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    The thing with esper chip skills (in terms of balance) is that they're like a weapon (red) or skill (the others) that doesn't take up any of the slots. That technically means your loadout is fundamentally stronger just by having access to the F slot (disregarding the stat boost).

    What's more, they can be used on top of things like hp+/sp+ (you're even counting on that). It would have to be some kind of miniature "ult" with limited use cases, or just a small boost to your movement or something (but not in the same way as a normal skill in that case).

    We would have to make something where people wouldn't just say "why isn't this just a normal skill?" Because if it changes how you play as much as with with shield or anchoring, then it's better off being a normal skill (unless maybe it's balanced enough around being an F skill).

    So here's an idea:

    A skill that roots you in place for 1-2 seconds and then heals teammates around you for 20 hp. It would have a 2 min cooldown (at least, 4 min might be better) and it would be 1-5 min longer for each healing weapon you have equipped.

    That way, you could make a more agressive push towards the goal or turn a fight around, but if you're a dedicated healer it recharges slower. My gut feeling still says this might be unbalanced. Maybe it's even underpowered as you might just use a rescue gun instead, but it's better than a "kill button" (a railgun or revolver is supposed to take a weapon slot to use).

    Lastly, a way to disable stats and esper chip skills would be cool. By adding more F skills the (meta)game might become more balanced around them, so it would be nice to have the option to disable them. Also maybe a normal skill in SO other than hp+/sp+ could spice things up a little maybe? Idk, I don't play it that much, but that would have to be for another thread anyways.

    Currently, when you select "Unlimited" in the weapon limitation filter it's the "no filter" option (unless it was changed scince last I checked). My suggestion is to rename it to "All" or something similar and then add an actual "Unlimited" filter, so that it's easier to see all Unlimited rooms that are currently open.

    This should've been added years ago imo, but better late than never.

    What? They actually did it? Awesome!

    EDIT: Aiming might not be my strong point, but I'm looking forward to trying out the weapon in the near future. Queue the old Flamzypants montages for inspiration:

    I know we can't really expect new maps to be made for a long time, or at all, but I can at least put the idea out there in case something actually does happen on that front in the future. 0.001% is technically higher than 0%, even if there's no reason to expect it to happen.


    Just like Azit EX is a bigger version of Azit, Holiday EX would be a bigger version of Holiday, but for Battle Royal.

    As the map would be bigger, the second floor could have walkways across the middle. Maybe some stairs in the center?

    I don't have concept art or any further idea on how it should look, but I'm just posting this before I forget.

    Submachine Guns: The original and best. I mean, sure, there's the AR, but I just really like the SMGs way more. IIRC kid me used to think the SMGs were cool because they were good "despite" being a training weapon, unlike...

    Plasma Sword: which, iirc, I completely dissed because it was a training weapon (although my memory is a little foggy on this one). Now it's probably my favourite melee overall (although I only really use it in 1 or 2 loadouts across all gamemodes).

    They can make the texture to be rendered on both sides of a polygon (it has been done on some clothes) but that means every wall will use twice as many PC resources for something that is not normally visible anyway. A completely different texture for the other side would require even more resources to draw.

    That's why the idea was to just use ONE texture on top of the screen (kinda like a GUI/HUD texture that covers the screen) and then let the stuff you want your players to see make the texture invisible, but when something isn't rendered the texture would cover it.

    Not sure what do you mean by mask. The game renders only the side of the wall that you are facing even though no matter how far it is but the maps aren't really that big to being with anyway.

    The camera clipping through the walls wasn't always a thing. Looks like they have messed the position/depth of the camera with one of the patches.

    Here's what I meant by "mask" (the video). I get that I'm comparing apples to oranges here, but the idea was to have a texture (something simple, like a solid grey color) covering the screen and for the textures on 3d objects that are intended to be visible to have a real-time mask effect (or rather an "invert(ed) mask" effect like in the video) so that the texture covering the screen normally wouldn't be visible, but when something isn't rendered (like the backside of a polygon) it would be covered by the texture, so you wouldn't be able to look into a room from out of bounds. The problem here, even if this would be possible in S4's engine, is that if you look through the backside of a polygon the objects behind it might still be rendered (unsure about this, unless the above pictures are anything to go by), which might mess with this solution and make it useless.

    EDIT: Well, anyways, this was just one of my random ideas.

    I just had an idea (that does show my inexperience with this stuff but whatever): Would it be possible to have a texture rendered on the screen and let intentionally visible textures be a mask for it so it wouldn't be visible on the screen normally, but it would make it impossible to look through the backside of polygons? Then the l/r xray could be fixed (at least partially, although the most common uses probably clip the camera through the wall completely, which this probably wouldn't solve) without having to render several additional textures out of bounds.

    Just to preface this, while I haven't really mentioned OCs (except for on a couple occasions), I just happen to make characters out of my in-game characters. It just kind of spontaneously happens. Suddenly a character has a backstory, a favorite weapon or some semblance of a personality. I am aware of some of the flak OCs usually get, but I feel like I want to finally talk about mine. Also this may or may not have become a rant by the time I post this, but this thread is about things I do and this is a thing I do, so why not, right?

    So I wrote this fanfiction a while back for the fanfiction contest: Origins (LINK, click here).

    I remember a couple of flaws now off the top of my head: None of the characters had any introduction except for Blue and all I did was throw them in a tournament with loadouts that were supposed to reflect their playstyles. Anyways, I'd be interested in hearing opinions about my portrayal of the Netsphere (as that was basically the focus of the fanfic), if anyone cares to give them.

    Also, Blue would most likely look like my in-game character:

    Is it just me, or are the proportions somewhat weird in this picture?

    Then I've got this one (the sunglasses are temporary, I just thought it looked funny in a "cool, but it's ridiculously overdone" kinda way). This is basically "Purple" (as in the character in the fanfic), or at least some kind of spiritual successor, if that makes sense. Technically the costume is based on the old PEN costume I used to have (in terms of color scheme), just like with Blue, and "Purple" as a character became a thing because a good while ago I played with all purple weapons (Gate Breaker, Purple CS and EXO scythe iirc) and I more or less thought "Hey, I could make a character out of that!". Purple as a character was basically based around the Gate Breaker (or actually it's a replica of the Gate Breaker). In my headcanon certain weapons could basically give you superpowers (a Breaker would just be a normal breaker, but the Gate Breaker is basically a superpowered version of that, and it's made directly from CODE: Zeron, which in my headcannon has curse-like properties (and Purple wanted a replica that was as authentic as possible after seeing the power of the real Gate Breaker). After all, CODE: Zeron was made to destroy the Netsphere).

    Green is... Well, he's more or less a car mechanic outside the Netsphere. Also his outfit in the Netsphere has a green color scheme. Also he likes the HMG (and would probably like the Crash Storm Bat because of how it looks). That's kind of it.

    Blanc is literally based on the song Angel with a Shotgun by The Cab (at least originally), or more specifically, she's based on the title. She has Flying (although she used Bind in the fanfic), a Burst Shotgun (although she uses Semi-Rifle in the fanfic) and a healing weapon (and another weapon like a backup shooting weapon or a melee weapon). Also she wears white, so it would be appropriate to name her White, but for some reason I thought it was better or more appropriate to call her Blanc, so I did.

    In this version the Netsphere is basically already global from the start, so all the characters are from different nations. Blue is Swedish like myself (Du gamla, du fria... *ahem*) (also, yes ik, self-insert and all that, if it wasn't already obvious), Purple is either Swedish or German, Green is English and Blanc is, well, French.

    The "virus cleaning duty" is basically the Chaser and Arcade gamemodes. Dominic did have to have some way to deal with the viruses The World Company threw at them, after all (even before CODE: Zeron hit).

    If I make another fanfiction, this is all subject to a reboot, including character names.

    And also I bought some new costumes recently and I just so happened to make another character, who woulda thunk...

    This is off topic, but...

    I am a noob in S4 League and I still have a lot to understand and I am counting on you for this. To help me understanding the game, the potential and most of all you, the community!

    /... /

    If someone wants to talk, forward ideas or give me some feedback feel free to contact me.

    After reading this I decided to dig up this old tutorial video and post it here for you:

    Also, idk if you knew this already, but remember that you can aim walljumps and use side-dodges and weapon attacks to cancel a walljump mid-air.

    People have been suggesting that the game should be put on Steam (presumably when you start to advertise the game more), but how about instead starting with discord news integration?

    As you may know, Discord has this news page where you can see news about the games your friends are playing. My suggestion is, that when you really get going with the game and fixed some of the more glaring issues, you could start posting about patches, in-game events and tournaments there. (As a side-note, yes, I am aware that you can filter out games from the page.)

    How about it?

    Hello everyone!

    So, I thought I'd make a thread to post when I make S4-related stuff (hopefully the necroposting rules aren't as strict here, 'cause I never know how long I'll take between uploading stuff to the internet).

    To start this off:

    I got a new video editing program yesterday (goodbye Windows Movie Maker) and the game got the Snowball Fight gamemode in the latest patch, so I decided to make a video.

    My computer arguably isn't the best for this kind of stuff, but there might be things I can optimize (such as removing unused input channels instead of just muting them in OBS).

    Anyways, constructive criticism is appreciated (as in, if it's good, why is it good? If it's bad, why is it bad?). This would apply for stuff I post here in the future as well.

    "Enjoy :)"

    - me

    But the game also has to be stable first if going into getting new players.

    Fix server 1st. Stats don't matter if you dont have a stable server to play on in the 1st place.

    So you propose to remove stats when they can't event keep the game alive bc servers are down all time? Nice strategy.

    You do have a really good point, but the move still needs to happen, They could at least take the TD Passmode "no stat" room option and make it available for all modes.

    The p2w needs to go away and also loot box regulations may come within the next few years (which might affect capsules). The game needs to transition to a better monetization model and it needs to start that transition now.

    The game and playerbase might also need a (slight) transition. Solution:

    Implement the no-stat mode, first it's off by default, later it's on by default (within a couple of months), and finally stats would be removed completely. Do this within 1 year (preferably even shorter).

    Don't take the name "no-stat mode" to literally. If PEN-stats turns out to work better, then make it PEN-stats.

    If you REALLY want to keep enchants/esper chips in some way, make them PvE ONLY (PvE is the only place they belong, if any). Then you can release more arcade-mode storylines later down the line. You could move these to a PvE-only status in between making the no-stat option default and removing stats completely, makes for a smoother transition. Also, make sure players know that enchants/chips are PvE only. Maybe move all information about enchants/chips to a "PvE stat" window.

    And when all of that is done (and when you've reverted railgun and reworked boots ofc), I, and many others, can finally start recommending the game to people.

    Also, it'd be great if you'd remove stunlocking. Stun is fine, just not stunlocking.

    inb4 we get no-stat mode on the 24th.

    (I wish. That would've actually been a great way to reveal it, though.)

    Instead we're going to get an Old-Moon themed hat. /s (EDIT: In retrospect, I hope this didn't come off the wrong way. I just wanted to be silly.)

    (Sorry for the late reply.)

    I am all for making the game more welcoming for new players, but a band aid fix for an issue like this, is nothing we should even consider implementing.

    We need to rethink the whole economy of the game and how a player is faced with the casino which is S4 League now, gamble everywhere will scare a lot of people away. And rightfully so, everyone has played those 3rd class mmorpgs which gave you gamble everywhere and some boosters for your gamble and enchantments etc.

    Which basically give you the impression that players have an egde over you and you will have a bad time playing against veterans and this is not inviting at all.

    This. The gambling aspect makes the game uninviting and the stats have gone way out of whack. Coming up with my "Oh so brilliant idea" it seems I didn't look at it from all angles. Maybe I'm getting desperate for the game?

    In any case, you're right. I've been trying to push for them to add a no-stat room option to all modes (although I haven't been very active on these forums). Speaking (writing) of which, I think it's the best solution for the game. I also think that it should be on by default when making a room in the Rookie channel. The game can use a menu tutorial to explain that it's on by default. Additionally, when waiting to respawn the weapon stats should not be shown in no-stat mode, but still show what weapon killed you and add the name of the weapon below the name of weapon skins. While the weapon skins are usually self-explanatory, a bit of clarity would probably help new players (this is also to help avoid the feeling that other players have an artificial edge over you). I know it will probably be a few patches before something like this is implemented, but I really hope it is at some point (within a reasonable timeframe).

    The tutorial I meant was a tutorial that shows you how the inventory / the shop / making rooms work, i.e. an introduction to the menus. Something to make new users find their way around the different menus. It should be skip-able, as well as re-read-able.

    When it comes to the gameplay tutorial, though, I totally agree. We need that one back, maybe with an added section for melee weapons. Also they should probably bring back the license tests.

    It wouldn't hurt to give them HP+30 as their perm starter skill instead of the HP+15 one on top of giving them the perms you mentioned . The game gives them a 30 day Dual Mastery through level rewards, and they're gonna be missing that when it expires. CyberWing89

    But honestly even if you give them new items it still won't help them much if they're up against smurf players who'll run circles around them. Something should be done about the smurf problem before that first tbh, and the game should be fixed overall before all that though. I can't imagine new players would stay long with the constant crashes, bugs. and hack user problems on top of that.

    (Also remember in the beginner server they'd be more likely to run into hack users). Poor beginners...

    Smurfs may be a problem, but if there were to be less smurfs, then there would also have to be more actual beginners. I think the game itself needs to get more beginner friendly first if we are to crack down on smurf accounts. This would include bug/crash fixes and hacker prevention like you mentioned, but we would also need to have something like a no-stat mode so that the game itself gets more beginner friendly.

    So I was thinking about S4 and there are two things that I think would greatly improve the new player experience.

    (Edit: While I thought this idea was good when I posted it, what really needs to be done is to deal with the p2w at its core.)

    First off, something that could probably be implemented rather quickly: When you create your very first character you would get either Basic Type-A + Padding Slacks (if the character is male) or Sweet + Pleats (if the character is female). These would be permanent with AP stats. Here are my thoughts as to why this would be a good idea:

    - New players get a permanent costume that changes the majority of their character's looks.

    - These could be combined with PEN hair/face/gloves/boots and +10 weapons which should be enough to give them a fighting chance, and all of these are available for PEN in the shop (showing how they get +10 weapons for PEN would be a great way to introduce them to capsules).

    - These are still the most basic-looking "sets" in S4, so if they want to be more stylish they would want to spend time/money on getting new sets.

    - There are 3 character slots, so they would want to spend time/money on costumes.

    - Giving new players a fighting chance and something permanent to fall back on if/when their timed stuff expire would give them the chance to get sufficiently invested in the game so they would want to spend time/money on it, or even, y'know, tell their friends about it.

    A few extra points:

    Whether or not this would replace the timed costume you get with the first character or if it would be given alongside it is up to Aeria imo.

    If Aeria instead just makes the current timed costume into a permanent one I guess that would be fine too.

    I'd like to hear your thoughts on this. Imo there are more problems with the stat system, but those may take much longer to fix in the best way possible. This would fix the most immediate problem when it comes to new players (except maybe smurfs), would function as a good band-aid fix for the time being and could be kept in place even if said fixes do come.

    The second thing is: Have a menu tutorial! Something to get them started and to help them around the shop/inventory/UI in general.

    When they first enter the game (or when they've completed the gameplay tutorial), make it pop up similarly to the mission/login reward windows. There you should tell them how to get started and tips.

    Of course there are other things that could be done as well, like improving the gameplay tutorial, but that would probably take longer so this could be good to have in the meantime.

    Imo the best thing is if they just remove all sats from weapon and clothes, make a "balance mode" which has the current s5/pen stats and a "fun" mode which has the current ap stats without enchants. So when you dont want to pay you can play these modes naked or with certain free skins you can get during level up/events but you will always have the same stats anyways. Then Aeria could even leave the enchant system there but only make it for the "fun" mode. So the only way to have better stats will be with enchants in that mode. That still leaves the pay2win a bit but makes it less of a problem, still reason enough for the more advanced tryharding sword players to pay for it.

    Furthermore Aeria doesnt only need to sell skins, they could actually sell emotes, some sort of ingame emojis and maybe even Clan Marks.

    Just making a "balanced" mode would be simpler, though. The stats could stay (no one wants their stuff taken just like that) and just be disabled in the "balanced" mode. (Essentially the room option I've been talking about.)


    But yeah, it was nice hearing the first patch will be out soon and also about the comic (I think I heard something about a comic).

    BTW, if you bring Old Moon back, IIRC it's a Christmas-themed map so maybe it could only be playable in the winter? That way it might be more interesting for people to play it if it's a seasonal thing.

    Yeah. i feel like some ppl are using s4 as 3D chat.

    Maybe it is not a bad idea if we finally get a world hub or something for the ppl just to chat and jump.

    Or maybe a club room / clan hub? There could be sets of decorations where the clan leader could choose one decoration from each set to display in the clan hub, and the clan could reach milestones/achievements to unlock new sets of decorations that change different parts of the clan hub. That way, you could see the progression of the clan while still making one maxed out clan's hub look different compared to another maxed out clan's hub.

    Either way, some kind of chat hub could be cool. If it wouldn't be tied to clans, then maybe it could work like a separate server channel where instead of choosing a room you would just be dropped into a big world hub. Maybe there could be hidden lore hints in there as well? We'd probably need to drop the p2p system for that though.

    True (although that depends on what level of fluency you count as being fluent, I guess. If it's like a native speaker then probably false).

    The next person prefers wearing mixed costume pieces in-game as opposed to wearing a costume set.

    If the account was banned by BattleEye, then the previous owner was probably cheating. Anyways it looks like you got scammed.

    Just make a new account and play on that.

    Also save your capsules from the level-up rewards for later and try to get a good chance booster to open them with for a better chance at getting permanent items.

    Good luck in-game. Foxtailgirl

    There's already a setting in TD Pass for that. Shouldn't be too much of a hassle to copy/paste & tweak the code for other modes. I'm still running into new (or returning) players, and they don't deserve to get destroyed by p2w stats. +1 from Fazi.

    Yeah, that's the idea. I realize I wasn't really clear about some stuff in the op. I'll add that to my list of arguments, thanks for pointing it out.

    Why necessarily pen stat but not no stat for example?

    At first I was going to write "PEN/NO-stat" in the title but in the end I ended up with just "PEN-stat".

    Really, either way would be fine, although I just like PEN-stats more for some reason. It'd boil down to what people prefer in general, I guess.

    That's not a bad idea, but it would be easier for players if the setting of the room, when the "pen stat" is active, to cut all enchant, and put stat to the maximum pen stat allowed for ppl with AP/FP stuff. So they won't have to buy new stuff etc..

    That's the point I was trying to make (one of them, at least). I meant that right now players need to go through that extra work, but that this room option would make it so that you could use any costume and weapons and it would still be PEN stats.

    I have been thinking about this ever since Karasakal mentioned it in the February 2018 PM letter. However, there haven't been any further elaboration on his part as far as I'm aware. I sent in a question about it for the Q&A but it wasn't answered (unless I missed a short mention of it). Right now I think the team is unsure about whether or not this is a good idea, but I hope I can help change that. I hope I can make them say "Yeah, that's that's a really good idea. We should do that."

    So why do that?

    Because here's the thing: As we all know, the game is Pay 2 Win and that negatively affects both the current playerbase as well as new players. However, removing p2w outright at this point in time isn't really an option. But we can take a step in the right direction. The first step IMO should be a PEN-stat room option for all modes. The benefits this would bring includes:

    An easier time setting up fair matches. Getting players to your room can be tricky even without requiring the players to go through extra work. Right now, you'd have to make sure everyone in the room goes to the in-game shop and gears up in PEN stats and then you'd have to have enough players doing that. And your players have to join with trust that others will do the same, because if they don't it's a waste of time. The only variant of this that is viable right now is S5, which brings me to my next point.

    Fair matches don't need to be competitive. With it being easier to set up and get players to PEN-stat matches, there is a much bigger chance of casual PEN-stat rooms popping up. Also, you'd be able to use costumes you've bought in these rooms. Besides, most new players would probably be playing casual matches, which brings me to my next point.

    New players. S4 needs more players, but having to deal with p2w doesn't make a good case for them to stay. Having at least an option to play without it could increase the amount of people who stay when they try the game out. IIRC it was said on the Q&A that Aeria have been holding back on advertising the game before they got everything working properly (correct me if I'm wrong). This room option is something you'd want to implement before putting in the big guns in advertising.

    Weapon balance. With a more consistent environment in terms of damage and such, balancing weapons should be much easier. Besides, simply having PEN stats balances out bombs as you can only have one per life.

    We have already got code for it. There already is an option like this for the TD-pass gamemode, so it should be fairly easy to port to other gamemodes as well.

    I think a PEN-stat room option would be a key step going forward that could potentially save the game, but right now what we need is a discussion about it. If this is going to get done it needs to be on the radar.


    3 words .

    I was in that room today 'cause hey, unlimited room. I thought that maybe I'd suddenly get kicked for using PS stun or something, but after a match the others in the room said it was called "no cancer weapons" because "there are no cancer weapons". Idk if that was the original intention or if the old room master left.