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    One thing i found weird is, everytime a game finish and i quit from this room to fast sometimes it freezes. And it happened to me also when i wanted to join a specific room but the room order on the lobby changed at the same time.


    Im always getting this annoying connecting problem when i want to join a room. Cant do anything only thing is to start the game new. Anyone know what the problem is and is there any solution to it? Kinda sucks restarting the game always because it takes a long time with my pc...

    Its not only when joining a room sometimes the game just freezes and i have to do the same thing.

    Thanks for any coming help.

    Good day/evening

    I wanted to ask something. Is it possible to view my S4 account to see whats my chars name and what for equips it has? Cant play S4 because my computer has some issues and it wont be here until end of this coming week. The account im using is very old from like 2014, so i was just wondering if its possible.

    Thx :)

    Good day/evening.

    I wanted to make a Thread just for fun. Whats your favourite Gun and or Melee Weapon and why.

    Im going to start right away:

    Burst shotgun: because the damage is high when someone is close and the reload animation is nice.

    Storm bat: how it knocks people away. Lol

    Lets go ^^

    I saw it once on a Comercial from alaplaya and tried it out. It was something really new to me not like the regular Mmo like WoW or so. Started to play DM and TD and as the new Noob i was always tryharding to play with My Favourite weapons being the Rail Gun, Bat and Burst shotgun. I always liked to knockback people from the map lol.