset the settings to default, then go to "adjust image settings with preview" and select " let 3d application decide" and hit apply.

    We all do but if they are messing with the code it means that they are actually trying things.

    They just rebalanced the rg with the last patch, the hackers are now little to none. It is not really all that bad even if the current bugs can be very annoying.

    The hackers were near to none a year ago the rail gun stats were easily its just a range as far as I know , what new have they introduced to lead the game forwards for the last 12months except fixing bugs they created while doing nothing new , or flatout bringing the railgun to its original stats ( while failing even at that, the last patch... (PS. RG is a from the time of BETA S4 LEAGUE) ).

    That is not how the things works. The game doesn't have to be down to be able to work on it. No game company does that.

    Yeh I know there is no way they work on the code in the couple hours window that the game is down, my bad on this one IDK what I was thinking but still they must sit down and do it, work on the game intensely, let the week be a test period or whatever , I just want them to deliver what they delivered a couple of years back .

    How exactly is shutting the game off for a week any better? Besides the new patch actually fixed some of the bigger issues.

    It has survived for 10 years. i am sure it can do some more.

    Fixing one big BUG created by the latest patch and simultaneously creating another of the same size of even greater , is that what you think of when you hear PATCH LOG , I don't think that's the way to go and , IMO shutting the game off for a week would be better because they would have more time to sit down to work and hustle on the CODE, and as a result from that we the players would have a better experience, nobody asked for some half a**ed piece of work they call a PATCH introducing more harm than good (not talking about this patch in particular) !!!

    We will never get a new patch then. The patches are already rare enough.

    Amm what that's not what I'm saying ... I'm saying to shut the game off for 1week and to try to fix every big existing bug ( of which there aren't many so it should be that hard ,depending on the team and their communication between one another, because I'm pretty sure that's where all the bugs come from , bad communication and not enough comments in the code itself, everyone trying to work on the same string of code not knowing whoever touched it lastly . ) I personally didn't know that the DEV's are new , but if that's the case can anybody in the name of God tell me why the game is going downhill for 5 years now...

    -Интересно ми е, виждаш ли бъдеще за играта идните две или три години, и ако да, какво е то ?

    It is a new team completely unfamiliar with the code. Obviously they will make bugs. Even the korean team couldn't handle the game code.

    Then they shall take their time and deliver ... This isn't a school project its a running game with sadly less than a 1000 players but still they are only loyal ones.

    The texture bug is not a new one. It has always been in the game. It depends on how fast your PC can load the textures. The last patch just made it occurs more often but it didn't really created it.

    Ye I doubt that my PC is the problem, the SYS requirements of the game are laughable for 2019 ... I was just lucky to get it on the first game I joined I didn't have it after I relogged , give it time I bet you will have it as well ^-^ . I know you are an old player , and I know you love the game , but that is not a reason to keep your tongue behind your teeth and not call out the lazy team of devs and the introducement of new bugs every other patch ... I'm pissed and I want things to be good again ... The game is dying because they are letting it die and it seems that people like you are okay with that , but I'm not ! That's the reason why I decided to post on here so I could see peoples perspective and a GM or a CM comment about my concerns and points not players with the same status as any other ...

    Actually isnt needed. People only used the kick for abuse. And the hackers are gone. Also the afk's are getting their respective bans so, it's not needed right now.

    What about toxic behavior not respecting game rules ping over 1k ?

    Respective bans might take weeks and its only if u go trough the trouble of reporting the certain player + you need proof of that and a prt sc isnt a valid one :D

    Amm I can't create or join rooms 95% of the time... I'm annoyed can't you patch up the game without creating new bugs ... I prefer to not play for a day or two rather than deal with terrible servers and bugs just sit down and fix the game it has been so long since the devs have done exactly that... I remember a patch log or was it a maintenance where the game was off for 5-6 days but the bugs got fixed ....

    1. Fix the vote kick system

    2. Fix the unstable servers

    3. Make interesting events and tournaments (this game is much older than fortnite there is no need for dancing contests / best set / best group photo or whatever your so called events are...)

    3 simple things ... That's all you need to fix the game

    I'm sad to see my favourite childhood game die like that and you the people who run S4 League must sit down and work it out ... There are many private servers with more players than the original ... You are watching the game many love die and the only thing u care about is them MTX ... putting ugly reskins of already existing sets nobody asked for on the market for people to keep spending their money getting enchants, weapons, sets they don't need ...


    PS: [CM]glitch.exe Being AFK ING isn't helping either... I can confirm that many others can't enter nor create rooms as well ...