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    Decided to play after a while to meme it up and I'm just perplexed as to how the game which was already in a terrible state managed to get even worse to where the fumbi animation doesn't even play correctly? Personally, I didn't expect a whole lot out of a company run by a troop of bonobos but still.... really?

    And don't get me started on the FPS stutters and drops... and the game constantly crashing when exiting a room.

    S4 is like a foster child. Goes through various homes (publishers) only to be treated poorly by its care takers, some (most) do it only for the money. Then when they don't want you anymore, it gets passed on to the next person who sees profit in it.

    The games unique yes. Do I want to see it go, no of course not. But with dam(n) near 11 years and no improvements from the Developer or Publisher side. I'd rather see someone I love die from cancer than to suffer more. The people who want the game to die don't hate the game in and of itself. We hate what's been done and what isn't being done to the game that we'd rather it just shut down / cease to exist.

    You can't look at others negative comments about the game so one sidedly. Some people just actually hate the game cause they're just dogshit but whatever, new perspective.

    It's not about how fast you do it. It's the fact you say #soon when it's going past 3 months since the last Q&A, In that time span has Nothing happend on your part? like conferences and elaboration with your team. I hardly think that is a "No".

    1) Lower you expectations.

    2) Lower them even more

    3) Realize that this game is being handled by bonobos and lower that expectation even further.

    4) Uninstall and move on with your life. No use stressing over legitimate garbage, company and staff included.

    I quit during Prosie days, just stuck around the forums.

    Haven't touched this garbage game since.

    Thought some people can't quit because they honestly haven't found anything else that interests them.

    At least that was my reason for a while, until I started playing League.

    Couldn't quit league until I found a new mmo/moba to play and keep my attention.

    And others simply just threw so much money at this game, they're basically obligated to play. #Don'tSpendMoneyOnSh!tGames

    Can we start a #MeToo movement for the victims of Gamigo, Alaplaya, and P7S1

    And did u try to correct your behavior between people?

    What are you a life coach? It's not my problem if people over the internet become hypersensitive over text.

    Maybe if you guys were less like chimpanzees and more like bonobos I'd speak in what you'd probably consider an acceptable manner, otherwise grow a pair.

    What better way to spend time at 04:00 than to fix minor grammar and punctuation errors. :)

    BS aside, these are valid points. S4 is running on a very dated engine and remaking the game from scratch would solve a lot of issues, I'm sure Aeria has the funds to set a side a development team (or hire them considering how much money you milk out of your players), but what's there to gain from a game that was even abandoned (dropped) by their original Korean developers?

    Sure the ball is in the hands of Aeria now, but honestly, just like GunZ2, I don't see a future for a S4 League reboot. Odds are it'll be significantly worse than the trashpile it already is and the only good thing I could possibly see coming out of it are better servers and netcode. P2P connections aside, the framerate issues aren't really that big of a deal honestly though it is 2018 now, 10 years and we're still at 60FPS I could see some complaints and they're quite reasonable.

    For god knows why I keep coming back on these forums to check the state of the game and its community, but its always a full circle.

    Hackers -> Where are you staff -> "Lets talk about the state of the game" -> Rando comes in about a new idea to make S4 better (pointless threads and discussions that are feasible to say the least) -> "Why are we still here playing this dead game?" -> repeat.

    Not saying its not nice to see people still care for this game but honestly at this point you guys are sitting at a grave reminiscing about the good times and the ideas all have been said before not done but have for sure been mentioned. 10 years down the line, same sh!t different year.

    But back on topic, if there were a reboot I just want Vulkan support or OpenGL. DXVK is a godsend.

    Ohhh you're back! Now the forum is interesting again. Now we just need Axl to get back here and then things will be fun to read again.

    Give the ability for good streamers to be able to stream on the S4_League twitch channel, all you need to do is give trusted individuals the stream key. I will be willing to stream on there.

    The only good streamer worth watching was our lord and savior Axl. Was a million times better than the actual staff's streams and their disgustingly cringe jokes.

    That is a lie how you got through school ? and true

    Next person plays Chaser ?

    You still didn't answer true or false nerd and its called Auditory memory, I've never had to review material.

    False. I don't play this game

    you mean uninstall

    i dont teleport around and im usually like 150-200ms and had stable ping unless my isp is messing with me or its pouring outside.if theres any trihards in the game i'd get kicked 9/10times just bcoz im from another part of the telling me to not play the game just because im from another part of the world?there used to be an asia server yrs ago b4 they terminated the contract.maybe its just me but can u retards just let those who arent teleporting around with some delay play the fuking game?i've been getting toxic comments in every room and i literally blocked like 80%+ of the community coz of their toxic way of talking to me just bcoz of me being on the other part of the world you geniuses

    Of course from your side You don't teleport around. Also, you get flamed cause you're obviously lagging... 150-200ms isn't stable ping if it fluxuates, its not stable. Unless you mind correcting me on the definition of the word, I'm all for it.

    I'm older than him or her :), also i don't have to realize who i'm talking to since i'm here to state some points

    Also u should have to know that being "the oldest member of the s4 community" doesn't mean that he/she have such knowledge about networking or the game in general lol

    You've clearly shown how inept you are when it comes to understanding how Networking works and this game. Reverse Engineering takes you a long way with understand the inner workings of things. Sit down peasant.

    since u know that S4 is a P2P game u shouldn't be raging at ping tho

    <Beginning removed by Heili>

    Althought that's understandable, you play games for your enjoyment, not others. Fair enough.

    The players who are from the regions that the company is licensed for, have every right, to rage at a player who is from a region that isn't licensed for ruining their experience. If you don't agree with this, then simply put you're a degenerate.

    Yeah because every internet company in Egypt does not support gaming or any kind of socialmedia sites . That's our problem hear actually ;')

    Yes, I'm aware of this. That's just simply a matter of obtaining resources and developing as a country and nation. Egypt has one of the worlds, slowest internet speeds in ranking so that doesn't help either. It's understandable to want to enjoy a game, but if you're going to go to this extent, at least lock your rooms and play with other EG players. That way it doesn't effect anyone else.

    Actually that not true, I'm from Egypt with VDSL line and whenever i use vpn i see the same ping as without it, it's all about distance. using vpn will not affect anyone except the same country u are playing from.

    We literally just said that...... and through experience, players from Egypt have always had higher ping compared to the players the servers were intended for (EU/NA). And as far as I remember this game is P2P, therefore one persons god awful connection is going to effect everyone else and if they're the one hosting the room, then well, same thing.

    So, all I got to say is, find something else until Aeria/Gamigo are legally able to provide servers for your country / region. I personally find it selfish to go to the extent of causing problems for other players just for your own enjoyment, even if that's not the primary intention.

    Just here for the +1 Post Count since nobody is streaming on my Twitch follows.

    Let the Community Forum drama ensue, cause your voices will not be heard. Though once upon a time, they actually used the forums.

    Although for the short 15 - 20 minutes that I was on the Discord (cause its lame af and everyone there is lame af) the Staff are quite active. Now does that solve the issue of them being in-game no, how would you know if they're in-game you wouldn't since they can hide themselves anyways.

    So what logical basis aside from the fact that you never see them do you assume they are / aren't doing their job? I'm not trying to defend them, honestly, I don't even like the majority of the people on the Team. I'm just here for the drama

    ¯\_(ツ)_/¯. Blood for the blood gods.