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    I wanted to know if it is only with the Brazilians and Latinos that all the games are falling

    and is not giving to terminals because the room closes in the middle of the game and

    we can not play.

    I'm not sure if it was already on purpose but the block ip has already been withdrawn

    and we are the majority Latin playing in NA but every game does not end and the dc

    in everyone in the room.

    Your criticisms lack criteria.

    Are we the culprits? Perhaps the only responsible are those who come here to complain instead of collaborating.

    But hey, at no time have we said that we don't want you here, just a couple of users who are unhappy.

    How are you not rejecting us? every post when someone touches on this subject always appears someone criticizing our request instead of supporting us saying that it would really be nice to have new players. It's only you always search for an unfortunate post that does it. I am lying ? how can you not be frustrated by it? I have the right and reason to complain, if the vast majority supported us this block ip would already have been withdrawn but you are not even there for us.

    honestly i'm tired of trying... good luck with the server.

    Soons means it's on the way but we don't know exactly when it'll knock in.

    Something like that is not entirely up to them

    If you have a contract. Tell me, how many sides does the contract has? And how many signatures does it need?

    Just an example that not everything is one sided.

    that is why they have not yet removed the block ip, because the current players themselves do not want us in the game, the reason I do not know, but instead of helping us to remove the block ip supporting us prefer to criticize us and judge us as we did not have the right to play too and they prefer it to continue like this, but they did not realize that if it continues then the game dies because this game with only the base player that is going to die is unavoidable in a maximum of 1 year, but you do not realize it and continues to criticize us for claiming to want to play on the server.

    if the game dies I want you to realize the evil that you are doing to the game itself, you need to realize that helping us to get the block ip is an achievement for us as well as for Latinos the game will increase its base playe, its profits, your community and more ... just have to win but you do not help us prefer to keep trying to decrease us and ignoring us.

    if the game closes the culprits were you even though they refused to accept that the game should grow, keeping in a cube of European base player snobs who only criticize and do not help in nothing.

    do a favor if they are not helping the cause, do not criticize because we have been trying this for years and one of the culprits for not being able to be you too, besides the regional ones do not want our presence in the game.

    if the game fails you are the main culprits.


    I just want to know when they are going to remove the block ip from the Latin region, just let us know of a date or at least one for example (in a maximum of 2-3 months) say something concrete nothing like "soon" please. I've been waiting angrily for 6 months and so far nothing.


    It's been already 3 months since the project transfer and your programmers still have "one time" issues? I really hope that your programmers aren't working full time on S4L, otherwise it would be a disgrace and they shouldn't call themselves programmers or anything related anymore.

    This development delay or the "one-time" issues are just an excuse for "Help, we don't have any competent programmers in our company because all we do is publishing trashy korean games mostly made by X-Legend for little kids". Your S4L software engineering job offer basically confirmed this.

    You or your company clearly don't realize how much value this game has; if in the right hands and if the right work is being made.

    I agree with you 5 months ago that they said that they planned the removal of the block ip from the Latin region and they said to wait for us to respond soon and here we are 5 months later with nothing to add, I think it would be something around 2 months but I think it's going to take years ... unhappily


    I'd like to see more players. But I don't know how I should handle the lags then. Unfortunately, there are enough players who abuse lags.

    You're waiting for something impossible to happen, no other game to be fortnite, LoL, CS GO does not matter, if you play from one region to another will lag because of the distance unless the internet of both is something close to the 10 gigas (impossibly speaking). basically for me should take out the block ip, open a server as the old Portuguese server that existed and let us play in it with other people from our same region.

    With 1k you can't even make your server half full Opheliafacepalm

    Dude, you're unbearable, too, personally? why is it explained why you live all day in the forum and have no social life, because it communicates just like a retard. without any respect.

    In my opinion there are more important issues to fix than removing the IP ban first.

    exact, I totally agree ... fixing lag problem that does not exist is wasted time, because playing the European against someone from the NA with low ping is impossible.

    whether in s4, league of legends, fortnite, pubg and so on ... all games are impossible to play from another region with low ping.

    Have i said anything about any race? I'm talking about distance lag, nothing more nothing less pal, don't try to act like a victim when we are simply discussing a topic, my friend. The truth is that right now you guys would lag like no one else does to everyone else in the game and that's one of the topics they are looking at when considering to open the doors to other countries

    I'll say it once, stop insulting someone that has a different opinion, have i said anything about yourself? If you can't accept the fact that people are different then you are in the wrong forum. I didn't read further than "Do you think you're superior?" as you already show how much weight your facts have when you have to throw such words into a topic.

    If you open a thread/topic, be ready to have answers you don't like, but whatever you do never go so low on others just because you are running out of words to defend your opinion, theres no need and theres no good outcome out of that.

    really you were the one that tried the least to offend us, but some are only here to cause discord, even medical the talking guys that we need, being who is having a scrotal attitude is some of you. this is all because we are Latino, not wanting to victimize but some attack us for free if you read above you will find some offenses.

    And not only that, before of LATAM closed, there are more countries like KR, CH, JP, TH, PH... that deserves to play the game too, not only LATAM

    but latam was the region said to be removed the block ip, and it seems that there are some people who do not want to play the game, they could collaborate and the game would only have to grow and win.

    nothing against the other regions, I at least wanted the server to be global would be a dream <3.

    It is not useful to try to talk to a *******, he does not understand something simple of what is P2P and that is to create a server either PT or LA, remove the block ip and let us play, we would not inflate at all in pinging it, but if he refuses to believe that we can not do anything, talking to a guy who has no argument will not get us anywhere.

    é foda X/

    FilipeMarch AeriaGames + Gamigo is now the developer of S4 League. They are obviously doing a better job than yuisy. I'm amazed that you don't even know that but wanna play S4 League xD

    Nope no ETA for everything here.

    I guess you are asking the wrong person...

    Write in English. This is the English section. I'm also not writing german here.

    again only arrogant and ignorant answers on your part, I do not know why a player who does not respect the other players is still on the forum, it's all because we're Latino, man I do not know you and you want to offend me for free, review his concepts and ceases to be ignorant of his racism.

    Question: Before the internet you used to spend shame where? kappa

    Well, too sad that the ping between LAT and EU has been always the worst around the game and nowdays it would be even worse. I'm sorry for the shutdown of both KR and LAT but

    If you find a fix to that, hey, that'll make me glad but until then i surely don't want to play with 200+ms and then have the forum full of people complaining about heavy lag all around

    the point is that there is no solution for this, whether it's for big or small games, it's simple the regions are far away if they play together the ms will be high, but how would a region so far contribute to something in Europe?

    having something that had before and now no more, a server to play among ourselves as it was formerly in season 2 for example, where the Brazilians and Latinos played on the Portuguese server and all had low pings, most of the players were donates, we were of 30-40% of the player base of the time, at the end of weeks the servers some of them were full and that was cool guy.

    but nowadays there is a minority that refuses to do it again, why? I do not know, but it seems to me some kind of preconception with our region being that we would only add to many good things for the game.

    Yes you have no clue about S4 EU. The problem here is that you can't play S4 EU. So the problem is actually you. Move on and stop playing S4 = problem solved :o how simple!

    Whew. You see imaginary letters. You should visit a doctor :o

    again the argument, only arrogant answers, should be the reason why S4 does not grow, it is explained ... it is because there is a minority that refuses to want to grow and change its concepts about the rest of the regions, I believe not It is worth trying to talk to an ignorant intellectual. refuses to want to change, with that retrograde thinking does not really.

    I just wanted a simple thing, to create a portuguese server and let the brazilians and latinos play it, no one would have lag and everyone would be happy and contribute with the majority in the base player, but because of people like you maybe that has not happened yet.

    Nice story and? You want to join S4 EU but not playing with EU players? Well make a private server then only for Brazil people. If everyone is like you the IP ban should stay.

    my dear friend, where have you seen yourself playing against or with players from another region pinging? is impossible to happen because of the distance, whether s4 or any other game, it is no use denying or trying to reverse this, what they could do is remove the block ip from Latin America for the other Latin American countries to play, and It would not only be one country would be several, but you continue with ignorant and no arguments answers to solve the problem.

    answering you: I want to play on the European server but against other Latinos, whether it's Brazilian, Argentine, Chilean, Peruvian, Bolivian. So now you want a person from South America to play against someone from Europe with 30 ms is something impossible, unfortunate.

    complain that the game is high ping is pure bulshit if you are from europe play against people from europe you will not have lag, if you are from north america play against north america, if you are from south america play against people from south america and end of chat, problem solved.

    Check the other billion posts about this topic and take a look at why theres IP Block, is not about any personal opinion or about Aeria Games disliking LAT, there are a few issues around releasing such IP Block (Mostly legal stuff, that aside, theres still the issue of bad MS/ping which still has to be fixed)

    At the moment, i'm kinda agaisn't it until the lag issues are fixed (Which are actually happening between us in a minimal way due to some issues) Can't imagine how it would be with people that are on the other side of the planet

    for myself it is an inexpensive excuse because the ping of the s4 is based on player by player the server itself basically leaves the game online, if any US player tries to play in Europe against someone for example Germany is obviously going to give lag for the fact of the distance, now if a USA player to play against another of the US the ping would turn green without any delay.

    (ah but how do you know that?): when I played on the portuguese server against portuguese players the ping was between 100-130, but when I played here against another brazil from Brazil on the same server the ping was only 70.

    BR - Koe sujeira aqui , eu ja fiz varios topico e continuo a fazer unica coisa que eles dizem que ja é uma coisa que eles pretendem tirar o block ip da

    america latina porem ficam falando para a gente esperar... e nunca termina kk'

    EN - I have already done several topics and I continue to do the only thing they say is already something they intend to take the ip block from.

    latin america but they keep telling us to wait ... and it never ends kk ':D

    would be funnier if n were tragic.;(

    reforming the clan / war clan system would be sensational I believe that there would be a boom where the clans would compete with each other and this would move more players, create a clan rank system and soon after that a patent system it would be necessary for the game to keep up with the other existing success games.

    of course before all this would be very good if you took out the ip block before so there would be more players to participate in the beta of all these new systems.

    (Sorry, I did not resist):D<3

    Whyever you wait when you can use VPN Opheliafacepalm

    1 - why it is illegal and I can take ban, unless there is some post allowing us to use it temporarily.

    2 - why all vpn that I know are old and does not work anymore and those that work are usually paid in monthly plans and there is no crack.

    I used hotspotshield had many others that I do not remember now.

    if you recommend me some that work and be free I would use yes.

    Forget support for language LA, do not waste time and resources with this, focus on the block ip as soon as possible this is enough. I'm waiting anxiously to play here from Brazil.

    I had an idea of what you can do to advertise the game here in Brazil after removing the block ip, you could make a deal with some streamers, which is the biggest current trade in brazil many brazilian streamers have a big fan base and that attracts enough players for the games they play, you could get in touch with these streamers and the name of some of the most famous Brazilians in the streaming platform is (Alanzoka, YoDa, SkipNhO and many others) games in releases usually comes in contact with these streamers when released so the game grows in Brazil absurdly, you can search on hope you can think about ...

    That is the best answer that can be given.

    the problem is that there is no risk of a process due to the fact that the server of yuisy close and cut the contract with s4, they do not have any more licenses, that is, it would have no problem at all to remove the block ip (I believe)

    What make new and good news for Latinos, because we are wanting to play, if we remove the ip blockage I swear to play for 42 hours without stopping, of such salty that I am in this game.


    On Latin S4DB there were usually 1k or 2k depending of the hour.

    in fact would have many more players, but the fact that the server LA closed was because they were no longer receiving updates from the developers, aeria was with this same problem so much that had to take a team to korea to be able to have full access to the game code.

    Many Brazilians after the block ip do not play anymore s4 because of the exclusive block ip, I participate in a Brazilian group that has 6k of Brazilian players, but without any server to play they end up migrating to other games, for example, LoL, in the gold of the s4 league when there existed the Portuguese servers there were clans br's full, where Clan War's were organized daily in this group I was owner of one, maybe you already saw someone with that acronym, Pillow, MyT, AVG, SnD, Brotherwood, Reborn, Riddle out many others, was pretty cool and the PT server staff before the block ip easily copied with about 35-40% of the base player.

    why continue with the ip block and there is no more Latin server? if they let us play the server would have a gigantic leverage in players, profit and player base.

    I do not know if it's stupid or really they do not like other regions and close in their social cube, but not letting BR / LA play on the server would only have won and they are wasting time not removing the block ip.

    1st thing to do: remove the block ip from the latin region and the rest of the world.

    2nd thing to do: new events like the old coins / Christmas letters

    3rd thing to do: renew the clan system

    4th thing to do: create a ranks mode with a league and patent system with awards at the end of the season.

    5th thing to do: create a consolidated competitive scenario on all platforms, such as facebook,, youtube etc ...

    that are ideas that I hope to see happen. and that would boost the popularity and player base of the game, because the most famous games have such requirements as: League of Legends, Fortnite, Counter Strike GO, Pubg among others. in these games all regions play, have specific events, championships with large numbers of spectators and a well consolidated group / clans system, in addition to its dissemination in various social media.

    I would already be satisfied with the removal of the block ip, you do not have to give us support, or viabilization of language or donate, you do not have to do anything just let us play it is good enough but you are taking so much for something simple to do, I believe I .

    This week. But I can tell now, there are no (new) news about Latam countries.

    I wanted to know if it is so difficult and why it took so long to remove the block ip from the Latin region, when they banned us it was something so simple because now it is so time consuming, it seems that they are scrolling to let us enter the server, I believe it would be something simple for you but kind of like you do not want us to play on the server.

    I agree with Newt, the problem of the game having a small base player is that many other regions can not play because of the fact that the block ip, removing the block ip increases the player base, increases profits soon with time increases other servers, It encourages investors and so on ...

    It would basically save s4 x'D more players = more money


    Seriously, are there plans for opening up the access for other countries and players? If so, more servers will be necessary? (Ping issues etc.)

    so ping is not an excuse to not accept us on the server because I played on the PT server and my ping at the maximum reached 100ms even though it was from Brazil.

    I sincerely do not care about anything, I would not care if they did not make a server of our region, the only thing we want is to be able to play even if we do not have to translate, do not need to create a new server, or hire GM GS or any other person from the administration exclusively for Latinos, only the removal of the block ip for us would be a great and excellent advance.

    Indeed having different players on the game would be nice, but i doubt people are willing to have a stack of 250~300ms in the enemy team

    sincerely I think ping would be the least of the problems, because I believe that the same that harms you also harms us, and formerly when the server was released for the Latins we played on the Portuguese server among ourselves, nobody ever went to the region for example Germany because he does not want to disturb the game of others or even want to play with lag.

    so if they remove the block ip we would only play with the person from here unless they have a championship and have to face teams from different regions, then influence.

    Someone would know to inform me when the next pm letter

    leaves and if this next pm letter will give us more information

    regarding the removal of the block ip for the latin region,

    since we are very anxious to know if we will or will not be

    able to play on the US server, already which our server closed. ;(


    By: SujeiRa <3

    I'm hoping that next week they'll tell us about it and I hope they accept us, because the community of S4 is dying and we can not let that happen, this game is one of the best games I've ever played in my life, ever I saw nothing like it and not being able to play anymore would be very bad.