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    The problem is that the ticks do not get marked , only the first one , and the other 2 no , even if I verify the email and start the game ( the required actio to tick the last 2 ) nothing happens , and if I refresh the page it directly opens up S4league website

    It was the unique dual mastery aura ^^ thanks for the whole explanation though

    thank you all for your help

    I have a new question : in matches some people have this aura surrounding them ( blue , orange etc ) is it related to the LVL 5 esper set too ?

    Hello , I am a new player in here and I have a couple of questions , it would be really great if you guys helped me with them :

    1- Sometimes players could use a lethal attack with their hands , and on the corner of the screen it looks like they killed other players with the S4 logo , how can I do that ? I asked some Pros in game but none bothered to answer me

    2- I see that some people have 2 or even 3 slots of daily mission unlocked while I only have 1 , how can I unlock the other 2

    I hope you guys don't make fun of my "noob" questions but as I said I am still fresh new to the game.